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Lohan Rep

Skates Around Dina's Book

About Lindsay

10/21/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A rep for the Lohan family just issued a statement, appearing to take issue with TMZ's story that Dina Lohan is pitching a book around town, but he's not really taking issue at all ... because what we're saying is the truth.

The rep says: 

-- "Dina has not written a book yet and has not signed with a publisher."

That statement is true.  She has written a prologue -- which we have seen -- and she is trying to shop it around to literary agents.

--  "If and when that happens, her book would certainly show the utmost compassion for her children."

Maybe that's true ... that is if she changes the prologue which she is using to sell the book ... because in the prologue she exposes her daughter's drug and alcohol problems.

-- "Right now her focus is on the well-being of her family."

You be the judge of that one.



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Dina has the same kind of crazy eyes look that I've seen on some of the nut jobs here in Hollywood. Look at her trying to make money off of her own kid. Shameful. She has no talent so she is trying to pull what talent Lyndsay has left and use it for her own greed. What a sad piece of garbage.

1096 days ago


I believe the genes screw-ups Michael and Dena Lohan are what make Lindsay such a nut job!!!! Woman doesn't have a chance when she has parents that want to be more famous than their daughter!!!!!!!!!!!

1096 days ago


Turned down. No surpise. Way overdone.

Dina Lohan will have to pay for her furture plastic surgery, botox, hair extensions, fake nails and so on.

1096 days ago


The woman is a parasite...

1096 days ago


Dina has never cared about the welfare of her children, especially Lindsay. They are just another means to a paycheck. Any caring parent would have stepped in a long time ago and taken care of their child, no matter their age.

1096 days ago


There's not a vibrator big enough to put a genuine smile on Dilo's face! I'm surprised she hasn't gotten knocked up again so she could suck more child support out of someone. What kind of mother enters into a lifelong contract w a 10yrold?

1096 days ago

Charles Van Meter    

Interesting photo. Is she posing for the Dina Lohan Sex doll?

1096 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

This woman is like a pimp. She will do anything she can to cash in on someone else. Instead of trying to get their daughter on track they run around acting like they are celebrities. Of course if they did their job in the first place she would probably not have many of the issues she does.

1096 days ago


Wow, if there was any doubt that this woman is a media whore and a pimp, this should do it. I'm certainly no fan of Lindsay, but this sucks. Here's hoping there are no buyers for Mrs. Lohan's "masterpiece."

1096 days ago


Dina Lohan has once again sunk to a new low. It was bad enough when she brought Entertainment Tonight to film her while visiting Lindsay in a drug rehab. Now she's hawking a tell all book about Lindsay!

No wonder Lindsay has issues! I hope Lindsay gets the help she needs to get her life in order and live a normal life. Say what you want about Lindsay, the bottom line is, she's a talented actress and singer!

1096 days ago

Delia Widnera    

hey dear don't anger please don't anger.

1096 days ago



Could this have something to do with why Lindsay has one foot in the grave?

What a sick group of people.

1096 days ago


I'll believe Lindsay has enough self-control/willpower to perhaps be considered "saveable" the day she kicks this Leech out of her life for good. Lindsay and Michael are both prize as****s sure but Dina is evil and twisted I tell you. Lindsay is the way she is because she's never had the maturity to seperate herself from how her parents brought her up to be and become her own person. It's pretty sad when district judges are more of a mother to you than your mother ever was but c'mon, Lindsay is closing in on 30 it's high time she stopped letting this Dina have a stranglehold over her mind.

1096 days ago


This women is the worst mother on earth....she should be helping her daughter. She shouldn't be in the news for any reason. she's not a celeb. She thinks she is.

1096 days ago


Dina has always followed Lindsay into the lime light for her own attention seeking personality. She and Lindsay's Dad need to
step back into the background--They are among the worst parents I
have ever seen.

1096 days ago
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