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Lindsay Lohan

Reporting for Morgue Duty!

10/21/2011 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just showed up for her shift at the L.A. County Morgue -- early, for a change -- to fulfill her probation requirements.

A fun day of blood and guts awaits ...

Lindsay Lohan arriving at the morgue


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Ghost Rider    

Hopefully this work is a little more fulfilling for Lindsay, not that it should be.

1067 days ago


You die and then you have to hang out with Blohan. That really sucks!

1067 days ago


8 hour shift..lunch does not count,Right?
Maybe milo will do her a favor and have one of those "fred sanford" heart attacks so she could leave early..
"No Lindsay you cannot have friends over"
"Mr shields you will have to leave,you cannot do a photo shoot in here"
"Damn this is your 9th smoke break,and it's only 10 am"
"No you can not 5 hours early, for good behavior and over crowding"

1067 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Are we taking bets on how soon she manages to leave?

1067 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

A question most likely the Morgue Janitor will ask Lindsay... "Why do we use a saturated rag to wipe down flat surfaces?" A typical response Lindsay will most likely give... "Because it's Swifter when wet."

1067 days ago


So, the dumbass actually showed up; Hoo Raw! She showed up with a wig & her stupid "I'm a celebrity; f*ck you!" oversized sunglasses on. Sunglasses... at 7:30am. God, I hate entitled celebrities like this whore...

1067 days ago


She needs to change her hair color and style. It makes her and Dina look trashy! Not flattering for anyone!

1067 days ago

Cheryl A.    

It's sad that people have to die but, this is gonna come out wrong, but I hope there is a drunk driver in there. Let her see that it can happen to her too. That would possibly get the message across that there are rules to follow and you could be lying on that slab just as easily as anyone else.

1067 days ago


Boy do I hope that wig was a disguise or something, because I wouldn't want a bunch of morgue juice in my hair all day! Maybe LiLo likes the smell in the air....

1067 days ago


I hope she brought a hair tie.

1067 days ago


She's going to crash hard from her all night partying, end up puking and probably get sent to a hospital. Hope the paps are ready!

1067 days ago


We all support Lin' Halloween Party
public park nearest L.A. Morgue
7p.m - 3 a.m.
free food & drink (alcohol free drinks)
dj's & bands:::(cyber-sluts)(cali beach escorts)(teenage nymphs)(sexy personal assistants)
film fest::: (women behind bars)(desperate living)
(next stop skid row)
dancing & costume party
(prizes for best look like lilo costumes)

1067 days ago


right now the staff and workers are learning what a big POS she is..
not only do they have to work around the usual malodorous smells (that you get use to)..but they now have the toxic smell of bukkakki and yaks A$$ that flees from her body..
Then they have to babysit while she cuts into fits...

1067 days ago


Just put her in jail! I am so sick of seeing her everyday on this website! She is truly a lost cause. Please put her in jail. Sick of this dunce!

1067 days ago


someone should tell this unappreciative little you know what that she really isn't famous and she looks like a druggy whore. right now the only thing she is working on is how to stay famous.its a shame the media highlights people like. she is a waste of air and a disgrace to the youth of America

1067 days ago
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