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Oksana's Former Bodyguard

Now Protecting Herman Cain

10/23/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Herman Cain bodyguard
Kristian Otto Herzog -- the guy who was once at the center of the bitter battle between Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson -- is now at the center of the race for the Republican presidential nomination ... alongside Herman Cain.

Herzog was spotted on Friday with the GOP candidate during a campaign stop in Detroit, MI.

Cain's spokesperson, J.D. Gordon, tells TMZ this was Herzog's first job with the campaign and he worked with a team of 2-3 guys. Our sources say they don't believe Herzog is scheduled for any future events ... nor do they think he will be asked to provide future services.

Herzog worked as Oksana's bodyguard and claimed to have had a sexual relationship with her. He sided with Mel when she accused him of domestic violence.

Kristian Otto Herzog


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Herman Cain - candidate most likely to be found in a hotel room with a hooker and crack pipe.

1064 days ago


And we, the taxpayers, are paying for it.

1064 days ago

common sense    

He should be staining the democrats they're all criminals and he would fit so well criminal & pediphyles.

1064 days ago

The Love Sponge    

The new body guard's job will be short lived because Herman won't be around much longer. The man is politically dumb. Doesn't have a clue.

1064 days ago

The Gorn    

It's a good hire, especially if Mel leaves Cain threatening voice mails.

1064 days ago


Gotta LOVE the Karma!

Miss Oksana made herself "famous" using Mr. Mel's name.
And now Mr. Baldy is doing the same thing to her.
She'll be associated with every sleazy thing he pulls from now on. Always to be remembered for all the things she did.
Never to live it down.

Life is good.
And I'm off to enjoy it.

1064 days ago


I would have showed my birth paper right a way. I do not know why (if he had nothing to hide) that he didn't do so. Other Presidents (that was born here) would of had no problem showing their paper, if there were any question as to where they were born. Obsama admits he is of Musalim faith. Obsama even went as far as to make fun of Trump at a dinner party about him not being born here. If Obama was truly born here, wouldn't you think he wouldn't have went to all that trouble making Trump look like a fool in front of all those people?

1063 days ago


oops..Obama.. not obsana..sorry

I have typed Oksana too many times lol

1063 days ago


Obama (after losing this term) can always go into comedy. Maybe he can team up with Ellen.

1063 days ago


THE BEAVER: 3 days ago
oops..Obama.. not obsana..sorry
I have typed Oksana too many times lol

Obama and Oksana had a baby, they named it Obsanaty. (pardon the spelling!)

1061 days ago


Melnick: 5 days ago
Typical tolerant lefties - the only thing you see in Cain is the color of his skin. I know you prefer black people to think a certain way and it's really irritating when they have non-approved opinions. You denigrate him as a 'pizza man', rather than note his degree in math, his Master's in computer science, and his time as a ballistics engineer (ie rocket scientist) with the Navy. Unlike the current president, Cain lived a life of accomplishment before running for office.

Yes Melnick,
Couldn't agree more, typical indeed.
And typical of tmz going so low, low, low in its tactics...

1061 days ago


The guy is a parasite. He got involved with Oksana to make money off her relationship and now he is going to write a book about being on the Cain campaign team. In other interviews he talks about how Cain’s life is in danger but tells you what hour Cain gets home. Yep, that’s the kind of bodyguard I would want, just let my enemies know everything about me!!

1049 days ago


I am sick of the media trying to control my vote. I will vote for the one that cares about maintaining freedom for my children. I support Cain and I am a Democrat.

1047 days ago
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