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Rick Ross

Suffers Another Seizure

On Private Jet

10/14/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 TMZ has learned ... Rick Ross' private jet made an emergency landing in Birmingham, Alabama, 2 hours ago, en route to his concert in Memphis ... and we found out he suffered another seizure.

It's the second time today where a plane in which the rapper was a passenger made an emergency landing.  We broke the story ... Rick suffered a seizure this morning on a Delta flight that returned to the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Rick went to the hospital, was released, and then took off at 5:07 PM ET from Ft. Lauderdale to make his concert  tonight in Memphis. But at 5:44 PM CDT, the plane was diverted and landed in Birmingham after Rick had a seizure on board.

Rick is currently in a Birmingham hospital emergency room.  We do not know his condition.

Before Rick took off from Ft. Lauderdale, he tweeted a video showing he was ok.

Rick was supposed to be on stage in Memphis at 7:30 PM ET.

5:05 PM PST: Sources tell TMZ, rapper Yo Gotti -- who was originally supposed to perform with Rick Ross in Memphis tonight -- has now been asked to perform solo. So far, Gotti hasn't decided.

4:47 PM PST: We've just confirmed with the hospital that Rick is in STABLE condition.


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what an idiot.... STAY AT THE HOSPITAL THIS TIME! No show is worth your life.

1106 days ago


People come to TMZ to hate I guess, seems like the time would be better spent actually being a decent person, or getting drunk and having a lot of sex, maybe some video games here and there...I don't know, that's what I would do.

1106 days ago


For those who do not know, ppl who suffer seizures have no recollection that anything happened to then once the seizure passes. Rick Ross more than likely did not take any of the suggestions of the Dr who treated him and simply left the hospital. Also, this has more than likely happened before and because he (Rick Ross) doesn't remember any of it and refuses to believe what those who witnessed the episodes told him simply has not seen a Dr. about it or he did and does know and is not taking his medication as instructed. I know this because I have a grown daughter that I am going through this with. My prays are with him and his family.

1106 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..wowzer..body sending signals and somebody not listening too them, be a good boy and stay in hospital and don't leave till you KNOW exactly what is happening..3 strikes and ur out...borrowed time kiddo..listen too the doctor's this time..I'm positive they told you not too fly again and stay put...not sure..buuut..commonsense is free!

1106 days ago


The FIRST seizure would have been enough for me. A seizure is a short circuit of your system, it uses a TON of your energy, almost like an electrical short-cirucit. Mostly it's your body saying something is NOT RIGHT. Get tests to find out WHAT's GOING ON!!!! Not to mention the pressure from flying... DUH!

1106 days ago


what a dumb@ss

1106 days ago


dude lay off the plane rides

1106 days ago


"Doctor doctor tell me the news...I got a case of...."

1106 days ago


Why are people so negative on here? Why be so horrible? Being negative drains more energy than being positive. It's like the people who comment on a story by saying "who?" in a sarcastic fashion - it's sheer ignorance, and embarrassing. Fingers crossed this is the wake up call for Ross to lose some weight and possibly take the touring schedule a little easier.

1106 days ago


As someone who suffers from seizures as well, i hate to hear this. Everytime you have a seizure, it takes away something in your memory. Hope they find out whats going on and get them under control soon. Best Wishes to Rick Ross and Family!

1106 days ago


I usually never comment on anything like this but for everyone who is being negative and talking down on the man, realize that he was flying to Memphis to open up restaurants with his own money.... do you know what this means? He is creating jobs for the community, if you yourself cannot create jobs for your community keep all your uneducated remarks to yourself. God bless.

1106 days ago


NOT surprised by the 2nd seizure, those are after shocks. My 17yo son had this happen back in July. He ended up having 2 seizures 4 hours apart. Ended up finding an AVM, arteriovenous malformation in his brain. GOOD LUCK RICK

1106 days ago


People who are obese are more likely to have seizures. Just saying.

1106 days ago

Tee Why    

Yall bitchin about 'who is this why should I care" need to realise that when us Rap fans get news of random pop tarts like lindsay lohan, we dont give a damn either, so shut your mouth before ya get got.

1106 days ago


Take the bus.

1106 days ago
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