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Lindsay Lohan

Cupcake Cop Turns Away

36 Sweets for Lindsay

10/21/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsey Lohan Cupcakes
The L.A. County Coroner just turned away a dude who was delivering 36 fancy cupcakes to Lindsay Lohan and 35 of her closest friends at the morgue.

We found out about it and called Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter to inquire, and he said, "WHAT!" -- and then went to the front door and turned the delivery guy away (see video below).


Winter told TMZ, "It's unacceptable. We're not here to accept food," adding there are not 36 people in Lindsay's program, so some of the cupcakes were apparently earmarked for the Coroner's staff.

We found out the order was placed this morning at the fancy, Magnolia Bakery by someone Lindsay knows.

The bakery owner would not tell TMZ whether the order was placed at Lindsay's behest, but Winter told TMZ he spoke with Lindsay and she said she had nothing to do with the order.



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My Lord ......Lindsay and Lohan Inc will do ANYTHING to get publicity and score points won't they..???

This is what a 11 yr old does not a grown woman...........besides th grossed out thought of eating hamburgers and cupcakes after a morning of cleaning up bloody bedsheets and cleaning toliet....shows you just how insensitive and out of tune this woman really is...... Does she not know how stupid this idea is.....Is not one around her in Lohan Inc have a IQ higher then 70 ??? How inappropiate it is.....?
I bet that morgue manager will be pulling his hair out by the end of the day....and take a leave of absent next week for his nerves.....

1043 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Cupcakes are unacceptable, but In and Out Burger is perfectly fine? WTF kind of sense does that make?

1043 days ago


First with the lunch, then on to cupcakes; what's next? A party in the morgue? Some Lohan is in need o*****lowing report and money is the only thing she has to offer.

1043 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

It is so obvious she never learns anything. She needs to come up with something new. Cupcake and burger bribes. I am laughing too hard. I knew today was going to be funny. I dont think the judge will be amused though.

1043 days ago


Later this evening, a source close to lilo will report that she found her work at the morgue to be an eye opener and although it was gross, she enjoyed working with the staff there!

1043 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

ROL has already taken down the In-n-Out Burger story! Was their "source" wrong?

1043 days ago

Dina Lohan    

Lindsay is remarkable actress with unparalleled work ethic! She is preparing for the next SAW movie in case she gets a call-back.
Stop the hate or I'll seriously consider serious legal actions after I finish my memoir!

1043 days ago


Linds also handed out autographed photos of herself. Most were found almost immediately - in the wastepaper basket, the shredder, and one in the toilet tank. They seem to be as popular as DUIna's biography that "in the works".

1043 days ago


Why can't she just do her 8 hours without drama/situation? Why is this so hard for her?! Get up, go to morgue, work, take your half hour lunch break, return to work, leave at designated departure time. Dang it all, she's hopeless!!

1043 days ago


April: 39 minutes ago

Your here to identify your daughter? Here...have a cupcake.
thats the best one I heard today

1043 days ago


I'm starting to feel sorry for her. Everything she does turns out wrong

1043 days ago

AGENT smith    

I forgot that Lindsay is into blood, a little blood isn't going to scare her. I'm sure she watches the Vampire Diaries, she might be having fun there. She has made lots of friends on her first day. IN and OUT

1043 days ago


Haha!! She's so predictable!

22 hours ago
She'll show up tomorrow with a box of muffins

1043 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Why is that fat slob all over TV? Think about it - this fat slob is getting paid by Tax Payers and he is wasting his time supervising this bimbo?

Nice! California must be proud. Get the janitor to supervise. This guy probably gets paid over 100,000 a year....for what? Supervise community service workers? Fire this clown!

1043 days ago



She one of those people who make a production out of walking across the room....Ands bends every situation to suit herself and show herself off in a brighter light....its always got to be about ME..ME..ME..I'M Freaking LINDSAY LOHAN....the source inside the morguw is Lindsay herself...don't kid yourself otherswise....and Nicole ain't here today because she busy at the morgue......just like the half a dozen other alias she uses on this board.....who havn't shown up today....

1043 days ago
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