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Camille Grammer

Screw Kelsey

I'll Take the Kids

10/5/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Camille Grammer
's instincts were right -- that Kelsey Grammer would not take his kids to tennis, dance and other activities while he has the kids this week -- so she's now taking matters into her own hands.

We got Camille taking her son to a tennis lesson Tuesday, and she was more than willing to tell us either she or the nanny will be shuttling her kids back and forth this week.

Camille and Kelsey had to go to court last week because they couldn't agree on the custody arrangement while Kelsey was in L.A. Camille tried convincing the judge Kelsey would not take the kids to their pre-arranged activities because he didn't want to see her face-to-face, but the judge still gave Kelsey the kids for the week, provided they don't miss tennis, dance and what not.

But Kelsey has been a no-show at dance and tennis this week, and Camille has given up on him.

Remember how much in love they were, once upon a time?


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Delaware D    

Frasier. Thats all I wanted to say.

1092 days ago


Camille will do whatever nets her the most money...

1092 days ago


hey harvey - pick on adults all you want, but there are actual real kids involved here who's hearts are being broken by this divorce and they should not be fodder for your gossip site. one could argue that pompous, superficial, hypocritical adult celebrities deserve all the mocking you can dish out - but these kids didn't ask for this life.

1092 days ago


That's awful, he needs to get over this childish sh*t and act like a father... I don't care how awful the divorce was, he needs to think about the kids instead of himself...

1092 days ago


Why is this a big deal? The kids aren't missing the activities, the nanny is taking them. Does anyone blame Kelsey for wanting to avoid Camille?

1092 days ago

im eighth right now, but I will catch up. who's this story about again?

1092 days ago


GROW UP KELSEY!!!!! Stop being such an a**hole.

1092 days ago


what the hell is the matter with these people! yes, mr grammer is a total arse and an irresponsible parent (at best) but sheeesh. camille, take your children to their routine activities, shut the hell up about how terrible their father is, and HARV, leave children alone. You should adapt a "be kind to the kids" policy and let them live their dysfunctional little lives in private. Wouldn't all of YOU want this for YOUR children?

1092 days ago


I don't like either one but...grow up Kelsey and quit being selfish. He probably has to stay home and babysit his new wife since she is all of 12.

1092 days ago


I agree with Stella and Alex...Leave the kids alone.

1092 days ago

Mary P    

This just goes to show you my point last article. She'll do and sell whatever she can. Sometimes, it's better for the kids to *not* have both parents since she's insisting on being there every single time, even when it's NOT her time to be with her children. She's being spiteful so she can sell to the tabloids SEE SEE SEE, HE'S EVIL!!!

Sometimes, parents together are far more toxic than not having both there. Kelsey recognizes this and refuses to make his children's activities mockeries and sideshows for Camille to sell out on.

1092 days ago


Come on TMZ do you think siding with Camille is going to help her? People who know Kelsey know the truth. He is a wonderful father and always has been. If I were him I wouldn't want to face your cameras every day. Did Camille give you the kids schedules or does she have one of your guys on retainer? Leave these kids alone please. She's always used the nannies to shuttle the kids around why shouldn't Kelsey? He's probably working as most parents do. The nannies get paid to take the kids school and their activities. This is normal for them. Enough!

1091 days ago


Kelsey is a jackass! Camille should be glad to be rid of him.

1091 days ago


Can't those poor over-scheduled kids miss one week of that junk? Do they really need to get a judge involved? Really?

1091 days ago


I think it's time for Kelsey to get over himself.

1091 days ago
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