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Herman Cain

Oksana's Guy Had My Back

During Republican Debate

10/24/2011 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Herman Cain'
s rep was dead wrong when he told TMZ that Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguard only protected the Republican presidential candidate one time ... and we have the photo proof.

TMZ broke the story ... Kristian Otto Herzog -- who served jail time in 2009 for impersonating a police officer -- was a member of Cain's security detail during a campaign stop in Detroit on Oct. 21.

Cain's rep told us Herzog only worked for the campaign on that ONE occasion ... and insisted he would not be asked back to work any future Cain events.

But TMZ has obtained photos of Herzog working security at the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas on Oct. 18 ... even taking a photo with Cain's arm draped around him at the hotel after the event.

Now, Cain's rep has changed his tune -- telling us he "did some research" and could now confirm Herzog did work the debate along with a 3rd event in Ohio on October 22.

Sources connected to the Cain camp tell us ... Herzog may have been able to slip through the screening process because the campaign was in a "rush" to find extra security and didn't have time to perform a more thorough background check.

TMZ spoke with Herzog ... who insists he was NOT fired ... but says he felt pressured to resign after we published our story this weekend.

Herzog also claims the Cain campaign should have been fully aware of his background, because he sent them a copy of his book, "My True Hollywood Story." 


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Good grief! What's the big deal? He's a felon, yes, but he's not a murdered or drug king pin. Why can't he have a job in security? What a mountain out of a molehill, and why pick on this guy...ex-cons already have a tough enough time getting a job. Anybody done background checks on the losers at TMZ?

1059 days ago


TMZ, your shameless plug for liberal candidates via your childi*****tempt to paint an esteemed black american in a negative light because of who his bodyguard is so pathetic it's embarrassing. Grow up.

1059 days ago


Celeb Gossip Addict: 5 minutes ago
TMZ has never given us the cir****tances of that case and they certainly didn't say he was a child molester. For all we know he pretended to be an officer in an attempt to get results in his capacity as security. It's wrong, but it's not the end of the world.
There is a difference between Personal Security and Police Officers. Impersonating a police office is against the law. NO "personal security" would have any reason to pretend to be a cop. IF Personal security personnel need info that the police would know - they consult the police they don't impersonate them.

OH and if you re-read what I posted, no where did I say Herzog was a child molester. The CM reference was just a hypothetical but in no way was connected to Herzog.

1059 days ago


SantaFeJack: 9 minutes ago
Good grief! What's the big deal? He's a felon, yes, but he's not a murdered or drug king pin. Why can't he have a job in security? What a mountain out of a molehill, and why pick on this guy...ex-cons already have a tough enough time getting a job. Anybody done background checks on the losers at TMZ?
Child molesters are also felons. Would you think it's OK to have a child molester working around children (say near a school or driving a school bus) ? It seems as if you would be OK with it since you dont want to mess w/ a guys ability to get a job.

1059 days ago


Is this news? So a security guard hired as 1 of 20 on a detail had some issues way back. He has since been fired.

It sounds like TMZ is b*** hurt because of Cain's position men who because of their sexual choices, literally are b*** hurt.

1059 days ago


i thought this was a celb site, why the **** are we reading about bodyguards?

1059 days ago


You know, Kris blew it big time in that past but how come no one will give him a chance to stay on the straight and narrow?

Can't ex con's have jobs and end up rehabbed? I know some (most) will never be, but they need a chance dang it. I have talked to Kris, he knows he has done some really stupid stuff. I see no reason for TMZ and other places to try to ruin his life where he can never work again. There are also security that is affected by this.

Just doesn't seem right.

1059 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

It's not a shocker that the rep lied, that's what they are paid to do. that being said this is such a non issue, if it were a Democrat in the same position people would be kissing his butt saying how nice and giving the politician was for giving a poor ex con a second chance to make a good life for himself.

1059 days ago


why dont tmz cover the many lies obama has about covering obama best friend who is a terrorist

1059 days ago

Fidel's niece    

From Herzog's website -
"Making love to Oksana in MEL GIBSON's BED (really???)
was the end of Kris Herzog's career"

Apparently not, since he is still
body guarding (Cain)!
LOL! this guy is a name dropper,
a liar and a fame whore
just like O$kanky Grig...

check out his website page

Other gems from there promoting
his book "My True Hollywood Story"-
"boot camp shooting drill sgt in the AZZ"

"Life in the Oksana/Mel Gibson's INNER circle.."

Liar, liar,
your BIG azz pants are on fire!

1059 days ago


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1059 days ago


Really TMZ? Really? The guy is trying to make a living and you sandbag him like this? C'mon guys! Stop making something out of nothing. I hate this crap! Give the guy a break.

1059 days ago


Looks like Herman Cain lied about not know about his bodyguard's past and how many times he worked for him. What else has he and will he lie about?

1059 days ago

who cares    

Who the hell cares?

1059 days ago


this guy is hilarious i hope there are more pics i love trying to spot him like wheres waldo.

1059 days ago
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