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Susan Sarandon

Claims Pope Is a 'Nazi'

10/17/2011 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon
referred to Pope Benedict XVI as a Nazi over the weekend – not just once, but twice.

During an interview at the Hamptons Film Festival, Sarandon was talking about sending the pope a copy of the book, “Dead Man Walking,” when she clarified ... “The last one [Pope John Paul II], not this Nazi one we have now.”

When interviewer Bob Balaban expressed disapproval, Sarandon reportedly said the Nazi comment AGAIN -- drawing laughter from the audience.

The Pope's PR people acknowledged that Benedict WAS a member of the Hitler Youth as a boy, a requirement at the time for German boys his age -- but the rep insists he had no "active participation" in the group.

We've reached out to Susan's people for comment -- so far, no response.


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The real test here will be if the lamestream news media report this AT ALL. Stay tuned to ABCCBSNBCCNNPBSMSNBC to see if anyone covers it. My guess is nope. They were all over Mel Gibson when he made his drunken, bonehead remark. But, then again, he's a conservative.

1064 days ago


While Miss Sarandon might have chosen a most inapportune time to make such an inflamatory statement, is she the bad guy who stated the fact that the pope was a member of the Hitler youth? The Vatican PR (roflmao)can say whatever they like, who are we to truly believe. The problem I have is which is the true operative word here,.....was....or When the pope was first nominated for the holy position of pope, I too had an issue that a former youth nazi will be the head of the catholic church.The information on the pope's history has been proven to be correct and be verified. Miss Saradon has proven she can sometimes speak before she thinks,or constructs her sentences,.....but ahe stated a fact,....

1064 days ago


Not a Catholic so I really don't get the whole Pope, Nun etc., thing. However, I have to admit this news is disappointing. The Bible is all about not following the wrong path and even pointing to a future anti-christ who will lead many down the wrong path. I am of the belief that there will not be just one anti-christ but that there have been many and many more to come. I wonder what this Pope will do when put in that position again blindly follow to save his own skin or do what is right? Just saying.

1064 days ago


She's really STUPID! Stupid people needs to just shut up if they have nothing better to say.

1064 days ago


My father grew up in Germany and he (as well as his brothers) were all Hitler Youth-not by choice, but because they had to. THEY WERE NOT NAZIS! They were children, forced to march for a dictator they feared-

1064 days ago

bryan martinez    

who give a ****

1064 days ago


Well...technically he was a Nazi, just not one of the "murder every Jew in sight" kind.

Besides which which is worse? Being a Nazi or protecting and perpetuating child rapists? The Hague is currently investigating Pope Benedict XVI for crimes against humanity, seems to me that's a slightly bigger deal then being in the Hitler Youth.

1063 days ago

me, myself and I    

the old bag is a has been.

1063 days ago


small minded Susan Sarandon...maybe she should read more ....

1063 days ago


Yay for Susan!! She's absolutely right, about time!

1063 days ago


Anyone who doesn't have a problem with Susan Sarandon calling the Pope a "Nazi" is a hypocrite if they had a problem with Hank Williams Jr.'s comparison of Obama to Hitler.

1063 days ago


Suz; OK - So he' a Nazi pedofile, head of a religous cult - that worships an imaginary zombie - in a cermony that includes eating human flesh and drinking human blood.
But look at the glass half full side: at least he's not French!

1063 days ago


Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. That is what is so great about a democracy. Something Susan Sarandon should bear in mind when making such statements. Not everyone has or had the luxury of having a choice. But what strikes me most about the comment made is, that it comes from a person which advertised for compassion, understanding and even forgiveness for a perpetrator of a horrific crime i.e. "Dead Man Walking" while at the same time she is casting judgement on an old man who never actively supported any wrong doing or even crime...And would have even been deemed to young to understand the implications of his actions. It proves to show, that she is either unaware of her double standards or a hypocrite. Which is disappointing, since I considered her for one to be integer and second intelligent. So far so good...She is just a perfect example of the left wing American political correct terror groups that gun down
anyone they consider to deviate from the norm...That is, by their own very "tolerant" standards. And I seriously doubt she would pluck up the courage to criticize someone they fear would stick a bomb under them if they should. Burka is a way of life, right Susan? I rest my case...

1063 days ago


We were created as some funky experiment for an alien race anyway. Looks to me like he was a Nazi and that just fits right in with the catholic church.

1063 days ago

Denise Crawford    

Too bad that Ms. Sarandon did not feel it necessary to "educate" herself regarding the Pontiff as she did with the Wall Street protestors. Nothing like an ignorant individual who uses stupid remarks to keep her aging career in the press.

1063 days ago
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