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Frank & Jamie McCourt

Strike Divorce Settlement,

Dodgers Still in Limbo

10/17/2011 6:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Frank and Jamie McCourt have reached a divorce settlement which will secure Jamie as a very rich woman, but at a price ... she's relinquishing all claims to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Under the settlement, which must still be approved by the judge, Jamie will snag $130 million ... this according to a report.   The judge rejected an earlier settlement proposal, partly because of an unorthodox TV deal that fronted money to Frank.  The TV deal is not part of this settlement.

So on the surface -- when it comes to the Dodgers -- it's a big victory for Frank. But insiders say far from a victory, Frank is probably going to lose the team, because at the end of the month a bankruptcy judge will decide if the Dodgers will go on the auction block.

Insiders think the judge will force the sale -- which should produce anywhere from $700 million to a billion bucks for the team.

12:17 PM: Frank and Jamie just released a joint statement ... Jamie will no longer stand between Frank and his TV deal -- claiming, "Jamie will be withdrawing her opposition to the Dodgers proposed sale of media rights and instead will be filing papers in support of the process."


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No Avatar



$130 million???

Anybody have Jamie's number? I could get into dating an old bag with lots of money.


1101 days ago


Insane amounts of money in this divorce http://patrickcrawfordlaw.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/will-divorce-force-sale-of-la-dodgers/

1101 days ago


Does this mean that Larry won't be able to sit in the owner's box?

1101 days ago


Pre-nups mean nothing. The woman is going to get a golden parachute no matter what these days.

1101 days ago


Actually it's a smart idea for her to let the Dodger's go - the organization is over-leveraged and a billion dollar sale for a team that's anywhere from 700-900 million dollars in debt isn't going to net much after taxes and transactional fee's!

I f she were to get half - she would also be responsible for half of the indebtness! His pride has gotten in the way commonsense - if he really wanted to screw her over he should let her keep half!

He'll be broke and she'll be living the high-life with some young boy toy!

1101 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

She's getting the better deal. She gets 130 million dollars to get out of the sinking ship.

1101 days ago

Throwback kid    

He has ruined the Dodgers, a once proud franchise. Sell the team to an owner that wants to put a quality team on the field. Replace the front office with quality people who know how to run a team and get the fans back into the stands. Fire the entire scouting department, the Dodgers have the worst scouts in MLB, who have they signed? It's a shame what this owner did to the Dodgers, he turned them into a joke.

1101 days ago


He's a dufus who's lost the dodgers due to his arrogance & lack of business sense; she's hidiously ugly, I mean FUGLY. These 2 losers deserve each other...

1100 days ago


Frank McCourt looks like the puppet from Saw and his wife's face looks like it's made out of pleather.

1100 days ago

john wayne gacy    

at the end of the day, 130 million is
more than frankrupt mc hoard will get.

that team is so leveraged, that his
remaining portion will be less than that.

there is no way these bostonian parasites will net, after
paying for all the sideshows and creditors, 260... million,
after every position in the bankruptcy line gets paid first ....

1100 days ago


These two lived like stupid trailer park lottery winners. Buying endless expensive homes and funding an incredibly lavish lifestyle. They should never have money troubles, but they managed, through foolish decisions and work, to squander a ton of money. Jamie thought she'd be slick and put all of the homes in her name, but then the real estate bubble popped, and she wanted 1/2 of the highly leveraged "team". Some people have to create money troubles, even though they have wealth, it's utter pathology!

1100 days ago


Let's say that Frank McCourt gets the tv deal he says will solve all the problems for the Dodgers.... even if that gets taken care of, he will still drive the team right back into bankruptcy later on because he sucks at owning the team.

1100 days ago

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