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Casey Anthony

NBC Finds Clever Way

Around Paying for Interview

10/24/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The honchos at NBC -- the C stands for crafty -- think they figured out a way to snag an interview with Casey Anthony without paying a red cent, and make her a wealthy woman at the same time. 

We've learned an NBC news producer has reached out to people in the literary world, trying to score a book deal for Anthony. The producer has contacted literary agents and others, telling them if he scored a book deal for Casey, she'd give the network a 1-hour, primetime special ... portions of which would also run on "Today."

The producer makes it clear -- NBC couldn't pay a cent for the interview.  But he is gung-ho about the book deal, even representing that Casey wants up front money.

Jose Baez, Casey's lawyer, tells TMZ ... he has full knowledge of the producer's efforts, but says, "I'm not involved in that process. I did not entice him to do it." 

Baez was quick to add, "Casey is not ready to do an interview."

We tried multiple times to get a comment from NBC -- so far, no luck.



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I am a mother who had lost my first born in a bad car accident and have been blessed to have two more but "NOTHING" can replace the one you lost..I think it is "SICK" for her to profit from lost like it isn't a "GAME"! Where is the remorse or sadness from the child??But Trust and Believe God will HANDLE THAT..

1064 days ago


Should Anthony get money she can pay for all the people she used and lied to in Florida, that's a heafty sum she has to pay back.

1064 days ago


Shame on NBC for even entertaining the idea of getting involved with such a DESPICABLE 'person.'

Considering she is an admitted LIAR & THIEF & without a doubt is also a person who drove around town with her own baby's ROTTING CORPSE in her car..... why does NBC think she needs a platform to spout more lies?

This "LYING SLUT," her LYING family members & the LYING JOSE BAEZ need to move on with their lives in private & stop fantasizing that the public has any desire to see them PROFIT from Caylee's heinous death.

Casey should take Larry Flynt up on his offer... at least then we'd believe she is finally accepting the truth about herself & what her future holds.

1064 days ago


i'll effin hate who ever interviews her, let her fall off the earth, it would only be lies anyway...why would ANYONE care what this baby killer has to say? nbc management and matt laurer must be running around with a bunch of hard ons

1064 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

GOOD FOR YOU NBC! Dont worry they say they are boycotting but they wont. Look at Dr Phils ratings, they have no lives and HAVE to watch this. They are addicted to watching anything about the attractive young lady.

Syndication Ratings: 'Dr. Phil's Exclusive With Anthony Parents Drives Show to Best Premiere in Seven Years

1064 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I don't know why network's are villianized for paying for interviews anyway. The network makes money if the land a big interview why can't the subject that is making the money profit from the money they bring in?

1064 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Geez...Just lock her in a room and give her a box of razorblades already.

1064 days ago


Why do people say she is hot??? Seriously, you can play a movie on that forehead and she looks almost sickly white.

1064 days ago


Ahhhhh the reason why nobody watches NBC anymore. Just Saying...!

1064 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

And apparently you cannot think for yourself.... even her parents believe she is guilty. She is definitely GUILTY, to what degree is for personal opinion.

1064 days ago


I'm so sick of this people with the boyscout this and boyscout that, in reality at the end they are the ones who are going to part of the highest ratings because they well be sitting in front of their Tv watching it, and soon after on-line dissecting the program but claiming they saw it on youtube and not on the network ... blah blah blah... The way I see it, all this Casey Anthony haters are nothing but bored housewives who want to belong to something and now that Oprah is gone they have too much time on their hands.. the sad thing is that the same bore housewives have kids of their own in the other room starving for attention while mommy is on line telling other have bad of a mother Casey Anthony was and how everything Casey Anthony has to be boycotted... This whole pack of Gossip no Oprah psychos are worst than Casey A. it self, enough said...

1064 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Willie the ratings are taken from a percentage of people of who agree to have a piece on their tv which monitors what they are watching. So not sure what you are saying.

1064 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Hey look guys I have a fake rich stalker! She like to talk about penis and make up stories! SWEET! See I dont have to prove to you where I live, but you seem to think its some sort of accomplishment. See I bought my house on the beach, you on the other hand had to have mommy and daddy buy one for you. Which is ok cause once your "looks" you claim to have fade so will the money you claim to have which means you will be broke and lonely sitting in your fake house posting about the Anthonys. And I hate to break it to you but they are all fat housewives, this is what they do. I sit at work as I am now and laugh at how many I can see get bent. Then I know they turn off the computer and it follows them. Just like it will you to.

1064 days ago

charlies balls    

she's not ready? my azz. she doesn't want to pay up...the IRS, the state of FL, the civil suit......skrew the skanky ho.

1064 days ago


I hope the NBC producer dies and burns in hell along with Casey Anthony and Jose Baez! Ridiculous of all the immoral injustice going around the USA all because of money, power, or sex!

1064 days ago
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