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Tom Cruise


... Caught on Tape!!!!!

10/6/2011 6:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Tom Cruise was called out ... CHALLENGED ... on the dance floor at the wedding of a BILLIONAIRE'S SON -- but after the clash ... only one man walked away victorious.

Tom and Katie were in Palm Springs this weekend celebrating the wedding of Sandy Modic and David Ellison.

David is the executive producer on "Mission Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" ... and also happens to be the the son of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison ... the 3rd richest man in the United States.

Tom was just hangin' out when one of Ellison's friends declared DANCE WAR ... and Tom accepted.

So, we gotta ask ...


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1120 days ago


why was he holding his head, was it going to fall off.

1120 days ago



Jack ass.

1120 days ago


I can't believe i actually wasted 10 seconds of my life to watch the first 10 seconds of this video.. WTF is wrong with me?

1120 days ago


wow, Tom's got some impressive moves! the other guy kinda sucks though, what was that kung fu stuff? lol

1120 days ago


Awesomeness! So great that someone as big as Tom can so easily relax, show such a sense of humor and have fun! P.S. The splits? Really? I can't even do that!

1120 days ago


What's this rich white guy can't dance cheese fest???

1120 days ago


Mav is still the man!!!

1120 days ago


I'll never get those .52 seconds back again.

1120 days ago


Tom is like the old uncle who's embarrassing because he always jumps in with the young ones. Kind of pathetic, ya know?

1120 days ago


LOL...thats dope.

1120 days ago


What's with the other dude's martial arts moves? Tom's got it down though, those splits are killer!

1120 days ago


Beyond gay

1120 days ago


Give Tom a break at his age to do that all you haters wish he was or would be at your wedding period go jersey boy!!

1120 days ago


And thats the truth: about an hour ago


Tom Cruise is gay because the media told you so, and you accuse Tom of being stupid? WOW. When are you people going to learn that the media will say ANYTHING to get a story even if it is not true? How do you know that Scientology is "stupid"? An invisible man who created all life and all the planets in the universe sounds sane? He has a right to believe in anything that he wants, just as you do. Maybe people think that your beliefs are stupid too.

There are a lot of people that do not believe it taking meds for everything, including myself. You can lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels naturally, I know because I did it. Just because you do not agree with him, it does not make him stupid. I do not agree with one thing that you said, so should I say that you are stupid because you do not have the same idiologies as I do?


Cruise can believe whatever the hellz he wants to believe...I mean who really cares what he believes in? My problem with this man is his belief that he must bash a woman like Brooke Shields for using modern medication to treat a medical condition. What business is it of his what this woman, or anybody else on the planet does?

As for my beliefs, I could care less if anybody thinks my beliefs are "stupid" or not. I do not however go around bashing people who choose to use modern medicine to treat their medical problems. Cruise also pompously told Matt Lauer "You don't know the history of psychiatry, I do". This is laughable and one feels sorry for Mr. Cruise that he makes such ignorant statements.

Those who know the least are always the most vocal. Cruise can believe in little green men for all I care. My replusion of this man comes from need to tell the world how to operate. He needs to mind his own business and just worry about himself. He has been divorced now how many times? Three? Well, it seems that he is the LAST person on the planet who should be giving ANYBODY any advice.

Brooke Shields is a class act. She did not call him out when he bashed her and she very graciously went to his wedding in Italy, which a LOT of people in her shoes whould not have done.

1120 days ago
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