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Ryan O'Neal's Son

Equipped with Monitoring Device

10/9/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan O'Neal
's 26-year-old son Redmond got one hell of a parting gift during his sentencing last week for a probation violation -- a state-of-the-art GPS monitoring bracelet.

Redmond's probation was revoked in September -- after he allegedly snuck out of rehab and ordered drugs on a payphone -- and last week, a judge sent him back to the treatment facility ... with the monitoring device around his ankle.

According to law enforcement sources, the device sends back detailed information about Redmond's whereabouts every five minutes -- and if he steps outside his assigned area, an alarm goes off.

Redmond -- who's had a long history battling drugs -- pled no contest to drug and weapons charges back in August ... and was sentenced to a year in rehab.

If Redmond screws up again, he faces up to six years in prison.


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James R. - Los Angeles    

Prepare yourself for prison life, you doper!

1109 days ago

two cents    

Why does this pos keep getting so many chances. Throw him in prison and leave him there. He can't be saved.

1109 days ago


Farah was soooo bright leaving him 7mil!
But w/ a loser like Ryan for a daddy lets cut him some slack. Poor Red didn't get either of his parents looks.

1109 days ago


fyi...the company is GPS Monitoring Solutions.

1109 days ago


A twoffer!

1109 days ago


Its really sad how this kid can't fight his demons.This kid must of been fed drugs as a baby.I mean this has been happening for years i think protective services should have investigated both parents back then.sad..

1109 days ago


Why isn't he in jail already? He violated the terms of his rehab stay, right?

1109 days ago


Lots of people have a bad or rough life and don't do drugs. If this was anyone else, they'd be in jail. Why do they keep letting him off? It's obvious that they are not helping him this way.

1109 days ago


August: 37 minutes ago
How come the 12-Step religious cult's "Higher Power" Witchcraft, sorcery, and VooDoo isn't working?
The 12-Step religious cult's "Higher Power" is a REAL HIGHER POWER isn't it?

SO you failed at recovery and now you blame the Program? HAW haw! When you are sick and tired of living your addict's life, don't worry, we'll have a seat saved for you. See you soon!

1109 days ago


i feel so bad for Redmond. drug addiction is so hard to beat. i have a 27 year old son who is an addict and it's excruciating to watch him go through the process of trying to get clean, relapsing, trying to get clean, relapsing. i hope he can get it together. drug addicts don't need to be in prison .. they need help.

and those of you saying he can't be saved, or he should rot in prison .. shame on you. he's a human being. what if this was your brother or son? have a little compassion for the human race for god's sake.

1109 days ago


How is a monitoring device supposed to keep him off drugs??

1109 days ago


I hope he makes it this time. For some reason I don't think he should be in jail. Maybe if he gets intensive therapy to understand his demons along with drug rehab he might have a chance to stay sober. I hope so.

1109 days ago


When you quit drugs, you are going to have what seem like overpowering cravings, and you might have those cravings for a long period of time. Your brain will try to trick you. When I got off drugs, I was actually sitting in an office working when I smelled the unmistakable smell of cocaine. I'm sitting there looking all around and everyone else is working as normal. I finally realized it was my brain using every trick in the book to get me to use again. Redmond is going to have to realize that he is going to have cravings and have some way to fight them. He needs to start working out and doing the things that he is talented at, and try to rebuild some pride in himself.

1109 days ago


A junkie is ALWAYS a junkie. A poor junkie goes to prison. A rich junkie signs an autograph for the judge and goes to the Bahamas. But all junkies end up dead.

1109 days ago


My girlfriend gave me a cell phone that looks just like that.........wait a minute?

1109 days ago
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