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Casey Anthony

NBC Finds Clever Way

Around Paying for Interview

10/24/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The honchos at NBC -- the C stands for crafty -- think they figured out a way to snag an interview with Casey Anthony without paying a red cent, and make her a wealthy woman at the same time. 

We've learned an NBC news producer has reached out to people in the literary world, trying to score a book deal for Anthony. The producer has contacted literary agents and others, telling them if he scored a book deal for Casey, she'd give the network a 1-hour, primetime special ... portions of which would also run on "Today."

The producer makes it clear -- NBC couldn't pay a cent for the interview.  But he is gung-ho about the book deal, even representing that Casey wants up front money.

Jose Baez, Casey's lawyer, tells TMZ ... he has full knowledge of the producer's efforts, but says, "I'm not involved in that process. I did not entice him to do it." 

Baez was quick to add, "Casey is not ready to do an interview."

We tried multiple times to get a comment from NBC -- so far, no luck.



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Rogue Warrior    

Hey pole lizards, Casey has 99 problems but a KID and MONEY aren't one of them!

1093 days ago


I am not going to watch the interview...."BURN IN HELL...SKANK!!"

1093 days ago



1093 days ago


Also, I will never purchase any book from Casey Anthony!

1093 days ago


Yes she was acquitted. It doesn't change the fact that she's a s***bag. She lied to police when her daughter was "missing" wasting precious resources. She sat in jail without a peep knowing her daughter was rotting in a swamp. Tortured her family and the world during those 6 months. She doesn't deserve to be REWARDED for her VILE behavior. Where are our MORALS?

1093 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Lies-Lies-Lies.If I want to listen to that I can just turn on the REPUBLICAN DEBAIT.

1093 days ago


wow a lot of ignorant comments here about this lying murderer. Can there still be people out there stupid enought to think she is innocent.yes, she got away with the murder, found"not guilty" but then again so was OJ. doesnt make it right, doesnt mean her life shouldnt be made hell! I say,she should never have a life worth living!

1093 days ago


if you are going to pay the bitch just pay her stupid ass's

1093 days ago


Why would they think anyone would want to watch her sit there and lie for another hour??? And, another book of nothing but lies? I doubt there are but a handful of people that would watch this or buy a book by her. Some people still have morals and ethics.

1093 days ago

LiLo TRainWrEcK    

Will boycott NBC & Jim Lich....Baby killer supporters!

1093 days ago


I will boycott anybody who would pay a red cent to this child killer! We cannot send a message to future sociopaths that you can murder your child, get away with it and then become rich over it! Boycott any and all companies, TV, movies, books, no matter how they try to slip them in!
Master dope.... take a hike, you are nothing more than a angry, Casey Anthony groupie!! Go get a clue!

1093 days ago


I agree...I guess I will not be watching NBC anymore. No one wants to hear Casey Anthony's lies anymore. She got off with murder, accused her father and brother of abuse, doesn't speak to her family...what do we want to hear more denial just to let herself be seen on TV. She is not ready because she has not been preped by Jose Baez on how to get her lies straight. NBC should be ashamed of themselves. This is sensationalism journalism...really digging at the bottom of the barrel. As bad as Barbara Walters trying to get Casey's story.

1093 days ago

Victoria Amoroso    

Maybe we should all go out and kill someone and make money...why not? I guess there's a loophole in everything. This may actually entice people who can't find a job. How horrible. Casey should be in jail -- not eating bon bons.

1093 days ago


Regardless if proven innocent this woman is a potential murderer and negligent in the care of her daughter. We are suppose to make her rich and a star. Spit on her!

1093 days ago


If NBC is involved with working a deal for Casey Anthony interview, how can they act like they are O.K. for not paying her for the interview. They are basically acting like her pimp if they help broker a book deal for her interview. Is it really worth it, do they really think the ratings will be worth the bad press, boycotts, and disgust they will face for the interview. This is why they are no longer the leader of the 3 major Networks. Remember when NBC was a strong No.1 and now they have to sink to desperate measures for 1 hour of ratings? I don't even know if the ratings will be that great. I thought the Casey Anthony THS on E was going to be a top rated show, but that was like 20th in cable ratings, so I think that they should look into what the gain will be considering the loss. This could be the end of NBC if they go ahead with this "creative way around paying for Casey Anthony interview"
NBC will definately be guilty of being an accomplice to this exchange of blood money. They might as well be the get away driver in a bank heist or the person supplying the gun for a murder. It's just so terrible for her to make easy money for the wrongful death of her daughter.
BOYCOTT NBC if they do this!

1093 days ago
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