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L.A. Morgue Staff Warned

Don't Photograph Lindsay

... OR ELSE!

10/21/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The staff at the L.A. County morgue has been warned -- the wrath of God will come down on anyone who tries to take a picture of Lindsay Lohan while she's on guts duty ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ, staff members were put on notice Wednesday -- if anyone is caught taking a photo of Lindsay working, that person will be terminated immediately ... no questions asked.

We're told staff was reminded that they are prohibited from taking pictures inside the morgue for non-official purposes.

As for what else Lindsay can expect when/if she decides to show up later today -- the fabled linen patrol ... i.e. washing the corpse fluid-soaked sheets that line the autopsy tables.

We're also told the smell inside the morgue is so cripplingly noxious ... it's not uncommon to spontaneously vomit from the stench -- and here's the kicker ... everyone has to clean up their own puke.


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thirty three    

how did she suddenly get a gap in her teeth? i mean it's not new it must be 3 yrs already but she didn't have it before.

1036 days ago

AGENT smith    

Fox is having a text poll text 71938 to say which Lindsay mug shot you like the best. They have A B and C choices, with C being her most recent.

1036 days ago


Don't worry, morgue can take all the pictures of her that you want when she's a client there...which will be in the very near future...

1036 days ago


OK...I'm horrid...HA!!! BUT, I'd wire myself with a camcorder and have put a few around ALL the rooms and make copies of the video and sell those suckers!!
Could anyone even START to think what kind of money that would bring in????
Dayum...after collecting my stuff...I'd be dancing out the door butt naked yelling "you don't have to fire me..I quit...I quit"....LOL
I'm pretty sure there'll be offers WAY in the upper 6 figures for it....$500,000 or more.

1036 days ago


I'll put the integrity of morgue staff over Lindsay's ANY DAY.

1036 days ago


I have that same rule, you puke, you clean it up. I surely hope she gets to see the results of drug/alcohol related deaths. I mean, don't WANT anybody to die, but its going to happen

1036 days ago


About the smells: a pathologist is able to tell about certain poisons and certain diseases just from the smell of the body.The smell is even worse of you are the doctor or the path. tech assisting in the post mortem.

1036 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Better start cranking out those "Lindsay was here at the Morgue with a mop" t-shirts.

1036 days ago

Mulholland Drive    

Everyone in there needs to snap a picture that way they can fire the whole staff. Believe me, they'd be done a favor to be fired from that vile smelling place.

1036 days ago


Come on! This girl looks like she is hanging by a thread and they want to punish her... she needs help. The morgue is just another nail in her soon to be coffin if she doesn't get some. What a mean spirited country we have become...she didn't hurt anyone. She's just a mess.

1036 days ago


This is an opportunity for Lindsay to learn from her hard life by seeing people who die from drunk driving, drug overdoses, etc. As for the Morgue, morgues usually do not smell like anything but chemical, there is a rare case but not usually. I wish her luck because no one wants to see their 25 year old daughter on one of those tables.

1036 days ago


This morge S&!t sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me. Thank God I've never had to go there, but if I ever did, I've have a freaking heart attack. On a lighter note, I love how she showed up in heels and a $$$ outfit for this. Ridiculous.

1036 days ago


Now she will be crying she is traumatized, having nightmares,and blah, blah, blah! Give me a break!. I don't want to hear any crap about her complaining. She needs a freaking wake up call.

1036 days ago

Michael Gourdine

1036 days ago


The California Court System is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the Nation, people get away with any thing there. Send Lohan to Jail where she belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1036 days ago
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