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Don Lapre's Mom

Jail Officials Took His Meds Away

10/4/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Lapre
The mother of TV pitchman Don Lapre, who committed suicide in jail Sunday, tells TMZ she blames jail officials for taking his anti-depressants away ... and also blames the FBI and U.S. Attorney General for her son's suicide.
Shirley Cleveland tells us ... her son was being treated for severe depression, just before he was jailed for 41 counts of conspiracy and fraud, in connection with his product -- The Greatest Vitamin in the World.

In fact, Shirley says Don had attempted suicide in the past.  She says when she learned jail officials took his meds away she called his lawyer and begged for her to intervene.  Shirley says the jail gave him another medicine, but it did not treat his depression.

And, Shirley insists, her son was innocent of all charges. 

The U.S. Marshals tell us they do not comment on medical history.


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The only one to blame here is Don Lapre.

1124 days ago


Maybe they replaced all his prescriptions with the "Greatest Vitamin in the World"...

1124 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

This thing was a LOW LEVEL POS!!!!!!!!The world is a better place with out this thing....

1124 days ago


The guy was a scammer! He stole millions of dollars from innocent people. I have zero sympathy for him.

1124 days ago


It figures his lousy mother Shirley is concerned now after he dies. She's trying to cash in. A scammer like this does not become a scammer without bad parenting. Way to go Shirley. Your son ripped off 1,000's of people, you must be proud. Can you understand why most think he just got hit with the Karma stick? Why did he not deserve it? He would have done more scams had he lived. Probably would rob old people like yourself. Imagine one of your friends calls you and says Don robbed me. Pathetic. I guess you would rather have not been able to have children than provide yet another s*****cammer to rip innocent, albeit, stupid people off. By the way, I believe Don was dumb enough to have fallen for his own scams had he been one of those poor souls tha*****ched his disgusting infomercials.

1124 days ago


Mom's off her meds, and Mr. Lapre (hopefully) saved the taxpayer lots of money. He's 100% responsible for anything bad that happened to him. His victims will never get paid back.

1124 days ago


GeniusMachine said:
Maybe they replaced all his prescriptions with the "Greatest Vitamin in the World"...

That's pretty funny; just wanted to repeat it.

1124 days ago


I still cannot get over the comment that a previous poster made (who said he knew Lapre), about Lapre calling people "marks". God that is chilling. We don't know the jail officials side of this story. But ultimately Lapre was the master of his own destiny. He was his own last "mark". I do feel bad for his children, who have to live with their father's legacy.

1124 days ago


Mother believes he was innocent of all charges, LOL. Okay, lady, I guess a mother's love really is blind. Your son was a lying thief, accept the fact and move on.

1124 days ago


Isnt this what they call....KARMA!

1124 days ago


How was he able to mutilate himself in jail? Do they not do a body search anymore? I knew this clown was a joke the first time I saw his scammercials. His Mother must have blinders on to believe he was innocent. The true injustice her is that he got off scott free. While thousands of people suffer because of him! I say put the Mother on trial for the sons deeds. I'm sure she was provided a good life as a result of his theft!!! Just Saying..

1124 days ago


I have a relarive who joined the military and they are supposed to take your meds and immediately reissue it. Well, in this case, they took the meds and didn't reissue it, even after my relative went to the drill sargeant about it. Needless to say, my relative ended up in the hospital. His mother should sue their asses for millions!!

1124 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Why do they bother to ask the mother? She's grieving, that's what grieving people do, they look for somebody to blame and if there is nobody or nothing to blame, they blame God--people just have a hard time accepting death as a natural part of life.

1124 days ago


he should have liked jail as it was probably like the "tiny apartment" and could have jump started his newspaper ad scam.Loser,Loser..... late night TV loser

1124 days ago


Sorry, but I feel NO pity for this guy. When you steal so much from so many people, this is just karma paying you back.

1124 days ago
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