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Stomach Folding Video

Ignites Pregnancy Controversy

10/11/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We know it sounds ridiculous ... but the Internet is buzzing with rumors that Beyonce is NOT really pregnant and she's wearing a fake stomach in an elaborate cover-up. Now, a controversial new video is fueling the fire.

Beyonce appeared on an Australian TV show this weekend called "Sunday Night" -- wearing a tight red dress that accentuated her baby bump.

But when B sits down in her chair, her bump appears to collapse inward, leading many to believe it's not B's real bump after all ... but a prosthetic device intended to deceive.

photo that started beyonce not pregnant rumors

So why would B fake preggo? There are rumors that she has hired a surrogate mother to carry the kid, so she won't have to put her body through the strains of pregnancy.

But color us skeptical -- because last month, Bey bared all during a vacation in Croatia with Jay-Z ... revealing what looks like a totally legit baby bump.

1011_beyonce_sipa2We called B's camp for comment -- but we haven't heard back yet.

So, we gotta ask ...


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I totally buy it because when she made her pregnancy "debut" on the music awards show she look really big and then a few days later, not so much. That bikini pic just looks like she's not holding her stomach in and she could have gained some weight. A diva like Beyonce doesn't want to do something as pedestrian as giving birth especially if she doesn't really have to. But creating the illusion is fun.

1111 days ago


If she is pregnant she shouldn`t be wearing heels.

1111 days ago


I'd like to see a longer video, does her belly stay deflated or does it pop back out?

1111 days ago


No way to fake that one in the bikini, so what more is there to talk about?

1111 days ago


I'm sorry but some of you people are so stupid. Beyonce did this interview in australia a couple of months ago , she DID NOT RECORD THIS ON SUNDAY...YES SHE DID WEAR A PROSTHETIC BELLY FOR THIS INTERVIEW BECAUSE THEY WANTED HER TO LOOK AS BIG AS SHE WOULD BE BY THE TIME THEY AIRED THIS! she really is pregnant and is around 5-6 months right now...I got insider get out this womans uterus and let her enjoy her pregnancy ...

1111 days ago


It sure does look weird, but...if it was a prosthetic, she could afford a very expensive one - one that wouldn't fold over like that and look very natural. Even if it was - you would think she would do a "test run" to make sure, wearing a close-fitting dress like that, something like this wouldn't happen. I think it is the dress and her undergarments underneath it that gave the illusion that her belly was folding over. There is no reason for her to lie - afterall aren't her and JZ married?????

1111 days ago


If you look really close at the picture of her in the bikini the skin tone is way off

1111 days ago


Well people were saying the same thing about Mariah Carey and as of yet we have not seen her bundles of joy and she was pregnant forever and a day.What I think was when Bey was on the awards show she did the baby bump thing for laughter and fun not knowing that people were going to go Ga,Ga over her being pregnant so I think that things kind of spiral out of control and she has been forced to keep her pregnancy as the real deal.Just saying but I truly hope that this is not the case and that she really is pregnant but that picture look weird and strange

1111 days ago


Come on people! That bump isn't full of baby!!! It's just the babies room....the baby is a tiny thing! So duhhh its gonna move around! She isn't 9 months pregnant...her body is changing.

1111 days ago


Yes. Preggers, but def not as far as you think. Its all about the POST BABY BOUNCE BACK!!! How you think they do it?

1111 days ago



1111 days ago


maybe shes wearing those pregant ppl tubes..i had one for both my babies it was used so my baby bump wont strech down and look like its tightens it up and keeps it in has a sponge material up obviously it will bent when you sat down

1111 days ago


She's not pregnant and never was, and probably never will be.
It's all fake. Just another lie brought to you my the Illuminati!

1111 days ago


If you look at the stills, you can see the dress somewhat hanging off her belly, like a roll of dress if you may. That would be what looks like folding. The dress isn't skin tight, it's just the material she's wearing. Come on ppl.

1111 days ago


If this is fake she seriously should not become a mother, what a way to show just how superficial she and Lizard lips really are....FAKE ASS PEOPLE

1111 days ago
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