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Casey Anthony's Attorney

Kudos to Amanda Knox's Parents

For Supporting Her

10/10/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox
Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have a lot in common -- they were both recently freed from jail, they're both big celebrities now and they're both hot. What they don't have in common ... supportive parents, at least according to Casey Anthony's lawyer.

Jose Baez tells TMZ he was very happy for Amanda Knox and her family when the verdict was overturned. Baez says he watched the verdict and it was " a very surreal moment for me because I remembered being in that situation -- where a young woman's life hung in the balance -- and in a split second, her life was given back to her."

Baez says he felt Amanda's family played a key role in things, saying they should "be applauded" for sticking with her through the entire process -- unlike Casey's parents, who did not support her and instead, he feels, "hurt her case."

In the end, Baez says they're just a pair of "all-American girls."



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So Jose Baez felt that since CA's parents didn't support her, let's claim her father and brother sexually abused her and that the dad helped bury the child.

1110 days ago


I am so pissed off right now I wish Baez was in front of me so I could 'f' him up. First of all Mr. Baez, you further destroyed that family by making up lies about Casey Anthony's father molesting her to confuse the jury. So yes dude, you set-up the perfect situation for her family to not support her. Secondly, how dare you compare a mother that would murder her own child to Amanda Know who was in the wrong place at the wrong time in another COUNTRTY! Americans aren't so popular around the world so I'm sure it was very easy for them to frame her for something she didn't do. You know Casey killed her kid and covered it up and you helped her go free so you're as guilty as her now. S***.

1110 days ago

two cents    

Apples and Oranges. Amanda didn't murder their grandchild; discarding her like trash. She "only" killed her room mate. HUGE difference.

1110 days ago


First let me say.Does Baez ever stop with putting his face on TV?Second," There just two American girls"I have not followed Amanda Knox that close,so I will not comment,but Casey Anthony,PLEASE BAEZ,I know you STINK as a ATTORNEY,YOU ARE A ROTTEN EXAMPLE OF A OFFICER OF THE COURT,and TAKE A COLD SHOWER,HOW DARE YOU,try to cover Your COURT ROOM SLANDER of George by using the press to accuse them of not standing up for there daughter,If they practiced TOUGH LOVE TO BEGIN WITH,you would not have the SPOILED BRAT,CHILD KILLER YOU HAVE.CLAYEE WAS DRUGGED TO DEAD.PERIOD,Baez,how many lies are you aiming for,trying to catch up with Casey,First lie,Casey is going to grief Counseling and to a psych,Casey told probation NOT TRUE,Where are you HIDDING all the money fron tmz articles.YOUR MOUTH GOES A LOT BAEZ,so EXPLAIN WHERE CASEY HAD CLAYEE,THE NIGHT SHE WAS SLEPPING WITH EVERY BOY IN FLORIDA,NOT WITH GRANDPARENTS,NOT WITH HER,NOT WITH ZANNY,SO WHERE?

1110 days ago


You are compairing apples to oranges!! Idiot!

1110 days ago

Jimmie Hamilton 59    

You guys... this has to be one of the funniest/original movie trailers I've ever seen... I pray this gets made

1110 days ago


Jose loves the spotlight doesn't he? Just what the world needs ... a male Gloria Allred or Nancy Grace! They've never met an ambulance they won't chase or a camera they won't mug for!

1110 days ago


Amanda is nothing like Casey the high school drop-out child killer.. Amanda was falsely accused by crooked prosecutor & real killer in prison even though she had solid alibi & no evidence against her; she's a college student not a murderer. jmo.
Overwhelming evidence that Casey murdered Caylee. But juror Jennifer Ford said jury instructions were not read nor evidence considered; verdict based on Bozo's opening statement, which is not evidence per jury instrux that they didn’t read. Jury failed, Casey is an acquitted murderer. Amanda not a murderer, was wrongly convicted but exonerated. jmo.

1110 days ago


A couple of all American Girls?
I don't know one all American girl that has killed their child! I'll bet the Knox family cringed when he made that statement.
Here's an idea Baez... STFU and go away!

1110 days ago


Bozo Baez is delusional if he thinks Casey Anthony's father should be supportive after Casey lied about him during her trial & tried to insinuate that he had known that the baby was dead & helped bury her. Mr Anthony would be an idiot if he supported his daughter after her damning testimony of him in Court.

1110 days ago


JB no one cares about you, quit trying to compare Amanda Know who was innocent to your client who is a child killer. No one will forget that. I wish TMZ would quit posting her name, let her rot in hell.

1110 days ago


Casey,accused her father of the most discusting act to save her rotten backside,also her brother,a crime and act that would FOREVER RUIN HER FATHER,AND BROTHER,I heard Amanda say she loved her parents.Baez,I suggest you take some salt petter and get a grip.Your swimming pool theory will NEVER wash with me NEVER NEVER,YOU ALSO ARE TRYING TO COVER YOUR BACKSIDE,YOU tried to take away a man's reputation,to forever be known as a child molester.WITHOUT PROVE,DID YOU GET ANY PSYCH to say Casey was molested NO,YOU DID NOT,any school counseler NO,I am not one of the 12 morans in the jury,who never bothered to confont that.

1110 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Casey Anthony is a lot hotter than Amanda Knox. I'd love to see the two of them get together and do a spread in Playboy or heck, even just do an adult movie together. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

1110 days ago

Tide Fan    

Amanda Knox was did not kill her parents grandchild you jackass!! Baez is a real piece of work. Anthony's parents have stood by her more than I would stand by either of my daughters. I have 4 grandchildren and if it were that obvious one of my daughters killed one of them I would NEVER stand behind them like they did, especially her psycho mom!!! Rot in hell with that murderer Bozo!!!!!!!!!

1110 days ago


Casey Anthony threw her parents under the bus .. falsely accusing them of evil deeds to save her own skin. OF COURSE they are not going to support her. MORON!!!

1110 days ago
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