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Lindsay Lohan

I Worked My Ass Off

At The Morgue

10/22/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
didn't want to be a stiff during her first day at the morgue she went in and washed soiled linens, scrubbed toilets and seemed to enjoy her time with the other volunteers ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told LiLo said she felt "terrible" about showing up late and being such a distraction on Thursday, so she went to bed early to avoid a repeat performance. 

Lindsay, we're told, didn't act like a spoiled brat.  Like so many of her friends, she got down on her hands and knees .... and cleaned floors.  She even socialized with some of the other volunteers.

As for the whole burger and cupcake thing ... Lindsay told friends she wasn't trying to bribe anyone ... but the gesture was just another way to show the staff how sorry she was for being late the day before.


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F*ck. When I saw "Lindsay Lohan" and "morgue" in the same sentence...I was hoping the story would finally be about her death. Maybe next time (if we're lucky).

1096 days ago


she looks so much better in this pic because of her darker hair.

1096 days ago


LMAO at how some people think this is a "cruel and unusual punishment" A cruel and unusual punishment would be if they made her dance on hot coals or put her on the rack or something. Dead bodies are just a fact of life, anyone in the medical field will see them. All medical students find themselves elbow deep in a cadaver soon enough, so why can't precious Linnocent wash a few sheets?

1096 days ago


When are they gonna throw her ass in jail...All she ever does is break her court stipulations and violate her probation! If it were me with all those charges I would be doing at least 3 years if not more.. They need to throw her in for at least a 6-month bid without bond, then lets see if she breaks the law again! I don't ever she her in the news for anything good its always her drunk or high, no panties or her in court.. no one cares about her TMZ , so please stop doing stories about her stupid ass!

1096 days ago


Rigormortis is too hard, she may be down for grub, but the stiff staff just stink!

1096 days ago


I think she's sincere with her apology. She very young to be going through so much pressure alone (Her mother and father. Please! They are probably the biggest part of her problem.) People need to give her a chance and offer her real help instead of trying to downbeat her at every little fault.

1096 days ago


Court ordered community service and volunteering are two different things altogether.
Lindsay doesn't even want to help herself, much less anyone else.

1096 days ago


she's working for free and the guy in charge plays with the TV people. It supposed to be the other way 'round, no?

1096 days ago


@JANAR - uuuuuuuuuuh not so much. she's an adult now, WELL into what should be being a mature responsible person. your past contributes to who you are, but u choose how to live & define your life. too many people use that as an excuse when there are those out there that rose above their cir****tances & worked hard for it. if she was in compliance with the system, everyone would agree on it & there would be no contesting her performance or her attitude. sorry to sound cliche, but everyone makes mistakes. some rise to the occasion, some do not & will never, only making excuses for themselves or repeating their bullsh--

1096 days ago


Hey, Lindsay Lohan, some people gotta do stuff like that evver day! And if they are late they get fired! On wages that are so low, saving is impossible! Hopefully a reality check can show you how lucky your spoiled ass really is!

1096 days ago

Good riddance!    

Those flabby duck lips are flapping, so that means she is lying. How many gold fillings did she steal from the dead today would be a good question to ask this thief.

1096 days ago


Hey Harvey, these almost hourly stories on Lindsay Lohan are dumb, is there anything else going on in the celebrity world? This latest story is a mishmash of everything you've said before. Stop using this chick for hits, let her get on with it.

The AW at the morgue Ed Winter said Lindsay Lohan would be treated like everyone else, if he wants that to be true he needs to STOP giving daily updates about her to the media.

Goos luck Lindsay, I'm rooting for you girl!

1096 days ago


EPIC fail today. She acted like it was a girlscout meeting and it's good form to bring cupcakes. My GOD! Sorry or not, this young woman is the most immature stupid person on the planet. And then when she didn't get why they turned away the cupcakes, she followed it up with hamburgers!

What a stunning lack of reality LL has. She's not got the highest IQ either.

1096 days ago

Yeah yeah    

you are fine, shut up.

1096 days ago


It is ironic that she brought cupcakes when many elementary schools are now forbidding parents from bringing cupcakes to their child's classroom to celebrate birthdays and such. They are now considered junk food, not celebratory treats based on our social customs. Also, because one child in the whole school building might be allergic to some food item, they won't allow the parents to bring in the cupcakes or other food items. Cupcakes at the morgue ... well, they won't make the dead people fat anyway.

1096 days ago
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