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Impregnated by a Demon

10/8/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman
is breaking into Hollywood by taking on the role she was born to play -- a woman impregnated by a demon.

Octomom is starring a low-budget horror film called "Millennium." Octo plays a woman named Vanessa, who visits a haunted house with her friend Brad and his date Jessica. But turns out Jessica's a demon (yes, there's a plot hole -- Octo getting knocked up by a female demon).

According to Octo's manager, doing this film makes her eligible for SAG health benefits -- which means she'll cut her health care premiums in half.

It's called selling your soul to the devil, but it works for her.


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I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I have been saying all along that Nadya needs to get a steady job, and stop trying for fame. She refuses to get an actual job, and only wants to be seen in the public eye. She had the perfect opportunity to get a steady job when all the kids were in day care/school, but instead she was more interested in trying to famewhore herself out. It makes me sick that she refuses to get a real job, and keeps taking these low paying jobs because she feels they will make her a star. Enough already. GET A REAL JOB, and take care of her kids the way they need to be.

1109 days ago


ilovegossip: 3 hours ago
This is how TeamNadya likes to distort the truth. These two statements are taken from her own posts: TeamNadya: 17 hours ago Incredibly, he'll only have a tiny scar.
TeamNadya: 9 hours ago Not a scar on him
Even she can't keep her story straight! LOL!!!

One has to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see what you tried to imply here... You tried to accuse me of saying Jonah had a tiny scar and then below it, you claimed I then said; he had no noticable scar. You lied! I never said anything about his scar in that Inside Edition post. You tried to take what Inside Edition said about Jonah scar and use it against me by comparing it to me contradicting myself in saying there's no scar at all and that was a LIE on your part. Now face it ilovegossip, YOU FAILED MISERABLY in your attempt! LOL

Question: How am I distorting the truth, when I never said Jonah had a tiny scar to begin with? Duh!!!

1109 days ago


Seriously, Teamnadya, I thought you were smarter than this. Let me explain how exactly you distorted the truth. I'll take it in baby steps, and then maybe you will understand.

1. You quoted an article that stated Jonah has a scar. One would assume that you read said article, since you're quoting it in your OWN post.

2. In your VERY NEXT post you state yourself that Jonah has NO scar.

It isn't rocket science to figure out that you distorted the truth.
Sheesh. I am truly embarrassed for you at this point!

1109 days ago

ilovegossip teamnadya is backtracking. She went from saying "Not a scar on him" to now saying "his scar is hardly noticable unless you're up close." The lies just keep coming.
Stop now, teamnadya, you're just embarrassing yourself even further.

1109 days ago


Not to change the subject, okay change the subject. LOL

Curious, what do you think of Kate Gosselin refusing to go back to a 9/5 as a RN, and wanting to stay on television with her kids, ilovegossip?

My thoughts, I think Kate is an evil mean spirited woman with a huge chip on her shoulders, at least she appears that way to me. She scares the hell out of me at times and that last photo of her picking up the kids from school on ROL just convince me even more. I personally think the kids would be better off living with Jon and having visitation with Kate until she get her own life in order. Not saying she's a bad mother, but the words coming out of her mouth just totally freaks me out. She disrespected all working parents doing 9/5. Did you know about that? I fear the worse for the Gosselin 8 now that she's no longer on TV and that does concern me. I want no harm to come to any children no matter who their parents are or what they've done in the past. Threatening and spanking the kids on camera is very alarming to say the least. But with that aside, if Kate wants to remain on TV and the public will have her, I see no harm in it. She has to earn a living to support her 8 and the rich lifestyle she has became immune to. That mansion and new sport car of hers not to mention the kids private school must be kicking her butt by now. I fear if she doesn't find work soon, she'll have to start dipping into that secret bank account she claimed to have opened up for the kids college funds behind Jon back (that only she can touch). That's not good at all...

