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Alleged Celeb Hacker

I'm GLAD I Got Caught!!!

10/13/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of hacking dozens of celebrity phones and emails says he was "addicted" to prying into the private lives of the rich and famous ... insisting he was "relieved" when he got caught.

Christopher Chaney spoke with "Action News Jacksonville" last night ... saying, "It started as curiosity and it turned to just being addictive ... seeing the behind-the-scenes of what's going on with the people you see on the big screen."

The FBI busted Chaney at his Jacksonville home yesterday ... and released him on bail a short time later. If convicted, he could face 121 years in federal prison.


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It's unbelievable to me that the FBI would waste its limited resources on the case when there are vastly more serious cases that deserve their attention far more than this one does. ..

1003 days ago


wtf? 121 years??? - he hacked some phones =
big deal=
he aint some murderer.someone who'd murder would get a lot less time.
and yes S.J, i luv u and your wonderfull boobs=send me pix please!!!

1003 days ago


This guy is nuts. If he can hack computers, he can get a new identity. I bet he won't show up for trial and won't be found.

1003 days ago


he's like that psycho con man in the Grifters

1003 days ago


Someone please get this man a book deal- the secrets that must be contained in that sexy beard..

1003 days ago


So what! He hacked ScarJo and Jessica Alba's fones....who in their right mind would wanna steal THEIR identities....I'm sure ScarJo doesnt like being herself and I doubt there's anyone who wud wanna try being her either.

This guy will claim he's got OPD (Obsessive Prying Disorder) and he'll get community service. I think 121years is a bit much considering over population issues. Give him 6 months in county jail and 5 years probation.

1003 days ago


what does it matter you can find those women nude on google

1003 days ago


what website do i go to see naked scarlett johansen

1003 days ago


Lol he only does what the government already does! He will now get a job with the gov helping them! Watch

1003 days ago


121 years for hacking? Dr Conrad may only get 4 years for killing Michael Jackson and this guy will get 121 years? Our justice system sucks.

1003 days ago

No Surprise    

Question? Why is it that a person that pries into the private lives of celebrities can get sentenced to over a century of jail time, but if a person kills someone they may get only 15 to life. This is insane.

1003 days ago

She's baaaack    

If someone keeps nude pictures on their freaking cellphone then shame on them if it gets out there. If these people were stupid enough to use things that could identify them then shame on them.

1003 days ago

Mike W.    

This is scary stuff. No matter what you do to protect yourself on the internet, there always seems to be something that happens to make you feel unsafe. Mike W

1003 days ago


TO SEE scarlett johansen

1003 days ago


WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED this man is from Jacksonville. Although he is not charged with murder or anything equally as bad, I, truly, believe he is in desperate need for help. Jacksonville is the high crime and murder capital of Florida. Check it out and do not believe the sheriff's statement that crime is down in his city. Nonsense! It has been reported he is unable to string six words together to form an intelligent statement. Also, it has been reported he actually walked out during an open meeting of its citizens. It was not explained, why? Just another city official playing politics against its citizens. So, it is not surprising the FBI dropped their duties to rush to the aid of "celebrities" who, themselves, stripped for the camera and decided to cry "boohoo for the attention they lacked. It worked! The FBI will not go out of its way to accommodate more serious matters concerning plain Jane and John. Why would they? They are just ordinary people who pay their salaries and not worth the effort. "Pick and Choose" is the name of the game, local, state and, federal. Now, we know.

1002 days ago
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