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Lindsay Lohan

I Worked My Ass Off

At The Morgue

10/22/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
didn't want to be a stiff during her first day at the morgue she went in and washed soiled linens, scrubbed toilets and seemed to enjoy her time with the other volunteers ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told LiLo said she felt "terrible" about showing up late and being such a distraction on Thursday, so she went to bed early to avoid a repeat performance. 

Lindsay, we're told, didn't act like a spoiled brat.  Like so many of her friends, she got down on her hands and knees .... and cleaned floors.  She even socialized with some of the other volunteers.

As for the whole burger and cupcake thing ... Lindsay told friends she wasn't trying to bribe anyone ... but the gesture was just another way to show the staff how sorry she was for being late the day before.


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I only have a case of beer left, but over 10 more pages to read of truisms from D Listed, I might need Lilo's rehab. Can SOMEBODY please direct me to her nearest location? I'll admit, I was a FOOL for EVER defending this girl. Have a great day!!!!!!

"If the mother isn't fit! You must acquit!" -

Michael K.

Complete article;

Long Island's very own Grand Dame (the "e" is silent) of Delusion White Oprah recently complained that the media is turning her child's situation into another OJ Simpson trail. So White Oprah and Lindsay Lohan are distancing themselves from that comparison by hiring OJ's former ******* lawyer ROBERT SHAPIRO! "If the mother isn't fit! You must acquit!" - Shapiro channeling Cochrane

I swear. White Oprah's last remaining brain cell is a runaway white Bronco that just doesn't stop. It runs out of gas and it keeps going. It crashes into the center divider, but it just backs up, shifts into drive and keeps on...

Sources tell TMZ that Lindsay Lohan has hired Robert Shapiro as her new lawyer, but he's not going to appeal the 90-day jail sentence Judge Mar*****hrew at her **** U nail. Robert is going to try to convince Judge Mar*****o put LiLo into rehab instead of jail. Robert's son died of a drug overdose a few years ago, so he has a lot of experience with rehab facilities. Robert already has his eye on a certain rehab clinic for LiLo.

Wait. If LiLo is completely sober then why would she need to go to rehab at all? Here's a quote from Enabler the Great in this week's InTouch Weekly: "Lindsay is sober, yes. She went to rehab before the court ordered her. When I put my daughter in rehab, I knew she needed it. In 2007 — not currently. Lindsay actually wants to open up her own rehab center here (in Los Angeles) and a couple across the country to help other kids and celebs so they don’t fall through the cracks in this town. She mentioned it to me a couple of days ago. She’s really growing up.” I'm just going to let that quote kick itself.

I will admit that I want to miniaturize myself so that I can jump on Robert's furry caterpillar brow and ride it through a rose garden after a morning rain, but I'm not sure if Judge Marsha is as easily entertained as I am. So just in case, White Oprah should make room in her chocha for the bottles of fake tan grease she'll have to smuggle into jail for her child.

1103 days ago


@agent smith
If "hot" is one of lilos redeeming qualities she's in big trouble!

1103 days ago


As I watched Lindsay at her court hearing,what I saw was a actress,and a young girl that felt entitled.Her face was puffy,and she was having a hard time taking in what the judge had to say,She has a defient attitude,and I have to wonder about the probation Dept.Lindsay looked like she has been using drugs or spent many a night,three sheets to the wind. Someone in that probation dept better get off there azz,and do some checking.It does NOT APPEAR MOMMIE,is helping her daughter one bit,BOTH mommie and daddy are having a hard time growing up themselfs.AND THEY ARE INFLECTING THERE IMMATURITY ON THERE DAUGHTER,HOW DO YOU TELL THESE FOOLS TO GROW UP before your daughter IS DEAD.

1103 days ago


Morning folks or afternoon depends !.............

Let's see time and a half times 2 or three 12 hr shifts at the keyboard gives ya 24 hr plus 12 hours =36 hrs pay....depending on how much Lohan Inc is paying ......WOW !......not a bad paycheck for weekend work....

and believe me after scanning thru the comments you can see how many are working this weekend.....

You know that by now Lohan inc and Lindsay are so predictiable that it isn't even fun anymore....
They don't have a orginial thought in their mind
do they.........its like it worked the first three
or four times we used that idea it so it should
work again.......

Question of the day is......I wonder who she screwing now
for the money to pay for this little mess she's created ?
Is it the RIch Indain in NYC who had to get her out of town so
he payed the Gay German to take her to Europe ?

Is it the Gay German....OK..OK..Not the German ....LOL

Maybe the new Hotel owner she does seem to like cosying up to rich hotel rooms and amentities for her self and the leaching family....