1109 days ago


The biggest difference between Kate and Octoho is that Kate has put money aside for the kids and her own expenses. Unlike Octodumazz, she has always been aware that the money and the reality show would not be there and that she had to be prepared for the kid's future. She chose to not spend the money they made on plastic surgery for herself. Instead money was saved (a totally foreign concept to Sulemonster). If the money situation changes, Kate has the ability to downsize, unlike the Octoho. She wouldn't consider it to be beneath her to work a real job again if needed, unlike the skank who hasn't worked a real job in her entire adult life.

1109 days ago


Has anyone seen the Celebridate preview? It's freaking hilarious. It show cases just how far off the deep end the Octoho is. She blathers on like an idiot off her medications. Poor guy, I hope to heck he was well compensated by the producers of the show for being put through such a harrowing experience.

1109 days ago



You're more delusioned than I thought. I'm done debating with you because you are a lost cause. I stand by every statement that I've made, and never lied or contradicted myself. Too bad you can't say the same.
Sorry to everyone else that you had to be subjected to this crap. But hopefully my points came across well.

1109 days ago


Kate has the ability to downsize, unlike the Octoho. She wouldn't consider it to be beneath her to work a real job again if needed, Oh really? Then what's this all about below?

“It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids, and working a regular job -- I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent," the Pennsylvania native said.

The whole video is on ROL!
Kate Gosselin and her little ones want to stay on TV.

The mother-of-eight, whose last episode of Kate Plus 8 airs on TLC Monday night, vowed to The Today Show's Matt Lauer that she and her kids will pop up on the small screen again, should the right opportunity come along.

Lauer Monday asked Gosselin why she was acting sad, as opposed to being happy she'd be able to return to a normal life for she and her children.

“There is sadness, because it’s the end of an era,” Kate said. “I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they’re now questioning what's gonna happen.

"I feel sad for fans, because they’re devastated," she said. "They’re saying, you know, you’re the neighbor moving far away and we won’t see you again."

Kate admitted a part of her sadness stemmed from the loss of income and TV momentum.

"There’s also fear because this has been, although maybe not my career, it has been the start essentially of my career and my job and the way I’ve been providing for my kids for six years. And so you know, it is a little scary.”

Asked about our exclusive report in which Jon said he was relieved his little ones would finally be out of the limelight, Kate said she holds herself to higher expectations as a provider than her ex.

“It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids, and working a regular job -- I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent," the Pennsylvania native said. "I think that to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and give them the best opportunities in life, and [reality TV] has provided that.

“I think at this point, the best opportunity for all of us would be me continuing on TV as a way to provide for my kids. Something that’s exciting and challenging for me has been TV, and I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

Lauer asked Kate if she'd be opposed to put her kids back on the boob tube.

“You know, if the right thing came along, I think we are all still in agreement with it,” she said, adding, “I’m sure you will see my kids again at some point.”

Before leaving, she thanked TLC and plugged the website she launched Monday,

1109 days ago


Now you're just a joke teamnadya. To come on here and say you "never lied or contradicted myself." is a joke. Let's see...
contradiction/lie #1:
1st statement: "Not a scar on him"
2nd statement: "his scar is hardly noticable unless you're up close."

contradiction/lie #2:
1st statement: "Nadya has had the same exposure and opportunities on television as Kate"
2nd statement: "Okay so she never been a host on the view but she has been invited there." (not even mentioning she's never been on Dancing with the Stars or had her own reality show).
Please show me one lie or contradiction that I have made. You keep stating that I have, but haven't shown any proof.
The proof is above. YOU are the liar.

1109 days ago


The "company" making this "film" she will be in hasn't even released any DVD's from it's first project last December (2010). What are the chances of her's doing any better?? They don't have much of a track record and neither does she!

