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Herman Cain

Oksana's Guy Had My Back

During Republican Debate

10/24/2011 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Herman Cain'
s rep was dead wrong when he told TMZ that Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguard only protected the Republican presidential candidate one time ... and we have the photo proof.

TMZ broke the story ... Kristian Otto Herzog -- who served jail time in 2009 for impersonating a police officer -- was a member of Cain's security detail during a campaign stop in Detroit on Oct. 21.

Cain's rep told us Herzog only worked for the campaign on that ONE occasion ... and insisted he would not be asked back to work any future Cain events.

But TMZ has obtained photos of Herzog working security at the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas on Oct. 18 ... even taking a photo with Cain's arm draped around him at the hotel after the event.

Now, Cain's rep has changed his tune -- telling us he "did some research" and could now confirm Herzog did work the debate along with a 3rd event in Ohio on October 22.

Sources connected to the Cain camp tell us ... Herzog may have been able to slip through the screening process because the campaign was in a "rush" to find extra security and didn't have time to perform a more thorough background check.

TMZ spoke with Herzog ... who insists he was NOT fired ... but says he felt pressured to resign after we published our story this weekend.

Herzog also claims the Cain campaign should have been fully aware of his background, because he sent them a copy of his book, "My True Hollywood Story." 


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A rep for a politician lied, stop the presses!

1093 days ago


OK I stand corrected. Cain's peeps did "research" in a SLOPPY MANOR. Herzog is FELON.

Hopefully the sloppy work done checking Herzog back round will keep CAIN out of the White House.

How did Cain's peeps not find out that Herzog is a FELON

1093 days ago


Any chance you can get to attack a Republican, huh? This is such a non-story. t's not even funny, but leaveit to TMZ and places like MSDNC to blow this story out of proportion to make a big deal about it. Gotta make everyone look like as big a failure as Obama so he has a chance to win again.

1093 days ago


They "did some research"? That's code for we lied and got caught. And why would they need a background check to know about this guy? He's been in the news, sadly.

1093 days ago


Oh my gosh..who cares? Really.

Also, why can't a felon have a job..better than out there commiting more crimes.

1093 days ago


We went to see ZZTop in Laredo, TX last night and this guy had their first album in vinyl(Harvey explain to rest pls)and they stopped playing to sign it. I thought that was cool.

1093 days ago


TMZ is all over this worthless story, yet was utterly silent when Obama's illegal alien uncle got busted for DUI a few months ago. At first I gave TMZ the benefit of the doubt that they're not into political stories, but this story makes it clear TMZ is just another liberal and biased "news" organization.

1093 days ago


Why didn't they just hire a real bodyguard instead of this geezer? I mean...being old, fat, and bald with a 1980s fireman mustache doesn't exactly scream "badass.". Come the f*ck on.

1093 days ago


This is why ex-cons reoffened: people bring up their past and won't give them a break. So, what job do YOU think he should have TMZ? What job can this many get that you won't spla***** across the headline and force him out of work?

1093 days ago


Bravo on breaking the Cain security guard scandal but you missed:

Obama admin approved a half billion dollar loan to an electric car company in Finland instead of the USA. Fisker Automotive is funded by a venture capital firm who includes Al Gore. More work for Finland workers funded buy USA taxpayers, no jobs for USA workers. But Leo DiCaprio bought one of the $97,000 cars!

1093 days ago

weird al yankovich    

dam can;t anyone get a secon chance in life ? jeez leave the brother alone he messesup so what? Im sure he is a cool guy now so why keep bashing him? Give the brother a second chance dam !



1093 days ago


I guess impersonating police office did paid for Otto because it got him a job as a bodyguard for Cain....Way to Go, Cain's Reps!! NOT!!

1093 days ago


Tammy: 10 minutes ago
This is why ex-cons reoffened: people bring up their past and won't give them a break. So, what job do YOU think he should have TMZ? What job can this many get that you won't spla***** across the headline and force him out of work?
DOUBLE DUMB. He impersonated a Police Officer - how smart is that. Maybe he'll try it again and lure some kid into a trap. "Oh don't worry little Jonny, you can "trust" me, I'm a police officer".

Maybe we should let child molesters run day care centers too (well lets do it but ONLY in your town)

1093 days ago


Because an ex-con could not possibly do a good job? This story needs to get some attention. People make mistake but in the security field you don't just get to work on a campaign, he must be doing a good job somewhere... the fact he wouldn't have him back because he has a record is stupid. How was he as an employee? Good? Then keep paying him

1093 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Why do you want to mess with this man's livelihood? Would you prefer he were out there committing crime rather than earning an honest dollar? Why are you on his back and trying to ruin his life?

1093 days ago
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