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Janice Dickinson


in School Mom Attack!

10/12/2011 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janice Dickinson has been sued for allegedly beating the crap out of another woman in front of an elementary school last month ... only there's one little problem, cops say Janice was NEVER THERE!

A woman named Jill Gatsby claims she was trying to pick up her 5-year-old kid from an L.A. elementary school on September 28 ... but when she couldn't find a parking spot, she moved some trash cans in front of a nearby home from the street onto the sidewalk to make room for her car.

That's when Gatsby claims "a lady" came out of the home ... and became aggressive. Gatsby claims she whipped out her cell phone to record the incident, but "the lady" snatched the phone out of her hand ... and smacked her in the face with it.

Jill claims the woman proceeded to beat her mercilessly ... causing a concussion and a severe back injury.

Here's the rub -- Jill claims in her lawsuit that she had no idea who "the lady" was at the time of the attack ... and only determined her to be Janice Dickinson after conducting "an Internet search."

But law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... there is "no evidence" that Dickinson was involved and she is not a suspect.

TMZ also spoke with Janice ... who tells us, "In no way shape or form was I present during this alleged altercation."

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1109 days ago


So, she knows what house the woman came out of and filed a police report, but cops can't just go to the house, get a line-up and discover who beat this woman up?! WOW!!!

1109 days ago


Something smells fishy with this whole story. I think this woman wants her 15 minutes of fame & fortune. Janice, you know what to do. Sue the bitch & slap her silly for using your name in a stupid lawsuit.

1109 days ago


interesting? so you don't live 3 to 4 houses down from the school in question... or your ex-husband... or child don't live there?

weren't there witnesses there tha*****ched the whole thing? didn't those witnesses identify you on the spot? did you not drive like a maniac off the lawn/sidewalk to get away from everyone after attacking the mother? what about the witnesses the week previous that saw you throw the already emptied trash can at the car that was trying to drop their kid off at school?

Quit lying, janice. I'M ONE OF THOSE WITNESSES... and nice try... cuz there were 12 people who saw the whole thing.

p.s... one of the witnesses has video. cell phones are a bitch these days, aren't they?

1109 days ago


Were it ****inson...guaranteed...she woulda' knocked this bitch into next week. I don't really care for the whiny bitch...but I'd do her in a pinch!

1109 days ago


wait... the mother you were beating up had her cell phone on video...

this is going to be GOOD!!!

1109 days ago


KARMA can come in such interesting forms.....and may I not be accruing my OWN for pointing this out....

1109 days ago


give it up janice. quit lying and face up to your anger problems.

the woman you beat up went to the hospital with a concussion and other injuries.

she won't be on here, since she's already in talks with her lawyers... who have the video footage.

1109 days ago

Lilly Pad    

Poor Janice,....not enough drama in her life? In reality just doesn't sound like her,....she knows how the press is, and the only way I can see this happening, if there had been chemicals in her system. BTW, is this camera phone available, and is the film still viable(sp) ?

1109 days ago


Is this the same Jill Gatsby in another TMZ story?

1109 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Stupid is as stupid does... they are taking her seriously based on her "internet search"? Good grief.

1109 days ago


In the woman's defense, when you Google "crazy old bitch", Janice ****inson is the first thing that comes up.

1109 days ago


Live by the sword, die by the sword. These "housewives" act insanely aggressive on these stupid reality shows and then whine when something like this happens. Why are the cops so quick to take the "celebrity's" side?

1109 days ago


Dose Janice ****inson own or live in the house?
I'm assuming she dose indeed or the denial would have stated such.
If Janice wasnt the person who came out of the house then she surly knows who did if it is her house.

1109 days ago


I'm guessing that after she figures out it was just a normal person and not a celebrity her "injuries" won't be nearly as severe.

1109 days ago
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