1109 days ago


Hey Harvey & Co.-can you check this out? Nadya or any of her aliases/combinations are nowhere to be found in the database for psych techs in California!!! If she ever was one it would be here: (you know-the one she claims she was valedictorian with perfect attendance)$lcev2.startup?p_qte_code=PT&p_qte_pgm_code=9120

1109 days ago


Not once did I mentioned Jonah lip not having a scar on page one or two. The only reason why I even brought IE article on TMZ is b/c I kept reading all the BS about his lip and I wanted those who never saw the article to read it on here. That's why! It wasn't b/c I agree with IE nor did I call them a liar about saying Jonah had a "Tiny scar" which again, they said; NOT ME! It wasn't until you made it a big issue that I brought MY OWN OPINION about Jonah after surgery in it that I hardly notice a scar on him aside from that mark line above his lip, which I said with a little coco butter would heal up nicely and you'll never know he even had a cleft lip, the doctor did a remarkable job on Jonah. There is no noticable scars on that boy, ilovegossip other then the mark left from the surgery stitches he had on his cleft lip which IMO I think will heal up very well. Now if you want to call me a liar for saying that. Knock yourself the hell out! LOL I don't care, I still say you're just trying to cover your arse on this one.

Here's my post in response to yours on the third page--reread it!
TeamNadya: 21 hours ago

ilovegossip: 7 hours ago Also from Nadya: Everything is mine. I’ve never had plastic surgery except for my breasts.
So Nadya had breast augmentation for herself, but couldn't fix Johah's lip until someone donated it...
THIS is the kind of Mother Nadya is!

Um Nadya didn't have any kids when she had her breast reduction at age 18, ilovegossip. The point is; Jonah lip is now repaired, it's perfect and he looks perfect. Not a scar on him and his lip heal up excellently, it like it was never cleft. Thank God the Doctor who did the professional worked on Jonah didn't think/feel like you all. I don't see why you all are so bent out of shape for? Not like the money came from you or any taxpayers of Cali. It was done for free, Doctor did it out of the goodness of his heart, so no money was involved. Glad, no thrill that somebody in this world give a damn about little children and can overlook the fault of their parents to volunteer their services for free.

As for the movie-- Look! You all complain that Nadya need to get out there and work for a living. Well damn, she's working and you are still complaining. She just can't win with you guys... Nadya's right, it time she stop worrying about what other thinks and just do what's right for her self and her children, after all that's all that matter. At least Nadya is not stuck on TMZ and other websites tabloid board pointing fingers and spreading hateful thoughts on all of them. :)

1109 days ago


Suleman has drawn in mega bucks , since the birth of her Tups. If she had managed the money properly..she would have been able to financially care properly for her children for the next 18 per Suze Orman , who dissected Octo's accounts...except for that of Hormoney Enterprise's.. hhrrrmph..'activity'. Instead, Octo squandered the money on her own personal needs and an extensive overhaul of herself...with periodic touch-ups. An obvious waste of time, considering the results.
Octo stated on video, that it was her have surgical correction take place...or not.
Subsequently, Madame, cried pecuniary embarrassment as the reason why the surgery was not done...
She also has made it known that she has Medical Insurance for her children. This insurance would have covered the surgery.
Instead,approximately two and one half years beyond the recommende age of corrective surgery she encounters a 'charity' that offers to perform the surgery. Apparently charity does begin at home....
The 'Charity', is directly associated with DDM...owned by Gina what's her name...ex-porn star....who contracts porn stares, 'has beens' and 'the never has beens'.
I smell a stinkhole of a symbiotic relationship, whereby DDM,Suleman an Dr. Charity benefit from a PR and financial standpoint. Inside Edition was accomodating.....Just how substantial were the licencing fees..wink, wink..nod, nod.
Ah well, at least Jonah's corrective surgery was the instigation of albeit .. 'almost strangers' of dubious environment. At the least,someone cared enough for Jonah's welfare...while his mother appeared to care less....

1108 days ago


Barbwire, you mean Nutsy isn't listed as having a Psych Tech license? Then that must mean she was on the bedpan bridgade!!! LOL

1108 days ago
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