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Don Lapre's Mom

Jail Officials Took His Meds Away

10/4/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Lapre
The mother of TV pitchman Don Lapre, who committed suicide in jail Sunday, tells TMZ she blames jail officials for taking his anti-depressants away ... and also blames the FBI and U.S. Attorney General for her son's suicide.
Shirley Cleveland tells us ... her son was being treated for severe depression, just before he was jailed for 41 counts of conspiracy and fraud, in connection with his product -- The Greatest Vitamin in the World.

In fact, Shirley says Don had attempted suicide in the past.  She says when she learned jail officials took his meds away she called his lawyer and begged for her to intervene.  Shirley says the jail gave him another medicine, but it did not treat his depression.

And, Shirley insists, her son was innocent of all charges. 

The U.S. Marshals tell us they do not comment on medical history.


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1116 days ago

fred alexander    

I feel so sorry for this man, as the justice system in the US is so cruel and these people have no mercy over a man that did not purposely set out to defraud anyone, but had a business and apparently other businesses that fail. does anyone have the right to lock someone up until death for crimes such as these? shame on the US justice system and shame on those who have no mercy for others in this fragile world.

1116 days ago

Sad sad    

Well, he might have been guilty but he should have been put on watch considering he hurt himself before. Strange. You have to figure he knew he was never going to be able to do this work again and was going to lose everything. If not be in jail for a very long time. Shame the guy had talent to sell.

1116 days ago


Dr. Murray could have helped him out.

1116 days ago


how is that POSSIBLY legal? Get ready for her to sue this entire dept for millions and justafiably so

1116 days ago


No bail, no meds. Looks like they killed Don in Federal jail.

1116 days ago


Uh, his mom is living in the land of delusion. He was an amoral shyster who would pitch anything that he thought he could make money at, including making up details to make things sound legitimate. He lied, he stole money, he defrauded people. He committed suicide because he knew the jig was up and he was looking at decades behind bars. Mom Lapre will never admit it, but her son was responsible for every one of his actions, and he's totally to blame for them.

1116 days ago


What does he need anti depressants for when he has his cure-all, live forever vitamins?

1116 days ago


I have no idea if Lapre was guilty or not, but to blame jail officials for doing their job is just Mom's way of rationalizing and placing blame. Of course jailers are going to take away his meds - anyone in custody cannot be in possession of any kind of drugs. They do dole out the meds at certain times, so no doubt Lapre got his pills, he just wasn't in possession of them.

Bottom line, dude tried to kill himself BEFORE he was even locked up. It was something he wanted to do and he simply found a way to do it.

1116 days ago


The dude was human s*** who lied and defrauded money from thousands of blue collar folks. (Creating a fake story about classified adds making him millions is defrauding) He sold a make money dream to the poor. he created a ponzi scheme with vitamins. the dude should have been prison raped for 10 years strait. His mom should be ashamed for raising such a pos. enjoy hell

1116 days ago

Cheryl A.    

This thief tried to take his life on the outside and did NOT succeed. IF he OD'd on his anti-depressants his Mom would be complaining that they knew he was suicidal and left the meds with him. She needs to say whatever will make her feel better. As a Mom I truly understand that but Mom, he did it himself. Only blame is to the person who did it to themself.

1116 days ago


Wasn't this the dude who was telling people he made MILLIONS placing "tiny classified ads" in hundreds of newspapers?

He was a con artist.

1116 days ago


In this country, if you are middle class and you find away to rip people off you get treated like Don Lapre. But if you are a millionaire Wall Street Executive who contributes to a Senators campaign and you rip people received a 100 million dollar bonus.

1116 days ago


Guy was the biggest s***bag on the planet. He preyed on the meek, the weak, the poor and the uneducated. He killed himself because he knew he was going up the river for knowingly defrauding countless numbers of people. Some of whom gave their life savings to this grifter. I'm sorry that he killed himself. I wish he would have sat behind bars for the next 20 years.

1116 days ago

Mary P    

Look, we all know he defrauded people. But he had not been put on trial yet. Treating people like trash because of what you think they did (it's far reaching complications) undermines our system, flawed as it is to get to trial. I hope that people afford the common courtesy ALL of us should get, innocent or not, until we are heard by a jury of our peers.

1116 days ago
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