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Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva

Settlement Hits a Roadblock

10/17/2011 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just made a beeline for family court after her settlement with Mel Gibson hit a snag ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Oksana and Mel struck a deal in which Oksana would walk away with $750,000, the house she's living in, and some other stuff. In return, she'll leave Mel alone.  They also agreed to 50/50 custody of Lucia.

The settlement agreement is scheduled to go before the family court judge tomorrow for final approval, but we're told the lawyers are still fighting over how it's worded and they've reached a stalemate.

Our sources say Mel's lawyers asked the judge for more time so they can hash it out, but Oksana showed up to court this morning to fight the request ... because she wants the deal done STAT.

Judge Scott Gordon gave Mel and Oksana an extension to sort out their differences -- but only until November 1st ... less time than Mel's people were hoping for.


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Hi Bunny, Sure was good to see Curious back. I'm sorry to have missed her. How ya doin' today? Been lurking on the LiLo threads mostly today.

1068 days ago


Keep it up, Idiot, you just might win the bigger azzhole award. Looking good so far! lol

1068 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Hi realist.

Well, no news is good news for Mel so that's good.

It was really good to see Curious surface. I was getting down right worried about her! :P She has been a main stay here. When she is gone she is missed.

1068 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

canook: about an hour ago

..." As women you would think you would have more dignity than that.'...

brain washing tactics?
you do remind of political agitators from communist Czechoslovakia
being wrong and showing no remorse or shame
for your misleading words

As older woman, as a mother and as a grandmother
I am very proud to support Mel Gibson
in this injustice against him and
what is being to done to him at this time
by soviet prostitute and
corrupt lawyers like Horowitz and Garbus

Canook, I agree. They are trying very HARD to use brain wash type tactics to get ppl to NOT post. They have thrown every guilt trip they could think of at the fan hoping it'd stick.

I vote we just ignore their nasty insulting posts. They can do the same to ours. Do as Curious dubbed it 'the Scroll Dance'. :)

1068 days ago


2idiots: 9 minutes ago

@ Sincy,

My guess is you're Catholic and a rather good one. I recall these EXACT versus over the last few weeks/months at the Catholic I attend in the LA area. Kudos to you for your references. I doubt the flock will comprehend them as I doubt the "Church Of Hypocrisy" aks The Church of Mel follows these same CATHOLIC beliefs.


You're right!!! I am a Roman Catholic who prefers to be thought of as just a Christian who's doing her best to be "authentic". Any "sincere" Christian clergy member regardless of his/her denomination will tell you GOD is full of forgiveness but we're "ALL" still "ACCOUNTABLE" for our behavior in this world. Too often churches become to much like social "cliques" rather than beacons that contribute to the development of more stable societies. The Golden Rule isn't practiced enough and hierarchies that serve "administrative" necessities become much more important than people. Frankly, I have no idea what goes on within Mel Gibson's "bootleg" Church but organizations that focus on "personalities" rather than sound "spiritual" doctrines are doomed to collapse because we're "ALL" flawed. As a very wise elder told me many years ago, personalities come and go but the "CHURCH" remains.

1068 days ago


Quick someboby, pass the BETA BLOCKERS!!! WTF is Sin saying? He/she/it seems to slam everyone and has lost all reasoning powers! Gone mad!

DUCK! Incoming wild talk from Sin!
He/she/it's off the reservation!
He/she/it's shooting down everyone!


1068 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Tell, I think you're right on! Not a catholic! New game? Cathlic/not a catholic? :) (knew she'd lie when she saw your vote! LOL!)

1068 days ago


You guys are a riot.
As I said before, this simple little story is full of holes and the Gibson attackers love to fill them in with all sorts of dirty little tidbits from their own dirty little minds. They fret over who should call who or what in Oksas case! They worry about so many things that don't concern them.

They keep complaining about Gibson leaving his kid with a nanny! Ha! What about when Oksa went on her fake charity trip to Russia and left Lucia for weeks. Boy did she party then. And in between times she publicly threatened Gibson.

