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John Singleton

Sues Over "Hustle & Flow"

10/19/2011 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Singleton
is suing Paramount Pictures and MTV Films, claiming they totally screwed him by reneging on their promise to finance and distribute 2 films -- especially galling because Singleton gave THEM the right to make untold millions by distributing "Hustle & Flow."

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Singleton gave Paramount the right to distribute the flick back in 2005 and Singleton took a relatively small, $9 million fee.  In return, Paramount promised to green light and finance 2 Singleton pictures in the future, provided the budgets of those films didn't exceed $3.5 million each. Based on this promise, Singleton also says he later gave the studio the right to distribute "Black Snake Moan."

The suit claims Paramount made a fortune off "Hustle & Flow," which won an Oscar for Best Song and was critically acclaimed.  But when it came time for Singleton to get his movies made, he claims Paramount started placing unwarranted conditions which made it impossible to make the movies.

Singleton says he passed up all sorts of opportunities to make big deals with other companies when he signed on with Paramount, and he's pissed.

The producer is suing for $20 million, minimum.


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Celeb Gossip Addict    

Good luck to him. Hollywood is not for the faint of heart.

1097 days ago

John 8:32    

It's a sad commentary...

When Hollywood honchos... only want to green-light a few narrow-minded ill-conceived projects. Then on top of that..
they only allow a miniscule amount of token minority directors to handle those handful of projects.

Here are the ingredients... "White entertainment soup."

1) Begin, with one Low-budget minority project.

2) Now to that add a narrow-minded token minority director.

3) Stir in... an ill conceived unrealistic script.

4) Now slowly add an assortment of unattractive black or minority characters... older and uglier the better.

5) While that's simmering. Read this :

I recently saw the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean." After leaving the theater I was taken aback... by the fact that throughout the entire film. I only noticed a couple of very unattractive black pirates in the entire movie.

Myself being extremely knowledge in ancient history... especially as it applies to people of color. I felt this was a gross injustice of what actually took place during that period in time. Upon further investigation I was shocked to learn that for example one of the most famous pirates ever... Blackbeard, himself had 100 pirates on his crew. Out of that 100 pirates over 60 of them were black. Actually during that period in time. I learned that thousands and thousands of pirates were black... some of them had their own ship as well.

I wonder how Hollywood has become over the years misleading in the images and stories of minority involvement in our long and illustrious world history.

Now it is time to serve our main dish here.

When you serve the soup makes sure to sprinkle over the top some nice crunchy Uncle - Tom croutons. Oh yes... and before I forget... don't forget the stereotypes for dessert.

It's time for Hollywood to accept some responsibility!!!

1097 days ago

Ariona Taylor    

I have got to be more relevant than this guy, John Singleton.

1097 days ago


More than likely, they'll quietly settle this mess out of court. John Singleton is NO FOOL and he's been in Hollywood long enough to make sure his contracts are "SOLID"!!! I can't understand why Paramount didn't green light his low budget flicks especially, since he's a "seasoned" director. Rosewood was perhaps one of his best films. Hopefully, he'll have the chance to make more wonderful movies of this caliber.

1097 days ago


Here you have a guy with real wonder the studio's passed.

1097 days ago

DeeDee H.    

Sooo no green light for movies with budget under 5 million when you made over 60 mill from the previous project, yet spend almost 200 million on Sherlock Holmes, which most would agree was utter crap, AND give that director a sequel...hmmm

1096 days ago

Khalil Malik    

RE: John Singleton- Sues Over "Hustle & Flow"

I commend J. Singleton for being a team player and realizing that you give and the show of your good faith would returned to you 10-fold, many have complained looking from the outside in, I take my hat off to you J. Singleton, it can never be said that you were not a team player. I'm on the outside looking in and see the goose who lays the goldn' egg. I see you. It's possible that those who have enjoyed the "majic" have little desire to share. When someone hold on to anything too tightly they end up loosing that thing, history shows us this. One Earth, one People. Peace.

1096 days ago

john sarter    

If you have seen his last 3 movies he shouldn't ever be allowed to make another one. This guy is a horrible director

1096 days ago

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