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Let It Bump

10/15/2011 12:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce pregnant
Beyonce and her alleged baby bump (kidding!) went out for a stroll in New York City yesterday.

Some people just can't stomach a beautiful pregnant woman.


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Kidding? First she announces her pregnancy and presto she shows a 5 month bump; then she goes to the TV and her belly folds and vanishes; then she photographs for L'Oreal and the bump is not there anymore. Can you believe this woman? There must be a surrogate bearing that baby.

1102 days ago


This woman is trying to make a fool of her fans. First she announces it and presto there appears a 5 month bump. Then she goes to the TV and her belly folds and vanishes. Not to mention her photograph for L'Oreal with no bump at all. She's got a surrogate bearing that baby!

1102 days ago

the truth    

i dont care what anyone says. i watched that video over and over and her BABY FOLDED . she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone but why lie?! her stomach FOLDED! lol !! her tummy is also a different size all the time.i will believe shes preggo if she shows her stomach . other then that i dont believe it at all. if shes lying to her fans then i think she owes her fans the truth .JMO. until then ,she looks like a fool .

1102 days ago


Personally, I think she is dressing like a teenager....and not someone who is supposedly pregnant. She should have more modesty. Not becoming at all :>(

1102 days ago

the truth    

i wouldn't wanna c her photo in a magazine cuz pics lie these days.i would rather see her pull her shirt over her PREGGO tummy instead.
i dont like when pregnant women wear heels. they fall so many times but these so called ladies are more worried about whats in style then the baby's health.this pregnancy is sure a happy one for her IF ITS TRUE. all she does is smile. IDK but if she wants to put the rumors to rest then show your tummy.

1102 days ago


So what if she used a surrogate. It is OK to farm out pregnancy to someone who is not busy, does not have to maintain a hot body and agrees to the arrangement. I do not understand the cultural bias against this.
I'm so tired of celebrity pregnancies and babies. I want to see glamorous photos, not people's private lives. I'm tired of the blurring of the demarcation of spaces where adults and children are appropriate.

1102 days ago


Shouldn't her breasts be bigger by now?

1102 days ago


FAKE. The size of the bump changes. I agree it looks smaller here. This infuriates me because she made such a SHOW of the pregnancy. Disgusting. And you know she didn't use Jay-Z's stuff-- he's too ugly. No way would Beyonce want to have an ugly kid!

1102 days ago


when i was pregnant with my daughter i didn't gain any weight on my face , arms, or butt i just had a belly she could be pregnant .....but seriously people who cares if she is faking it or not.

1102 days ago


Is the Fake baby going to be born with BeyHonce's Fake ass blonde clown hair,and be able to sing/dance better than mommy???

1102 days ago


We'll know soon enough. While she can fake a bigger bump, she won't be able to fake the weight gain and bloating that happens in the later months.

1102 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

This fraud is not pregnant. And that smug smile of hers disgusts me. I wonder if she smiles so smugly while Jay Z is cheating on her big fat non pregnant a$$. He cheats all the time and she smiles all the time. "Sasha Fierce" SMH. Who does she think she is? A little humility you big bottomed fraud Beyonce - goes a long way. And those blonde wigs she always wears. SMH. You know she's most likely bald under all that. No wonder Jay Z cheats.

1102 days ago


Her "baby belly" looks smaller than it did when she announced her pregnancy! It was bigger when errrrrrm it folded in half! LOL

1102 days ago


stop trying to be perfect,cos nobody is,there's nothing wrong with adopting or having a all so calculative and out there.women dont announce pregnancies to the world unless it becomes visible,but she was so showy and exagerating the preganacy during the VMA's.unlike her usuall secretive self.

1101 days ago


I know when I was pregnant with my first baby I started to wear maternity clothes before I needed them. I was very excited to be showing. So if she is trying to make her belly look bigger, so what. That is her business. God forbid anyone that is happy in this life. Everyone has to try and make a beautiful time for her ugly. Lay off people, mind your own business.

1101 days ago
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