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Hank Williams Lashes Back!

You Didn't Fire Me

... I QUIT!!!!!

10/6/2011 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hank Williams
Are you ready for some controversy???

Hank Williams Jr. claims his departure from "Monday Night Football" was by his OWN doing  ... insisting he was NOT fired by ESPN.

Williams released a statement ... saying, "After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision."

He adds, "By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE.  It’s been a great run.”

It looks like ESPN beat Hank by several minutes in posting its announcement about the separation.

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Annoyed in MD    

I'll admit - it was a good catchy song for ESPN to use as the intro, but really is it even a question of importance of the game? Is anyone really not going to tune in now? If you are ESPN and he reacts like a little b#tch - why wouldn't you let him go.

1121 days ago


Apparently Hank, like Sarah Palin does not understand the 1st amendment. It protectd us from government infringement; not infringement by private entities. Perhaps these Super Patriots should take a class in reading comprehension, learn American history and read the Constitution. Alternatively, they could stick to what they know; which is apparently very little.

1121 days ago

Annoyed in MD    

You know when it first came out - I just thought he was a stupid redneck but now I know he is just dumb. First off - first ammendment rights do not not apply to "employees of the company" doing this outside of work that represent the employer. MNF does not want any controversy and really does need him or the song. BS - he quit, do you know the money he gets for that song??? Any smart guy would have just shut up and kept his thoughts to himself while he let the $$$$ pour in.

1121 days ago


Can anyone say anything more ignorant??? You should be ashamed of yourself. We had to sit here and still respect the office of the President when Shrub was there, and he was a total idiot, but now, because we have one that is intelligent and trying his best to clean up this mess, you call him something totally intolerable and expect to keep your job??? I think you should be deported if you don't have anymore respect for this country, and don't care that this country survives all of these republicans "deregulations," that caused these messes. WAKE UP AND TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH FOR ONCE!!! We aren't all this stupid.

1121 days ago


I dont really care what he said about obama, but come on this guy is an idiot!!! he needs to go back to the backwoods and drink another beer.

1121 days ago


...me and all my redneck friends, here on Monday night - NOT!

1121 days ago


I understand his comments. I may not have made them myself, and they were a little extreme, but I understand the point he was making. But also, I well understand ESPN's reasoning for firing him. Look, people have GOT to stop comparing general American politicians or movements to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was WAY over the fence. He was all into ethnic cleansing and Arian supremecy and took it to the actual step of exterminating millions of people who did not fit his protocol. Jew, gypsies, disabled, etc. Even though our government may, regrettably, be very progressively and socially inclined right now, we are far from a Hitler type situation. Anyone who compares our government and leadership to Adolf Hitler is way over-the-line and it shows an EXTREME disrespect for those who really suffered under Hitler.

1121 days ago


Idiot. He would have been better off in the end if he maintained that he was fired.

1121 days ago


Typical delusional, tea partying, bigoted racist.

Hank - just because you say it doesn't mean it's true.

1121 days ago


In fact, I never even sang that song! The evil liberals got someone who looked and sounded like me to do it!

These ignorant hillbillies get dumber by the second. America, home of the dumbest white people on the face of the planet. Let's burn down the South again!

1121 days ago


What happened to Freedom of Speech? Are we willing to give all our rights way. Don't agree with what was said but he is allowed to say it.

1121 days ago


who cares what this country bumkin's political opinions are anyway? Why would FOX even put him on the air - he should have stayed home that morning continuing to show his OH face to the sheeps that fear him - His song was as annoying as his speech - his 3rd grade teacher must be proud - now he has more time to spend with his sister/wife trying to come up with a new song to bore people with - notice NASCAR or any other sport isnt pining for him? HANK - YOU WERE CANNED - FACE IT - now go get me a beer and a sandwich

1121 days ago


Hank Williams rights or his Freedom of Rights was NOT violated by any means. He is still free to express his views, as long as they do not break any laws, whenever or where ever he chooses. ESPN merely exercised their right not to have him serve as an employee. If anything this will serve as free publicity to Hank Williams Jr and help promote his ideas.
I thought the disprespect showed to President Bush was bad but it pales in comparision to what President Obama has dealt with it. Remeber to always respect our President - not that you have to agree with him.

1121 days ago


He's already a redneck jerk, now we can call him a liar, too.

1121 days ago


This ignorant hillbilly isn't man enough to admit when he's wrong, hell none of these *******ger s***bags are.....

1121 days ago
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