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Amanda Knox's Dad

The Lifetime Movie Is B.S.

10/6/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006_amanda_knox_father_videoAmanda Knox's father Curt Knox  claims the Lifetime movie that depicts his daughter as a violent murderer is "bulls**t" -- and there's a lawsuit pending in Italy to yank it off the air.

Lifetime originally aired the movie back in February -- starring Hayden Panettiere -- and Amanda sued shortly after, claiming the movie exploited her and contained several "implausible" scenes.

Obviously, Amanda's murder conviction has been overturned -- and Lifetime has since edited the movie to reference the updated ruling.


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moe l.    

"Can't handle the truth"???

1115 days ago


Human beings can be disgusting...

1115 days ago


Wow get off for murder and your still pissed about a movie that shows what happend. HMMMM

1115 days ago


"Entertainment" @$$clowns can't seem to ever figure out where society's moral borders are.

1115 days ago


They're just pissed they didnt get paid for her story

1115 days ago


I watched that movie, if anything it helped me consider her more innocent than ever. I guess whatever works to get some money to pay off those lawyer though.

1115 days ago


Amanda "orgy freak who looks like a dog" Knox and Casey "whorseface" Anthony are both guilty of murder and should rot in hell for it. Both are skank whores!

1115 days ago

jimmy d    

Umm...she either did it or knows who did it.

1115 days ago


Its not just the violence and the murder. Don't forget the sex part.Can't wait to see that Italian movie.

1115 days ago


Do we really give that much "credit" to Lifetime movies anyway?

1115 days ago


I'm wondering why if she's innocent, she would try to pin it on her boss who was cleared. She gave a really lame explanation for that, and her and that Sollecito guy never had a clear alibi.

1115 days ago


I wonder what really happened to Meredith. Amanda Knox definitely knows what went down that night

1115 days ago


Everything starring Hayden P. should be pulled from the airwaves.

1115 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Amanda "Foxy Knoxy" Knox:
1) She changed her story countless times. Like 8 or 9 times...most likely hoping one of those stories would stick. And one finally did. The reason police interrogate you and ask you the same question many times is because the truth doesn't change. You don't "forget" the truth. You forget lies.
2) She blamed an innocent man. That is the act of a desperate person who is desperate to save herself.
3) You forget, you know, that before all of this DNA stuff...people were convicted *without* DNA. It's called the CSI effect. But even so....there *was* DNA evidence, it's just that protocol wasn't followed exactly causing some of it to be deemed "contaminated".
4) Amanda's actions were bizarre - the turning off of the cell phone, the taking a shower, the being able to describe the murder scene in detail, ostensibly without having seen it, etc. And people here have brought up many more good points.
5) Her consoling her boyfriend afterwards and saying they would have "hot sex" if payoff for Rafaelle for killing Meredith for her.
6) It was said it took 2 people to hold Meredith down...which means there was more than one person in the room. There were at least two and most likely three - 2 holding her down...a 3rd to slit her throat.
7) It was said the break-in was staged, etc.
8) Amanda's bloody footprints - but...oh yeah....the scene was "contaminated". Humans are human...they will make mistakes.
And that's only from the little I read. There's *much more*.
Again, you have to understand....before all this DNA stuff, people were convicted and went to jail for murder. Some little slip-ups in collecting DNA evidence and Amanda gets to walk? Please. And she's going to profit from this which is just pouring salt on the wound. And for all the people saying her family spent a tone of money, bla bla....they got DONATIONS for most of it.
This case just makes me sick. Amanda is so obviously guilty. And so obviously a sociopath. But, I can see why they let her off. The US was making a big stink and the Italians were just...."to heck with it". Some American girl kills a British girl...the Italians just want these people to go away. Amanda didn't kill an Italian girl...she killed another foreigner and, at the end of the day, I think the Italians want to keep political peace.
But Amanda didn't "win" even though she most likely thinks she did. Amanda's a very sick woman who will only get worse. Getting away with murder will do her no favours in the long term. She'll always be a sociopathic thrill seeker.
You know what the biggest joke is? How people say Amanda "had no motive". LOL. Of course she had a motive. Her motive was to have rough, stoned, kinky, murderous sex. She has the same motive people who make snuff films have. Raping and seeing others get raped and murdered turns Foxy Knoxy on. It makes her orgasm. Probably the best one she's ever had. And she will always want more of that. Regular sex must be so damn boring for her which is why, I believe, she will do it again.

1115 days ago


Umm forgive my lack of legal knowledge but if amanda sues for the movie isn't the onus on her to prove it didn't happen that way? she has only been cleared due to lack of or rather mistakes with she said she wasn't there and guido said she was. Pretty interesting law suit, i wouldn't go there if I was her, it could just make things worse cause no one has actually legally said she wasn't there just that here dna blah blah. just sayin don't get to agressive amanda it may not work in your favour.

1115 days ago
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