TMZ Live Susan Sarandon Heil No She Didn't

10/17/2011 11:45 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Susan Sarandon -- Heil No She Didn't!

Not all Nazi insults are created equal -- case in point, why Susan Sarandon's Nazi-Pope comment was magnitudes worse than Hank Williams' Hitler-Obama analogy.

Plus, Robert Downy Jr. has a point ... it's time to forgive Mel Gibson. Just look at Michael Vick. Also, if you believe Jose Baez's explanation for his dinner date with Barbara Walters last night, we've got some beachfront property in Phoenix to sell you.

(9:01) Susan Sarandon's comment about Pope Benedict lead us to a classic Seinfeld character ... the soup Nazi!
(9:43) The Pope has a PR team?! Isn't he God's PR guy?
(15:30) Max dares you to imagine Hitlers "O" face.
(19:26) Robert Downey Jr. says Mel Gibson has suffered enough and we should forgive him ... do you?
(24:26) Don't invite Harvey to any Hollywood parties ... he gives us his opinion on fancy shmancy Hollywood events.
(30:27) What's worse ... Mel Gibson's rants or what Michael Vick did to dogs? Our newsroom weighs in.
(37:17) Barbara Walters might want to get an interview from Jose Baez ... but she doesn't want a hug!
(40:08) On the kick of forgiving people ... we think people will soon forget about Casey Anthony and not have so much hate towards her.
(49:00) We give a quick blow by blow of what Lindsay Lohan might face in court this Wednesday.