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"Dancing With the Stars"

The Nancy Grace Fart Mystery

10/4/2011 12:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Nancy Grace definitely cut a rug on "Dancing with the Stars" last night ... but did she also cut the cheese???

Listen closely to the clip of Nancy yakking with Brooke Burke after she waltzed to "Moon River." You'll hear what sounds like a fart escaping from someone. As far as we can tell, there are only three possible culprits.

So we ask ...


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Could have been a stomach grumble.

1086 days ago


tooty rooty fresh n fruity - tristan..

1086 days ago


That's some creative editing. Obviously, someone saw her put her hands on her stomach and side and added the sound effect. The people sitting behind her don't react at all -- and someone would have cracked up if she actually had passed gas!

1086 days ago

Will E    

hEY PHUCKLICKS! iT WASN'T A FART it was her stomach growling.

1086 days ago

Johnny Handsome    

Joseph, Jesus and Mary... My nose...

1086 days ago

bud o green    

whats the big deal? fat pigs fart all the time! vances face says it all!

1086 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Nancy was just standing in the middle of the room, then embraced by the presenters looming encirclement, she effusively narrates her 'personal' answer to the question, and then we are confronted by an enormous audible eruction. Nancy appears guilty during the ejection of her bowel gasses, actually these have a high humidity level. But the spread of the true intensity is painted, perhaps splattered all over the person of the male bimbo presenter. His natural reaction to the density of this emission, was to begin tasting it. Watch him carefully, because the spread was so fast, he wasn't sure if it was nice or nasty, so he tasted it, and realised fast but too late.

1086 days ago


This is really in poor taste TMZ. My god I know your supposed to be adults running this site but now Im wondering. Grow up.

1086 days ago


First the deliberate shots of the audience, totally silent and not clapping, after her first dance, now this strange fart noise...what's next, ABC?

1086 days ago


For God's Sake. A fart is now news? I mean get real TMZ. EVERYONE fart's.

1086 days ago


To the comment that it is a hoax video with a fart noise added - no it certainly isn't. I heard it while watching the show and I specifically said to the others in the room, "Did Nancy Grace just fart? Did you hear that?" and yes, the others in the room with me heard it too. What a pig. First the boob, then a fart... what next? Is she going to wet herself next week?

1086 days ago


TMZ, you are REALLY reaching now, nobody farted, it was a voice in the background.

1086 days ago

SureShot the Guroo    

Your honor, I submit it was Nasty Nancy who "dealt it". From 0:06 through 0:12 she kept her right hand on her stomach therefor keeping the one-woman salute in check. However, ass she remarks "...they were smiling SO BIG!",she mistankenly removes the aforementioned hand and dips thus compressing the upper intestine (AKA the fart factory). Henceforth and therewith releasing excessive amounts of dead possum/bad intentions/llama spit smelling methane bomb fallout up her dress. Due to Ms. Grace's treasure trove of items she keeps in her already substantial bosom, the top of her dress was separated from her chest henceforth and theretowith allowing the air biscuit fumes to quickly escape through her cleavage and into her nasal cavities. This is heretowith evidenced by her reaction. Please note her flurry of eye blinks immediately afterward around 0:17. So I surmise that Nancy Grace and no one else delivered that 6.1 on the Rectum scale. So I throw my mercy on the court and throw some Febreeze and holy blessed incense on Nancy!

For, if the methane gas don't fit, twas Nancy Grace who did that $h!+!!!!!!!

1086 days ago


It was a fart that cleared the room. The only difference is this one wasn't silent and deadly, it was filled with a lot of force power. Lay off the beans of eggs Nancy.

1086 days ago


Tristan is probably used to it. When you get to be a certain age it's harder to control your farts.

1086 days ago
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