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Lindsay Lohan

Cupcake Cop Turns Away

36 Sweets for Lindsay

10/21/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsey Lohan Cupcakes
The L.A. County Coroner just turned away a dude who was delivering 36 fancy cupcakes to Lindsay Lohan and 35 of her closest friends at the morgue.

We found out about it and called Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter to inquire, and he said, "WHAT!" -- and then went to the front door and turned the delivery guy away (see video below).


Winter told TMZ, "It's unacceptable. We're not here to accept food," adding there are not 36 people in Lindsay's program, so some of the cupcakes were apparently earmarked for the Coroner's staff.

We found out the order was placed this morning at the fancy, Magnolia Bakery by someone Lindsay knows.

The bakery owner would not tell TMZ whether the order was placed at Lindsay's behest, but Winter told TMZ he spoke with Lindsay and she said she had nothing to do with the order.



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Blood Red Witch    

Really everyone, why is the ROL story already taken down? Anyone have any idea or confirmation of the burger thing?

1100 days ago


Well he sounds like a joy to work for. My boss buys ice cream or other treats sometimes but I guess he's not a *******. At least Lindsay is only working temporarily there. I feel sorry for the people who have to keep working for this douchebag.

1100 days ago


Wow, that was just plain dumb. I mean, just when I think she can't be any dumber she proves me wrong.

1100 days ago


Magnolia's cupcakes suck. They're way too dry. Sprinkles in Beverly Hills is much better. However, the banana pudding at Magnolia is to die for.

1100 days ago


I see Lohan Inc has found themselves another victem (target) to vent their wrath on....the Poor asst head of the Morgue......who insidentaly is Only doing his job !
which is not kissing her ass and benting over backward for Lindsay Lohan .......
So Hush your squealling Lohan Inc you sound like a stuck Pig about to be butchered..........

1100 days ago


Just send over to MeMe-then she won't have to sneak out after closing to scratch on the window and drool

1100 days ago


My daughter sent me the pic I'm using for my avator.....I thought it was soooooo cute.....
it say's "OMG ....I'm never Drinking Again " .......I thought it was kind a a sideways kind of way.....

1100 days ago


These reports are patently false. Magnolia Donuts and In-N-Out Burgers are out to get her.

1100 days ago

Jon I the only one who thinks it's ridiculous that he turned the guy away? "We're not here to accept food." So if someone who works there has lunch delivered they can't eat? This "Assistant Chief Coroner" was just being a jerk. He really has nothing better to do than accept phone calls from TMZ and turn away food deliveries. Are these tax dollars used to pay him?

1100 days ago


Harvey has Racquel down there from his office spotting a worker with an In-N-Out Now she's mopping a toilet. She's on mopping and bathroom duty right now. LOL, one of the washers overflowed too.

1100 days ago

AGENT smith    

If they took the In and Out burgers they should take the cupcakes. I wonder if they are going to accept the pizza Monday? Maybe the guy doesn't like cupcakes.

1100 days ago


More money in the bank for Lindsay, most likely all a publicity thing to promote the cupcakes and she gets paid for it. She's always doing that, carrying stuff around and making sure the labels are turned toward the cameras. Remember the muffins she was supposedly taking to the women at the Center (in empty boxes obviously, oops), the ones she was kept isolated from? Don't know why she thought this would be well received at the morgue, though. The coroner and his staff don't seem too easy to manipulate. Maybe the judge will tell her to do all her community service hours at the morgue, if it seems they can handle her.

If she completes the hours as ordered before her Nov 2 hearing, this means she will have done more hours at the morgue in a week or so than she has done at the Center in the past 6 months or so ...

1100 days ago


I just love the way all the commenters who are critizing Winters have just signed up for this board on the average of 6 minutes ago....!!!

They ain't even trying to come up with names now just to or three letters joined together....Pretty pathdic is what it is....Honing must be working on a shoestring budget today...What happened the sugardaddy well dry up !!!!

1100 days ago


TMZ..."we found out about it" If you "found out" about it then why not tell us who told you....or maybe Mike Walters placed the order and gave the wrong address!

1100 days ago


lindsay also sent flowers to the jewelry store she robbed. people with entitlement complexes typically think they can buy forgiveness for an undeniable wrong and then proceed -- business as usual -- to their typical entitlements & despicable behavior. OH! I totally screwed up and there's NO lying my way out of it or blaming it on someone else... ?here! have a muffin basket! Now I'm a good person again and everyone should resume bowing & scraping in my presence.

1100 days ago
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