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Lindsay Lohan

Latest Mug Shot

10/20/2011 3:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Mugshot 2011
By our count it's #6 ... Lindsay Lohan's latest mug shot, taken right after she was handcuffed in court yesterday and taken away.

Perfect for the Fall.



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Good thing she went and got her hair done! Her lips look like they got the blubber treatment or whatever they inject in them.

Dina damaged her sense of self and style a long time ago. She let her know that being blonde, overmade and plastic was the only thing that makes her beautiful. Otherwise she would've realized a long time ago that bleached hair really doesn't work for her. She needs to cut it shoulder length and due it red. It would go a long way to making her look better. Yet, she's stuck with that same, tired jersey shore barbie look for years.

It's obvious she's always been self conscious about her looks. The boon job at 16, constant work done, dying and redying her hair, weight problems. I don't ever entirely blame parents for anything. But dina is entirely responsible for lindsays inability to look nice and normal today.

Lindsay..wake up!! You do not have a signature look. You're not Madonna or felicity. No one is going to be upset if you cut your hair and make it look less like straw.

1108 days ago


Not that it matters, but this will be the last time I visit TMZ. Continual beating of someone when they are down and taking pleasure in their pain - not cool. You wonder why I shake my head.

1108 days ago

widdle baby    

that is her worst yet, she ruined her nose and she has a fivehead now?

1108 days ago


I think this woman has been harassed long enough for her crime. The judge is clearly on a a very public power trip. Time to leave Lindsay alone!

1108 days ago


I think it has to do with being spoiled. she has gotten probation before and given light sentences and I think she is just in the mindset of thinking that if she partly complies with the judge's orders that will be enough to skate by again. only a harsh sentence will get it through to her. she really should be living outside L.A. and working on her sobriety and worry about her acting career later. I wonder why she still keeps getting invited to these european parties and events still? she is always running off to europe for some party or event or promotion thing. that is the only place that will still have her. shes been off A list events for a while - Ive noticed. Until these european promoters stop inviting her to stuff, it will continue. they are her enablers.

1108 days ago


so that's what a crackwhore looks like! i've heard of them but never seen one... won't cry at her funeral either!!!

1108 days ago


She looks terrible as a blonde. The color washes her out. It makes her look more sickly than she already is (because of the drugs.) why does she stick with the blonde look?! She looks horrible as blonde. It is not a good look for her so why does she continue with it?

1108 days ago


WOW her lips look really big and unusal now! Oh but they're real.....LMFAO! What a dumb ass she is!

1108 days ago


see how her botox lips grow over time!!!!!

1108 days ago


Actually I think she's had like 8-10 mugshots. Just several weren't released. The police system has more pics of lilo than her imdb page.

1108 days ago


Anyone know what a mughsot is?

1108 days ago


She always has that deer caught in the headlights look on her face. It's kind of like she's surprised every time they take her pic.

1108 days ago


Ahhh... I see she got her lip plumped again, ready for her 6th mug shot.

1108 days ago


Lindsay is getting old right before our eyes at an accelerated rate.

1108 days ago


Wow i guess she really is an actress. Are these her head shots? Few more years and she will look like Aileen Wuornos (monster).

1108 days ago
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