The closer to the court date the better the leaks and stories are going be.....The smell of deperation is in the air around her and Lohan Inc....and they need something anything to change that judges mind.....
Truly AMazing How Stupid and without Any Decency at All these people are.....!!!

1103 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     


LOS ANGELES -- Slumped on the sofa at a private house party in Malibu, Lindsay Lohan reaches clumsily for her bag. Her artificially plumped lips parted company with their last cigarette several minutes ago, and she’s clearly in need of a nicotine fix.

Fumbling among the detritus in her designer tote, she pulls out a box of Parliament Lights and a tattered notebook, and begins scribbling pensively.

“I write absolutely everything down,” she tells a partygoer after asking him for a light. “It’s the only way I can make sense of everything that happens in my life.”

Markus Klinko and Indrani/Splash News
BUSTED: Lindsay Lohan began her career as Hollywood’s smoking-hot up-and-comer but has lately become more famous for her befuddled appearances in the courtrooms of Los Angel

While the ramblings of the child star-turned-absentee morgue cleaner would no doubt make for fascinating reading, many would find her thought processes harder to decipher than the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“To say she’s delusional would be a major understatement,” one former associate tells The Post. “She genuinely seems clueless as to why these things keep happening to her. There is always something, or someone, else to blame.”

Just Wednesday, Lindsay was led from the Los Angeles County Superior Court in handcuffs and ordered to post $100,000 bail after Judge Stephanie Sautner angrily stated that Lohan had violated the terms of probation in her misdemeanor shoplifting case by failing to show up for community service at a women’s shelter on no fewer than nine occasions.

The following day, Lohan showed up 40 minutes late for court-ordered morgue cleaning at the Los Angeles County coroner’s office and was considered a no-show.

Lindsay, 25, is due back in court on Nov. 2, when it will be decided if she should face time behind bars.

Dubbed “uninsurable” by the producers of “Inferno,” who fired her from the Linda Lovelace biopic last year, Lindsay’s latest venture -- a $500,000 modeling gig for German designer Philipp Plein -- is hanging in the balance. Reports last year claimed the actress was more than $60...0,000 in debt (her mom, Dina, denied the story), but “cutbacks” are not on Lindsay’s agenda.

“Lindsay gets by on checks from club appearances, and from plugging firms on her Twitter account and Web site,” a Lohan insider reveals. “The amounts are nothing like what she used to command, but she also gets a lot of things for free: She’s not shy of clearing the shelves at a gifting suite.

“She doesn’t really understand the value of money; she hoards hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shoes and clothes in her apartment, but she won’t sell anything to help clear her debts.”

Lindsay’s friend choices are questionable at best.

“If someone disagrees with her, or tells her she’s out of line, she cuts them dead,” the acquaintance says. “She is surrounded by sycophants who are hanging on the coattails of her notoriety; she is still very naïve and trusting and she gets exploited a lot.”

But how did the feted young actress plummet from A-list to ”lost cause” status? One friend says it was all in her upbringing.

“She has been exploited for most of her life,” the pal says, “so it’s unsurprising she doesn’t have much grip on reality.”

1103 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I must say that over that last year this has been a fun place to write down different thoughts, ideas, rants, and raves, and I really have enjoyed myself doing it, even all the crazy stuff. I think I am ready to start a book on Celebrity Justice, that will eventually lead into the dark side of Hollywood, and the beginning of the end of Lindsays career, and the scandal that will follow her eventual demise. If Dina can start writing a book so can I, and if she sues... Who knows, maybe I will even get death threats.

1103 days ago


Let us just hope that Lindsay has honest, decent and good friends beyond reproach... which eliminates about 99% of the posters here.

1103 days ago


Awwwwww! Poor baby! She works so hard! ( excuse me while I puke!) guess what girlie? Real people do this everyday to eek out a living. Suck it up!

1103 days ago


From my experience, it is those that constantly ramble on about how hard they work and how others don't, that turn to be the laziest asses around. Others are really busy working. All Gusch and nothing to show for it.

1103 days ago


I stand corrected. 100 per cent. Well,I guess ******** will all have to go home now :-)

1103 days ago


@ I created you Izzy, though I sometimes wonder why. But I also created OJ. The day you create the universe and the world, we can have a little chit chat :-P

1103 days ago


@ Blood witch red...I am a child of God...question should be...who are you? Guess u don't know.

1103 days ago


You've got me wondering God-Is-Busy. When you get up in the morning and start pulling your ass on to your head for a hat, does it make that squeaky balloon sound?

1103 days ago


I work there and I have a video of her version of "scrubbing".
Please we worked so much harder than her!!!

1103 days ago


No, it does not magmax, because I have a personality, something you will never develop. Go to some public execution and get your kicks from there. Lowlife.

1103 days ago
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