And what about this?

Oksa has neglected Lucia shamefully in the past and used her own child for personal financial gain and continues to allow people to take pictures of Lucia in public.

And now I suppose we'll get another thyroid storm from Sin! And the rest of the gang has ADD. They keep repeating the same AZ fiction, over and over again. We've laughed at your funny accusations, but now you're becoming boring. Better spice it up a bit guys! LOL

1068 days ago


Bunnybutt it's truly frightening to learn that you are not only a mother - but a grandmother - and I mean that in all sincerity. I've assumed the whole time you were a recent high school drop out trying to find a place to fit into society and landed here. The various names you've chosen for yourself I've attributed to a woeful lack of maturity and sophistication and your writing style is so basic and lacking in depth that one can only assume that you're too afraid your lack of intelligence will shine through if you write more than a stale schoolyard jab. I imagine this board provides you with the practice you need to avoid being considered an outcast like you were in school (when the stunted maturity took hold) so you try to cultivate a clique to insulate and defend you because of your inability to rationalize your own behavior.

Unfortunately your not very discriminating in your choice of allies and end up encouraging nutjobs the likes of Ira and another who has chosen an equally ridiculous name for herself - 'little aussie reader.' If you think these people make you appear any more credible or are your friends, you're as batsh*t crazy as I suspect you are.

Friends are people you interact with in the 'outside world.' They actually have an interest in your life and are willing to take on the burden of listening to your tales of woe. Nobody here is really interested in your personal life and to throw a bone out for support, sympathy and attention is seen as just that.

When you have something logical to add to the conversation at hand that doesn't involve a personal attack, I might consider reading or even responding to it, but from what I can see so far you're a nobody who stands for nothing and is in no position to judge others who's opinions hold far more weight and substance than your own. Your failed attempts to 'ignore' more intelligent posts have failed miserably in the past, so why would it be any different now?

1068 days ago


Who's passing out the crazy juice in here?

As for facts, Cujo, your "facts" are in your cesspool imagination. You speak of Mel's father being on his death bed and lie about Mel leaving him there to allegedly "party" yet he is still alive unless the news agencies missed the news that he died. Unlikely!

You claim he's clubbing with his "S&M slam pig" without a shred of evidence. How NICE and Christian of you. Rash judging much? So what if he was. I guess that's illegal in Ox's book of Law that doesn't apply to her and her activities. Tell mentioned he could have been with Hannah or numerous other relatives there. I'd say that was very likely given the size of the extended family. Oh, and in case you never get away from your green computer light into the daylight of the world, you may want to know that those stripper poles are just about everywhere, for "special" occasions. It was not being used when the photo was taken. Have you looked up how close the place is to the hospital? Just a clue there. Mel had a mic to his face? You can't even tell that for certain but so what if he was singing karaoke. Is that illegal in the BabyShaker book of Hypocrisy? Do you really think the judge will care? I don't. Only Ox does.

He didn't tell Ox he was going to AZ? How do you know that? Even if he didn't, why should he? Ox doesn't have custody of Mel, as we've said, just Lucia and not when Mel has her. He can leave the state but he cannot take Lucia, so you are actually trashing him for following the custody law and making up new laws on top of it. Fuddy's post showing us Federal law proves that he can leave Lucia with whomever he needs (wants!) to as long as it isn't a felon like Herzog. Ox has left Lucia for weeks at a time, as was mentioned and she has been photographed dropping her off at daycare multiple times.

Are you saying that no parents who have custody, divorced or married, should ever leave the children to the point of not even going to work or visiting a sick relative? What planet are you from?? That's really twisted.

You are also lying about the car crash. There are no photos! There was no damage. The pictures you refer to are over a year old, another car and another location and you know it. That was the Maserati crash! Liar liar pink panties on fire.

As for signing, the wording was in question according to TMZ, which means Ox is up to something, judging by experience. I have no idea what but I'm sure time will make it all clear as hell.

