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Lindsay Lohan

Could Get More Than a

Year Behind Bars

10/16/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan jail
Lindsay Lohan could be sentenced to nearly a year-and-a-half in jail if Judge Stephanie Sautner decides she violated her probation ... TMZ has learned.

We're told the computations are complicated, because Lindsay has had so many cases.  But based on the 120 day suspended sentence for shoplifting, time served under house arrest, and her prior DUIs, Lindsay could be thrown in jail for a long, long time.

We've learned Lindsay MUST be in court Wednesday to face the judge ... and the judge has lots of questions, including why Lindsay was a no-show 9 times at the Downtown Women's Center, where she was performing her community service.  And the judge will almost certainly want to know why Lindsay didn't comply with the order to spend a minimum of 4 hours at a time when she showed up at the Women's Center.

TMZ broke the story, Lindsay was booted from the Women's Center because of all the problems and reassigned to the American Red Cross.

And one more thing.  The judge will almost certainly ask Lindsay why she didn't meet with her shrink every Monday for 1 hour, as required by court order.  Lindsay claims she did a bunch of therapy sessions by phone.

We will be livestreaming Wednesday's hearing, which starts at 10:00 AM PT, so stay tuned.


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Send her ass out to Chino, how "over-crowded" are they?
Judge Sauntner CAN override that Sheriff at the jail, just like they did with Princess Paris.
Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. I could *really* use a good laugh this week!!!!! {o:

1104 days ago


Why is this News?

1104 days ago

Alan Carver    

This is what gets me, how are they already 'speculating' about what will happen on Wednesday. If it is determined that she violated her probation, they will have to schedule another hearing to determine, review and then Judge Sautner will have to impose a sentence. For me, the reality is simply that Lohan is not complying, she has been given numerous chances by as many Judges as she has been in the system and on probation from the DUI's and possession charges. Right now no Judge in their right mind would allow this CRIMINAL to walk and or just slap her hand. I suspect that she will throw Lohan in jail, where no bail can be posted, Held Without Bail, Credit for the days served and Day for Day, but before Judge Saunter can impose that kind of sentence she should just hold Lohan in jail until the next hearing, just to give her some real - TIME OUT - time to think about her actions and what she is doing wrong. I guarantee you that Judge Saunter has laid it all out to Lohan, and at this point her in-actions would tell me that she simply is not getting the seriousness of what is going on and refuses to do what is REQUIRED of her by the judicial system for her actions! At the end of the day, any sane normal rational human being can see that Lohan does not get it, refuses to get it, and will not ever get it. So at this point, all Judge Saunter has left to do is hold her in jail until the next hearing, make sure she meets with Holley and tells her to get her client in order and on track or this is just the beginning of a much longer jail sentence for her client (i.e Lohan). Lohan can think all she wants she is above the law, well she isn't and as many chances as this twit has been given, she has refused them all, and I can tell you she is testing the Judges and Judicial system and that thinking is going to back fire on her very quickly ... Judges only allow so many chances while on probation and I think that Lohan has pretty much used all of her chances up ... come on Wednesday!

1104 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Wednesday Oct. 19, 2011
Liftin Lindsay: I didn't know I couldn't call in my therapy. No one told me that....WAAAHHHHH
Judge Sautner: That's ok sweetheart, you did the best you could.

Y U C K ! I am sick to death of this POS and her BS.

1104 days ago


Yeah, shes not going to get in trouble and that's why she does not care. All these rich people will never spend time in prison unless they had a terrible lawyer. Now for the rest of us its a whole other stories. If you got legal issues you better take care of them, because unlike Linsay you will go to jail or prison for braking the law.

1104 days ago


Like anyone with a brain, I think that Lindsay needs to do time. It's obvious to most of us that without consequences her self destructive behavior will continue. And, of course, much of her behavior puts others at risk as well.

However, the overcrowding in California is very real. The women's jail in LA County IS extremely overcrowded. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court deemed the overcrowding in California's prison system to so excessive that it violates the 8th Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment. As a result the State prison system is also releasing non-violent offenders.

While Lindsay appears to be able to act with impunity, there are non-judicial consequences to her behavior. As we can all see, the physical toll on her body is extreme. Given the deterioration of her teeth, her internal organs are probably damaged as well. Her job prospects in mainstream Hollywood are nil. She is lazy, unreliable, rude and is disliked by the general public.

Frankly, given her sense of invincibility she will eventually commit a crime that is serious enough that even SCH won't be able to get her sprung from the slammer.

1104 days ago

Lucy Mouse Head    

The judge has had enough and will sentence Hohan to 30 years. According to California Celebrity Code, 30 years translates to another two days of house arrest with "medical treatment" privileges between 10 p.m.-10 a.m.

1104 days ago


the bitch will never be punished. the judge is a *****. her mother is an enabler. the california legal system is pitiful and she, herself, is a waste of life. all said, just let her go about her pitiful existence.

1104 days ago

AGENT smith    

HOW MANY TIMES HAS wrong about Lindsay doing serious time if jail, either she does a few hours or home arrest. I'm not sure that the judge even has legal grounds to send her to jail. Lindsay has six more months to complete the terms of her probation. It will most likely be a stern warning and come back in three months. I would guess that there is about a thirty percent chance that she has to do three hours in Lynwood jail.

1104 days ago


CA Judicial system is a joke if the Judge is not going to put her foot down this time. It seems that Lindsay is calling the shots and not the judge.
If this were a normal person like one of us where do you think we'd be?...right, in jail. It's time for the judge to take control.

1104 days ago


Alan Carver is correct. If Judge Sautner deems that Lindsay has violated her probation, Lindsay will have a separate hearing on that issue. However, as I recall from the last time this arose, as a misdemeanor offender Lindsay is entitled to bail between her status hearing and the VOP hearing.

1104 days ago

Damn It Man    

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This bitch will never, ever go to jail. Sh*t slides off her like it does off a duck's back. I don't know who's d*ck she's sucking, but she must be doing a damn fine job. Really.

1104 days ago


Women seem to have it made today when it comes to crime, ie Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, the gal who bumped off her cop-husband, et al. Could this be what this piece of dirt is relying on? Of course!

1104 days ago


I realize TMZ has to pump its live feed for when LiLo goes to court, but seriously, do you think anybody really believes she'll do time? They'll give her another chance, and another, and another, until finally they'll just drop it altogether.

1104 days ago


Why bother printing stories like this, another day you'll be kissing her ass and explaining how she can avoid jail.

1104 days ago
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