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Lindsay Lohan

Parting Ways With Her Manager

10/24/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in Court
Lindsay Lohan is cleaning out more than just trash bins at the morgue -- TMZ has learned she's kicking her business manager to the curb.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she decided to split with her business manager, Lou Taylor.  We're told Lindsay felt Taylor (who also manages Britney Spears) didn't have the time to manage her and Lohan wanted someone who could put more effort into her.

According to our sources, Lindsay felt her finances (which were Taylor's responsibility) were beginning to slip through the cracks and word was getting back to her that her balances were not being handled in a timely manner ... in part because Taylor is based in Tennessee.

Lohan's rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ the split was amicable and Lohan and Taylor remain friends.

Calls to Taylor were not returned.


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This has-been has a manager? To manage WHAT???? PATHETIC!

1096 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

She couldn't go in today, she was still trying to get the Death Snot out of the extensions. Anyone have any helpful tips on that for Linds?

1096 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Love you, Andy. You are my heart.

1096 days ago


"Manage what"? Exactly. The only thing to 'manage' are her johns and Dina is in charge of that. Needs to get her 15% upfront. Thats our 'Mother of Every Year'.

1096 days ago

kanye east    

woo hoo!! i have a hot date tonight with someone real special and were gonna hookup in the honeymoon sweet at the chateoe as soon as she gets cody to take out the trash and do his homescoolwork

1096 days ago


Sweetie he needs the money to handle your balances on time, get a job!! OR.... did he drop you, and Dina came up with this great excuse? OR.... what sort of career do you have that needs to be managed? Most of your career now is handled by your poor attorney ... I say the manager quit!

1096 days ago


i know my girl lindsay will be back soon to be what is meant to be, a movie star :-)

1096 days ago

Ghost Rider    

That "Top Secret" photo shoot sounds and looks kinda weird, but so is Lindsays whole life.

1096 days ago


Wait a minute. How long has Lou Taylor been Lindsay's business manager? Didn't Lindsay say she was "between business managers" the last time she tried to stiff somebody, er, found out that a bill from the sound system installer "fell through the cracks" through absolutely no fault of her own of course? I think she's used that excuse of "being between business managers" other times also. All her cracks must be pretty filled up by now, with all the bills falling through them. How many business managers has she had?
And how many are from Tennessee? Didn't Lindsay allegedly book her infamous European flight before the hearing with Judge Revel in July 2010 through some travel agency in Nashville Tennessee? I thought it was rather peculiar that it wasn't an LA travel agency or even an NYC one, and that maybe she had some guardian angel living there paying her way since her bail money was sent out from the same place. Was that Lou Taylor's doing? All she produced when the DA's office asked for proof she really had booked a flight home (namely a ticket or other verification from the airline) was the travel agency itinerary, which is routinely backdated for customers so they can fit into a "use it or lose it" budget situation and (as a computer printout) is no proof at all. (That was the time Lindsay , after first trying to say the volcano made her do it but inconveniently all flights from France were on schedule anyway, claimed she had gone to the airport but was turned away because the dog or her father ate her passport, and she mysteriously managed to evade all notice.)
By golly, I'm right, despite my sleep-deprived condition. Just googled
Lindsay Lohan Tennessee bail
and lo and behold, it was Lou Taylor who wired the bail money back in May 2010. So when exactly did they part company? Before or after the installer got anxious about her ability and willingness to pay him? Here's the link to the May 23, 2010 tmz story about fireball born-again Lou who doesn't really seem the type to let anything fall through any crack:

1096 days ago


Lou quit her azz, not the other way around. Typical Dina spin. Lou's probably too much of a professional to get into a 'he said, she said' scenario in the tabloid press. Regardless of who fired who, Lou comes out the winner in the sordid mess that is the Lohans.

1096 days ago

AGENT smith    

ABC news in LA just reported that Lindsay isn't in trouble for not going to the morgue and that the judge ordered her to do a total of 16 hours there by Nov 2nd

1096 days ago


Lindsay is so out of it. Does she even have the mental capacity to understand her finances? This is someone who went through 30 million and has nothing to show for it. Lou Taylor isn't going down with this real life Titanic of the legal system and tabloids.

WILl she show tomorrow for all those CS hours RC said she's gonna knock out to please this judge? So many hours at the morge that Judge Sautner will just say, "wow, I had you pegged wrong all the time Lindsay!" And then will you haters be?

I know, she only has to go twice a week....blah.

1096 days ago

Red Cloud    

Here's something for your viewing pleasure. Hey Izzy, does this kill you???

1096 days ago


Coolphospherscentshimmer told me on CB that she's suppose to do her 'therapy' on Tuesdays. So that rules out CS at the morgue tomorrow. Of course, if you looked at the report the therapist turned into the court, most of those sessions were after 6pm. But this is a 'Lohan' were talking about, so her excuse for no CS will be because she has 'therapy'. TWIT!

1096 days ago

Stasy Miller    

Britney Jean Spears, American pop singer and entertainer. Born in Mississippi and raised in Louisiana, Spears first appeared on national television in 1992 as a contestant on the Star Search program. At age 12 she performed as a cast member in Disney Channel's television series The All New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993 to 1994. In 1997, Spears signed a recording

1096 days ago
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