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Casey Anthony's Attorney

Kudos to Amanda Knox's Parents

For Supporting Her

10/10/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox
Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have a lot in common -- they were both recently freed from jail, they're both big celebrities now and they're both hot. What they don't have in common ... supportive parents, at least according to Casey Anthony's lawyer.

Jose Baez tells TMZ he was very happy for Amanda Knox and her family when the verdict was overturned. Baez says he watched the verdict and it was " a very surreal moment for me because I remembered being in that situation -- where a young woman's life hung in the balance -- and in a split second, her life was given back to her."

Baez says he felt Amanda's family played a key role in things, saying they should "be applauded" for sticking with her through the entire process -- unlike Casey's parents, who did not support her and instead, he feels, "hurt her case."

In the end, Baez says they're just a pair of "all-American girls."



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The person Casey Anthony lied to the most was Jose Baez and he's still believing it. The wink of her eye, the hands on hugs...Baez still wets his bed.

1108 days ago


Strange comment considering Casey Anthony was found not guilty or was he talking about the money he is trying to get for interviews ect?

1108 days ago


casey anthony accused her father of molesting her - how could they be supportive? she clearly murdered her daughter and the evidence was there. Amanda Knox was clearly "set up" and blamed for a crime she did not commit. Totally different cases. Baez has to live everyday that he helped get a killer free. A killer that murdered her little baby. Why didn't she just drop the child off at the fire dept. if she wanted to go out and party. Amanda knox did not google chloroform, neck stranguling, etc. And as far as supporting her, her mother got up there on the witness stand and lied that she was the one who googled cholorform to find out about some kind of plant info....baez should just shut up and go away.

1108 days ago


Amanda Knox parent supported her, because unlike Casey Anthony... Amanda Knox did not murder her daughter, lie about it for 3 years and then blame her father for molesting her.

Gimmie a break.

1108 days ago


Amanda knox is a cold hearted sociopathic killer just like OJ simpson.

1108 days ago


ummm... there is one major difference here... one DID the crime - the other DIDN'T.... these two aren't even remotely the same....

1108 days ago


found an error in this article. knox is not hot at all, and casey is mediocre.

1108 days ago


The only ones that keep pimp Baez and his child killer client Casey, in the news is, TMZ and Geraldo.They love to fan the flames and they keep "trying" to help pimp Baez get his big payday off Casey!!Not working!!
"They're just a pair of all-American girls". Really Baez? Well, you have now summed up one of America's problems with our image.Glorifying accused murderers and calling them celebrities!!
I did not follow the Knox case that closely and I do have my opinon of her as well.But I did follow the Anthony case EVERYDAY and I KNOW she was and still is, guilty as Hell.Casey just got lucky because of the 12 incompetents that served as her jurors..
And TMZ, stop referring to Casey as hot..She looks like deformed elf!! Plus her soul is as black as one of the garbage bags she put her poor dead daughter in and throw her away in a swamp like garbage!!

1108 days ago


Amanda Knox did not disrespect her parents like Casey did. She didn't falsely accuse her father of sexual molestation. Knox didn't try to blame her problems on her parents. You cannot compare the two women...or one woman and one child. Casey needs to get help and come to terms with what she has done. I don't blame Casey's parents for speaking out, the world needs to know the truth and it isn't coming from Casey.

1108 days ago


Personally I think they both are nothing more than young girls that were looking for a good time, just because your in college has no bearing on who you really are..heck half of our serial killers were college grads....In my opinion I think they BOTH got away with murder...and BOTH those girls took away a child....They both lied about many things, so how can anyone say a liar is innocent, people lie to cover up things, mainly their own a*s....

1108 days ago


Wow Baez! Really? Just zip your Pie Hole and everyone will be better off! There are no comparisons to make between these two cases!

1108 days ago


Not hardly, do they have anything in common as one is a murderer and the other is not. In Italy you are guilty until proven innocent and here you are innocent until proven guilty. Casey has a very sick mind and will end up just like OJ. Her day will come.

1108 days ago


is he crazy! one was innocent & the other was not....its obvious which is which....i hope mr baez uses some of the money he's hoping to make to buy back a contience (sp?)

1108 days ago


Does Jose Baez drink or do drugs? Amanda Knox did not publicly attack her parents and try to blame them for the trouble she found herself in. Would Jose Baez support his adult daughter after she told the public that he molested her as a child and helped her illegally dispose of her dead daughter's body?

1108 days ago


He KNOWS there is a HUGE distinction between the two of them,but he also KNOWS he cannot publicly say that. Its plain as day in this case....Casey Anthony murdered her daughter. Amanda Knox just was the victim of an investigation that was botched from the beginning. Did anyone know that the investigators wore the same gloves as they went about their job. that right there,imho,is how the trace amount of AK dna got there and also how the trace amount of RS dna got on the bra clasp. There was ZERO motive for AK and RS to have even done this. Casey's motive was obvious,especially with all those pictures of her partying while Caylee was "missing".

1108 days ago
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