Camille Grammer Screw Kelsey I'll Take the Kids

10/5/2011 6:30 AM PDT

Camille Grammer: Screw Kelsey, I'll Take The Kids

Camille Grammer
's instincts were right -- that Kelsey Grammer would not take his kids to tennis, dance and other activities while he has the kids this week -- so she's now taking matters into her own hands.

We got Camille taking her son to a tennis lesson Tuesday, and she was more than willing to tell us either she or the nanny will be shuttling her kids back and forth this week.

Camille and Kelsey had to go to court last week because they couldn't agree on the custody arrangement while Kelsey was in L.A. Camille tried convincing the judge Kelsey would not take the kids to their pre-arranged activities because he didn't want to see her face-to-face, but the judge still gave Kelsey the kids for the week, provided they don't miss tennis, dance and what not.

But Kelsey has been a no-show at dance and tennis this week, and Camille has given up on him.

Remember how much in love they were, once upon a time?