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CSI Creator's Wife

You Cancelled My Black Card!

10/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The estranged wife of the creator of the "CSI" shows -- who is embroiled in an epic divorce -- has learned a truism first hand ... once you go black, you can never go back.

Jennifer Zuiker claims hubby Anthony Zuiker shut down her American Express Black Card.  For those of you who aren't acquainted, it's something you will never have in your lifetime.

In the divorce docs obtained by TMZ ... Jennifer claims she had been regularly charging $40,000 - $60,000 per month on the Black Card, and now she's SOL -- left with a MasterCard with a measly $25k limit. FYI, with a Black Card, there's no limit, but cardholders must spend a minimum of $250,000 a year. That's not a typo.

But Anthony says, though his lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, "Petitioner's concern is that she will no longer have a black Centurion Card to use because it is a status symbol." Priceless.

And it only gets better. Jennifer wanted Anthony to foot the $181,381 bill for the Alexander McQueen clothing bill he refused to pay for more than a year. It was the Fall, 2010 collection ... stupid.

It appears from court docs the parties have now settled this beef, but the divorce is still bitter and ongoing.

Rich people's problems. Very, very rich.


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Excuse me dear readers, but what EXACTLY does she NEED that costs 40-60...K EVERY MONTH? I make less than that in a year and somehow I manage to get all of my basic needs met. SMH

1063 days ago


As I've always known - it's cheaper in the long run to rent.

1063 days ago


Anyone can get a Black Card!

Join the ACLU

1063 days ago


This filthy woman if you can call her that is not just a gold digger but a cheating you know what,The b*tch was cheating for years with an english man who worked for Anthony and the last child born in Anthony's marriage is supposedly the english mans also this s*** bucket used to work for Anthony on the CSI show and he was not only a close friend of Anthony's but a close friend of his familys.

I wish the media would pick up on this story of infidelity cause believe me it's a DOOZY this english man is a vile creature who cheated on his 2 ex wife's and messed with too many marriages to count.

You can barely find anything on the net about it except comments on messageboards,It's a really sad thing.

This is beyond disgusting and truth be told it would probably be cheaper for Anthony to have her killed then go through what he's going through.

All this money that Anthony worked hard for going to support these 2 vile dispicable animals. Shameful.

1063 days ago


What's so funny is she is divorcing him. She's the petitioner. lol What did she expect...dump him but keep his money? With her mentally deranged selfish greedy attitude I hope Anthony is awarded everything including the tires on her car.

1063 days ago


Even if I got a little crazy with my spending and did everything I really wanted to do and bought everything I really wanted to buy, I don't think I could piss away $250,00 a year.

Unless I factored in whores (though I find them more annoying now than anything), in which case I'd probably be able to blow though it in a month, 'cause I be ugly.

1063 days ago


It's a pretty pathetic life, one leads, when worried about impressing the people who are writing up one's purchases.

1063 days ago

Gloria Unread    

It is beyond screwed up that the person who is petitioning for a divorce can then make a claim for any kind of financial support.
If she wants to continue to "maintain the lifestyle that she's become accustomed to" being married to Anthony Zuiker, then she should continue being married to him. Otherwise, you should forfeit all of the benefits you were getting from him.

Also, anyone who feels that they must have an AmEx Black Card as a "status symbol" is pathetically insecure.
"Oh my God! Like, I will literally die without my Centurion Card. Do you understand?!? My friends will hate me, and I will literally die!" [runs upstairs to her bedroom, slams the door, jumps onto her bed and sobs loudly into her pillow, screaming 'YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!']

1063 days ago


Just to be clear, every person or business that has the "black card" (Centurion Card) DOES have a "charging" limit...remember the card is a charge card NOT a credit card and it is simply a myth that there is no limit. The card has to be offered to you from AMEX but there is a limit for each individual account and has to be paid off in full monthly. As long as you spend the $250,000 per year and pay your bill on time they will eventually offer it to you.

1063 days ago


LOL and i was gunna say wtf is that a typo! LMAOO

1063 days ago


Ladies, this is why you don't rely on a man as your primary source of money. When things go south - as they seem to inevitably do these days - you're SOL.

Oh yeah - and if you think you *need* $40-60...K/month worth of "stuff" then you need spiritual intervention.

1063 days ago


NOBODY needs to spend that kind of money on WORTHLESS crap while people are STARVING.

Use the money to START A BUSINESS and put others to work - you will get the money back (in profit) and others will benefit as well.

Selfish rich people only care about themselves...

1063 days ago


Does this idiot actually think anyone is going to feel sorry for her??? How ludicrous.....

1063 days ago


You obviously have no clue to certain celebrity "life styles"..250,000/year ?? Nothing.
PS However, AMEX markets itself as a status symbol provider...not much else. One should only carry a single credit card, paying off the balance as soon as it's posted to your most interest is meaningless. I've used one for years and never paid any interest. If their is one truism in life..."Live within your means". It's not a "cash" card, it's a "credit" card carrying high interest if you don't know how to use it..and most don't.

1063 days ago


I googled her. In a pic that was taken in 2003, she is fat!! I mean triple chin fat!! Over the years, it is obvious that she has had alot of work done!! This porker better watch out for Karma!! She has most certainly commited the 7 deadly sins (wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony). I wonder if her Black card can buy her a ticket out of Hell when she is sent there for eternity!!

1063 days ago
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