Lohan Rep Skates Around Dina's Book About Lindsay

10/21/2011 2:45 PM PDT

Lohan Rep Skates Around Dina's Book About Lindsay

A rep for the Lohan family just issued a statement, appearing to take issue with TMZ's story that Dina Lohan is pitching a book around town, but he's not really taking issue at all ... because what we're saying is the truth.

The rep says: 

-- "Dina has not written a book yet and has not signed with a publisher."

That statement is true.  She has written a prologue -- which we have seen -- and she is trying to shop it around to literary agents.

--  "If and when that happens, her book would certainly show the utmost compassion for her children."

Maybe that's true ... that is if she changes the prologue which she is using to sell the book ... because in the prologue she exposes her daughter's drug and alcohol problems.

-- "Right now her focus is on the well-being of her family."

You be the judge of that one.