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Pierce Brosnan's Wife

Carrot Cake Screwed Me Up Bad

10/7/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Keely Brosnan
We now know why Pierce Brosnan's wife claims she suffered "permanent injuries to her health, strength and activity" at an L.A. restaurant -- she took a bite of carrot cake with a special surprise inside ... a rock-hard walnut shell.

We broke the story ... Keely Brosnan sued R&D Kitchen claiming she became "sore, ill, and injured" after eating at the joint in October, 2009.

The suit doesn't specify what she ate -- but a rep for the restaurant now tells us ... Keely had complained about a walnut shell inside a piece of carrot cake that may have fractured her tooth.

The rep tells us, the restaurant immediately contacted its insurance company after the incident -- insisting, "We take food safety and cleanliness very seriously."  Apparently, if a payout was offered, it wasn't enough.



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Her problem is too much carrot cake, duh.

1114 days ago


Wasn't her 'health, strength and activity kinda on the low side before she chowed on the cake?

1114 days ago


Hopefully the restaurant doesn't settle with this nut. Any lawyer will you tell you that a 'Walnut Shell' is not a foreign object because it is part of a food ingredient, therefore is not the restaurant's fault. A ****roach, pebble, or screw would be examples of law-suit-worthy foreign object injury...

1114 days ago


He's no prize either.

1114 days ago


Quick, somebody give Pierce a gig, they are obviously broke and looking for attention.

1114 days ago

two cents    

What's the matter? Movies drying up. Too many expenses. This really is beneath you. You're embarrassing yourself. All the drama over a walnut shell? You've got to be kidding. This is a fine example of what's wrong with this country. I hope they throw out the case. Ridiculous. Pierce needs to get a handle on his wife. No one likes a dramaqueen. Besides, maybe she should lay off the cake for a while.

1114 days ago


I am guessing the youngins here have never had a cracked tooth. It can be life threatening. no kidding. The infection can cause sepsis through out the body and sometimes can go unnoticed until it's too late. When you go to a restaurant you are paying for extra care than someone who cooks at home. You expect them to know what they are doing. A fractured tooth equals tooth loss and you cannot replace a tooth. once it's gone it's gone forever. Putting in a fake one can cause more damage to your mouth. While it may seem frivolous... she has a point. Just like I expect you to wash your hands before killing hundreds of people I also expect you to take out inedible objects

1114 days ago


He's cute but that's all I thought about him.. figured another playboy. After seeing this and checking him out and what a good husband he is.. (wife died and he waited 10 years to remarry and has been married to this girl for 10 years) suddenly I like this guy a lot more than just a another actor.

1114 days ago


She has to prove Gross Negligence. Finding/biting a walnut shell in a cake that may contain walnuts is not gross negligence. Like finding a crab shell in a crab cake. If she bit down on a crab shell that was in her chocolate pudding that may be gross negligence.

1114 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Are her and Pierce struggling for money or something? That is the only reason I could see her being this petty. If my tooth was broken I would expect the restaurant to pay to fix it. Otherwise move on. Goodness.

1114 days ago


Keely Honey, you weren't supposed to eat the entire cake...just a piece...

1114 days ago


The restaurant has nothing to do with her being fat and unattractive. A nut shell? Are you f*cking kidding me. Obviously shes venting her personal issues on them. Poor Pierce and the restaurant owner.

1114 days ago


You mean she is making a big deal about a walnut being in her food and she's NOT allergic to it?? WOW! Lady, do the rest of us would do.. go to the dentist, get it fixed and send the restaurant the bill.. Do you REALLY need to sue them??

1114 days ago


Pierce I feel sorry for you bro. Your wife seems like a really petty individual.

1114 days ago


A little off the subject but does anyone else notice that she always looks unsure of herself and afraid that he is going to run away. By now she should feel secure in this relationship and should know her husband well enough to know that he is a definite true blue guy.
As for this current situation...well it's totally idiotic.

1114 days ago
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