1068 days ago


I've come to the conclusion that there is a love hate fest going on here. They love us or they would not seek us out day in and day out. They love the bantering back and forth. They would hate to miss anything we talk about for they feel that they have become a part of the group in a round about way even if it is negative. Come on guys admit it. You really love us don'tcha. LOL

1068 days ago

little aussie reader    

Cuji cuji cuckoo:

1068 days ago


Psychobabble bores the hell out of me.

1068 days ago


Howdy again folks :)
Sorry for running off earlier, menfolk are the impatient sort, lol.
Shout outs to Sam, Tell, Kathleen (waving furiously back!) and realist (Cheez-Its as usual =D)

I did a fact checking my own self and found some interesting bits. (Warning - long winded =P)
According to The Dirty, Mr. Mel was supposedly drinking at the Geisha on Monday morning at 1:14 am and was therefore drunk when he had his fender bender later in the day. Problem with that. Geisha was closed by then.
Hours of Operation: Dinner: Sunday - Saturday: 4:00pm - 12:00am
The picture shows Mr. Mel, another man and two women. The one woman is not Miss Stella and the other lady's face is not visible - no proof of her being Miss Stella. What I do find interesting is that there is a man and two women. Per TMZ, Mr. Mel went to dinner at Bravo Bistro Monday night in the company of a man (Bistro's owner) and two women. Bravo & Geisha are both in Scottsdale. I have the distinct feeling that after dinner Monday, Mr. Mel and company went to Geisha. In fact, the ROL story states he chose to go to AZ on MONDAY and therefore could not have been at Geisha's Sunday night as The Dirty implies. Which means Mr. Mel was hurrying to the hospital and had his fender bender during the day, on his way to see his gravely ill dad. There was no citation because there was no DUI.
(As a side note, those photos on TMZ are clearly labeled to be of the 2008 Masserati in the accident last summer.)

Further poking brings up this article - Sources in Los Angeles tell me that Mel Gibson‘s horrible 93 year old father, Hutton Gibson is dying. ( dated 10-18-11)
Hardly a nice sentiment, but it puts the matter into perspective. While having custody of Lucia, Mr. Mel gets notice his father is gravely ill in AZ. By CA custody law, he can not bring Lucia with him. He leaves her in the nanny's care. He has the legal right to do so. Miss Oksana may be upset and call him an "absentee" father, but any family court will recognize a family emergency and as long as Lucia was properly cared for, not count it against him. I can also fully imagine that Mr. Mel really didn't want to deal with Miss Oksana given his concern about his father.

Now for Miss Oksana. According to ROL's story dated 10-14, Miss Oksana first read about the accident online, which would be TMZ's storyposted 10-11 at 11:05 am (PT). She may have first thought Lucia was with him, but later discovered that was not true. While the story states Mr. Mel was in the "midst" of a 4 day custody visit, it's vague on details. It does, however, clearly state:
-- A source close to Grigorieva told (RadarOnline): “On Monday, Mel was in the midst of a four day custody visit and he chose to go to Arizona. We’re told Lucia was left at Mel’s Malibu mansion in the care of a nanny, at the time he crashed his car.”--
ROL goes on to say that a custody ratification hearing was scheduled on Tuesday, 10-18, and Miss Oksana's lawyers planned to ask why Mr. Mel should have custody only to leave town. But that, however, is not what happened. Instead, Miss Oksana went to court on 10-17 to fight the requested delay to hash out wording. A delay in settlement means a delay in collecting her cash, can't blame her for that.

I am very curious, however, to discover exactly what the language problem is. Barring any sort of clarification, I'm going to stick to my opinion that it has to do with saying $100,000 is for Alexander's "trauma" and thereby opening the door for a civil suit on the boy's behalf.

1068 days ago


Looks like everyone has their own dislike vote. It's catchy I quess. Congradulations everyone. Don'tcha feel the Love?

1068 days ago
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