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Tareq Salahi

I'll Stop Trashing My Ex in Public

... For Now

10/13/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi
Tareq Salahi
won't get the chance to trash his "groupie slut" wife in open court ... for now ... because he and Michaele have agreed to suspend their divorce proceedings while they try to hash out a settlement in private mediation.

It's a pretty shocking move considering the Salahis might be the biggest fame whores on the planet -- but sources close to Tareq tell us, he feels handling the issues behind closed doors will be the most effective way to get a deal done quickly.

Tareq filed a formal request to dismiss his divorce complaint earlier this month ... and we're told private mediation is set to begin in November ... when Michaele's other man, Neal Schon, finishes up his tour with his band, Journey.

If the two can't reach an agreement during mediation ... Tareq is free to refile with the Virginia court ... but that means every aspect of their "private" dispute could be made public ... and we all know how much they would hate that ... right?


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I just looked it up. No one has bothered to create a Wikipedia page for Michaele, there's only a reference to her on a RHODC page. Tareq has a page, and Neil. There's also a "lint"page, which has two pictures of pocket lint on it. Yes Michaele, people are apparently more interested in pocket lint than you. Ouch.

1106 days ago


I am seriously wishing that Bravo had not cancelled Real Housewives of Washington DC! I can't stand the Salahis bt have to admit that it makes for fun television :-)

1106 days ago


If I didn't think this was a scam before, I do now. Every divorce case gets mediated, but you sure as hell don't DISMISS the divorce to conduct mediation. After all, the whole point of mediation is to settle the matters at issue in the DIVORCE and get it finalized. You can't finalize a non-existent divorce action!!

1106 days ago


Here is whats funny. This chick bolted and we have NOT heard word one from her. So who is the fame whore here? He has been running his mouth since day one. And he has been bashing her and calling her all kinds of names and calls the paps when he goes out with a MADAM. And she has quietly crawled into the night with NO words from her. Tareq is a SLOB loser who is a fame whore and brainwashed her into doing all sorts of horrible things and she had enough and left. Who can blame her really...

1106 days ago


She has balls to expect him to stop trashing her and to expect a "settlement" for her to get something out of the divorce after spending him into bankruptcy then leaving him to be a groupie whore

1106 days ago


No one gives a **** about these people. Why are they constantly shoved in our faces? They are idiots and we are not interested.

And the Journey dude -- what the hell are you thinking getting involved in this trash? I won't buy your records now. I can't believe you could be that stupid.

1106 days ago


WTF! A settlement? That bitch gave up her rights to anything when she committed adultery. There is nothing to work out here. She should have took what she wanted when she ran off with the other dude, now you get nothing. Whore.

1106 days ago


Here's a clue TMZ as to why Salahi's want to AVOID open court. Too many creditors in Virginia are waiting to find any assets Salahis might have hidden that can be seized by the courts to settled unpaid lawsuits. In the State of Virginia creditors can have debtor's personal property seized by the county sheriffs and put up for public auction to pay off said lawsuits. Salahis have lost dozens of lawsuits.

1106 days ago


Settlement?! They're bankrupt! Of course, she's responsible for half of the debt they acquired while married, and IF THIS ISN'T A HOAX, Neal will help her pay off her half and Tareq will be left to struggle with his half of the millions in debt.

1106 days ago


She doesn't want it disclosed in open court that she works weekends giving blowies through the chain link fence at a men's prison.

1106 days ago


Two marriages were broken up when that slut and aging munchkin decided they wanted to run away together and play at Holiday Inns and Senior Centers across the midwest. Regardless of Tareq's need for attention, he and the munchkin's wife were wronged. The slut will get bored with the lollipop guild and no one will be taken back. A small vistory, but in those cases, that's the best turnout. Payback.

1106 days ago


I care as much about these two famewhores and I did about Spencer and Heidi whatstheirname.

1106 days ago


The only reason there is anything out there about these fools is because you insist on running stories about them.

1106 days ago


Are we sure these 2 aren't the parents of Spencer and Heidi?

1106 days ago

She's baaaack    

I really can't wait for the next installment when that washed guitarist kicks her old skank ass to the curb. Where will she go next? I hear Carrot Top is available.

1106 days ago
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