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Lindsay Lohan

Has to be Crazy ...

Blowing Off Court-Ordered Shrink

10/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
has violated the judge's order in her probation case by not seeing a psychologist at least once a week ... TMZ has learned ... and that may be enough to send her to the slammer.

Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear to Lindsay during her sentence last May ... she MUST see the shrink every week, but she has not.  We're told one of her excuses is that she's been working out of the country, but Judge Sautner made it extremely clear ... work is not an excuse for failing to comply with the terms of probation.

And, Judge Sautner said, if Lindsay violates any court order, she's going to jail ... period.

As we first reported, it's even worse, because Lindsay was kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center, where Judge Sautner ordered her to perform 360 hours of community service ... kicked out because she repeatedly failed to show up, and when she did she frequently did not stay the required 4 hours at a time.  That's another violation of Judge Sautner's court order.

And there's even more bad news for Lindsay.  Judge Sautner is going to be extremely unhappy when she learns how much community service Lindsay has completed.  Sources connected with the Probation Department tell us, as of September 30, Lindsay logged a grand total of 21 hours, leaving 339 hours which must be completed by May 11, 2012.

Short story ... Lindsay could go to jail next week, when she appears before Judge Sautner for her progress report.


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Time to send her to jail for life. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH JUDGES. Show us what your made of. Do your job. Stop being so nice to LL. She is a smart ass bitch who knows you will never sentance her to jail. OR WILL YOU!! My faith in the justice system is null and void if you don't send this wanna be up the river. DO SOMETHING! What the hell are you afraid of?

1104 days ago


Shoot folks !.............
All the ball money she's had to post and all the donations she made to the systems various different funds lately is the only thing keeping the LA courts system afloat ! You don't think they are going cut off their only reliable income now do yA !!!! And their looking forward to another big donation this coming week.....
Sending her to jail would be like "Killing the Goose Who Lays Golden Eggs"

Besides "Norma Desmond" aka Lindsay Lohan is looking for to her next CloseUp on her concrete red carpet.....
So her hear that "Mr DeMille" ......

1104 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

The question is.......Is this enough rope to legally hang her yet or will the judge give her even more?

1104 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Will you (TMZ) please stop feeding this media hoar?

1104 days ago


As before, she ain't go'n nowhere. Judiciary with Ms Lohan is a farce.

1104 days ago

AGENT smith    

I already have seen House Arrest Party, so I am not that interested in House Arrest Party II Electric Bugaloo, it could be good but will probably be just like the original.

1104 days ago


not sure what state should be more embarrassed....florida for the 12 stupidest jurors on the face of the earth or california for the stupidest judges in the world....

1104 days ago


This has never been anything but a big game to her. Lohan truly gets off on playing her game. How much can I still get away with. So far she has.

What I still find funny is that Lohan actually thinks she's liked (as long as she's paying maybe she has some friends)but she is not liked by the public. She still thinks she's an A-list actress who's being picked on. If that's not a twilight zone nothing is.

Lohan needs hardcore reality jail time that is way overdue. See how funny that game will be to her.

Lohan pay your limo bill you are being sued for that's up to 90k, but told the court you can't afford a shrink. The judge didn't buy it. Once again total violations.

1104 days ago


"We're told one of her excuses is that she's been working out of the country"
ONCE - for a ONE DAY photo shoot. The rest of the time she was trying to crash Fashion Week (even resorting to disguises to try and get in!)
The judge will see right through her lies (I hope & pray) and throw the book at her!

1104 days ago


My money says she checks herself into rehab over the weekend and avoids the court date entirely.

1104 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Regardless of your position on Lilo, I have to ask those of you MJ lovers, do you wear your white glove on your right hand so it coordinates with your right earring that's rainbow colored?


1104 days ago

janet may have a point there. Wouldn't be the first time she's pulled that.

Lohan has done this to herself and all by herself. No one put a gun to her head. Sautner is bound by the law also. Don't know how much she can do. Of course Lohan knows this.

1104 days ago


WOW!!! If she was a dude she would be on death Row by now. I have to wonder if this girl is flat out stupid.

1104 days ago

AGENT smith    

Here's what I think is going to happen. The judge sentences Lindsay to six months in jail. Lindsay goes to Lynnwood jail for three hours and is released by the sheriff to home arrest because of overcrowding. Remember Lindsay needs a private cell and private showers and meals and takes up the space of two prisoners. The sheriff also doesn't want a bunch of papps and media hanging around. Lindsay does some commercials and modeling shoots during house arrest and 35 days later she free. In Los Angeles county only violent felons and sex offenders are being sent to state prison. The state just transferred thousands of prisoners to the county to comply with a Supreme court ruling to reduce prison overcrowding. The state and the city are both broke.

1104 days ago


The judicial system in Cali created this mess. If she had been appropriately dealt with initially, this would all be over with by now, LieHo knows nothing will happen to her from past experience, so she has no fear of going to jail now.

1104 days ago
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