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'Dance Moms'

Banned From Dance Competition

10/21/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers behind the Lifetime reality show "Dance Moms" have been banned from one of the biggest children's dance competitions in the country ... after event organizers complained about the way the event was portrayed on the show last year.

"Dance Moms" is a show about intense mothers who enter their young daughters into dance competitions ... and during Season 1, the second episode focused on a HUGE competition in Pennsylvania called StarQuest.

TMZ spoke with SQ associate producer Michael Ian Cedar who claims producers did not air the true results of the competition ... and edited the footage in a way that misled viewers into believing certain dancers were competing against each other .... when in fact they were not.


Cedar also claims "Moms" producers misled him into thinking the show was about young girls in the competitive dancing world -- not about their catty foulmouthed mothers.

Despite SQ's grievances, Cedar tells us "Moms" producers once again reached out to SQ ... hoping to feature a StarQuest event on Season 2. Cedar claims he shot down the request.

TMZ spoke with "Moms" producer Jeff Collins ... who brushed off Cedar's editing allegations as "nonsense" ... adding, "We're sorry he feels misled ... we'd love to work with StarQuest again."

Collins also insists the show has not had any problems with any of the other competitions featured on "Dance Moms" ... claiming the show has been welcomed back for Season 2 by every organization except StarQuest.


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Kudos to StarQuest for maintaining a quality standard in dance competitions. They could compromise their standards for the publicity, but they are not. The editing for competitions featured in "Dance Moms" portrays inaccuracies. A number of the 'wins' these girls get are in categories, not in overall scoring - very different. And one does not have to 'win' a category or come in first overall in an age group to advance to a national level competition - all it takes is a medal standing - typically a gold or silver. While the producer claims that he has not had any problems with other dance competitions wanting to be featured, it is because many of those competitions are low quality competitions - the more publicity, the more people will want to attend their competition because the kids from "Dance Moms" did. Bottom line here - keep it real. Only a very small percentage of dancers ever make it as professionals. Competitive dance can be a great experience. The discipline in learning dance and performing builds skills in so many areas of life for young boys and girls, and this is what will benefit young people later in life. Colleges don't particularly care how many ribbons or trophies they have won.....

1066 days ago


Good for Starquest!!! But they're not the only one. I'm proud of Daryl at Hall of Fame because he wants nothing to do with them either. No respectable dance competition wants them around. Can we please be done with this stupid show already? It's all scripted. We've seen them at the comps last year and the truth is they're really, really boring in person. Must be a good editor for the show.

1066 days ago


this show should've been canceled before it even aired , it reminds me of toddlers and tiaras , its all about mothers living their dreams through the children

1066 days ago


Abby Lee Miller should be hog tied and branded "Over the top and greasy" she brings a bad name to the dance world and anyone associated with her needs mental help. Agreed the "Mom's" are allowing their girls to be treated bad

1066 days ago

dance classes     

All reality shows have a script. What is the purpose of their directors.

1063 days ago



1060 days ago


Umm.. if you look on the Headliners Dance Competition Facebook page, it wasn't allowed there either. Also, in the 1st competition, they DID edit the video to look like Maddie had scored higher than Chloe, when in fact they were in different age categories. They both got 1st. Enough said.

1041 days ago


I love this show! Can't wait for season 2.

1039 days ago


Jeff Becker is right

993 days ago

sonja willoughby    

That fat ass that runs the dance studio should get rid of a few hundred pounds. Right now she looks ugly, acts ugly and all around is ugly.

989 days ago


these "mothers" are disgusting. absolutely disgusting. anyone who acts like that in front of their children should be ashamed of themselves. What a bunch of selfish manipulative psychos. anyone who starts fights with other parents in front of their children is such a sad sorry excuse of a parent. what ever happened to being a positive role model for your children?

988 days ago

Sick! Sick! Sick!    

I can't believe all these people on this message board comparing this gal to a wild boar, pig, cow, etc. How insulting to lower those poor animals to the pathetic level of this fat b___ch!! What a freak! And shame on these mothers for exploiting their children like this. Dressing them up like little skanks and then letting this deranged woman come between them and the nurturing that is rightly due their daughters. Completely pathetic! And anyone that thinks that this is not pedophile fodder needs to get their head out of their ass!!!

986 days ago


She can't be that great, I've never heard of her. I live near Pittsburgh, & with the tons of parades we have in the area, never heard of this group. Guess you can't film a parade, & this woman wouldn't make it a block following the girls. Did she pop up just for this show?

985 days ago


the little girls are the only ones I've noted that have any sense. these women earn top prize for worlds most pitiful excuse for mothers. Abby could also lead the young ladies she puts so much pressure on by example better if she lost about 100 pounds..... I'm just saying...

977 days ago


my comment is about Dance Moms.
I know this is a reality show, but its also real life for these children, This gal Abby is way out there crazy rude, she is a teacher and makes big money teaching, with out these children she would not have a business, she needs to be nice to the children and parents, and while I'm at it, the Blonde mother Christi, oh my gosh first off she has no class! she things she does, she is so rude and tacky tacky,
she is aweful to the new moms like she is someone special, when in fact she is not, she is a mom and has a child that she is proud of just like the others, where does she get off being so rude to the mothers, how in the world she has any friends is beside me.. and to top it off she's very unattractive but she comes off like she is a queen.

975 days ago
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