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Simon Cowell

Targeted in "X Factor"

Sabotage Plot

10/24/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid There is a war brewing behind the scenes at "X Factor" ... with two judges vowing to destroy each other ... and TMZ has learned it's the contestants who could feel the repercussions.

Sources connected to the show tell us ... ever since judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid were assigned to mentor competing groups of contestants on the show (Reid with the boys, Cowell the girls) ... the two have been ruthless with each other ... even after the cameras turned off. 

Our spies overheard Reid telling people he plans to play "mind games" and "dirty tricks" with the members of Cowell's team ... explaining, "Even if I have to give really bad advice to the other contestants when their mentors are not around ... I will!"

We're told Cowell seemed to be wise to the scheme ... and even called Reid out on it after a rehearsal ... but sources say L.A. is adamant he'll do "whatever it takes" to win and doesn't plan on letting up anytime soon.




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Mary Ann McQueen    

Reid comes across as terribly arrogant....but let's remember, this is the guy that released Lady Gaga from his label. He said she wasn't ready. Dumbass. It's Simon's show so Reid should play by the rules and let the best contestant win.

1092 days ago


No one cares. No one's watching. Deport Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan.

1092 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Do you morons actually believe that's not contrived?

Cowell signs Reid's cheques.

1092 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'm assuming that in the tit for tat world that TMZ wallows in, we'll be seeing lots of "news" for this piece of crap show in the future.

1092 days ago


Just an attempt to generate publicity for a singing show that's more about the judges than the singers...

1092 days ago


I see from the comments I'm not the only person who saw reading this "story" as a complete waste of my time...the comments were more truthful and entertaining!

1092 days ago


According to the Sun Newspaper England(Britains tabloid version of TMZ) Cowell will be back in England doing their X-Factor next season and seen as both the U.S.A. & Great Britains X-Factors run simultaneously he'll be gone next year from the U.S.A. version.
Link to the story Sun Newspaper

1092 days ago


Simon who? X What? The guy deserves TONS of credit for what he did with the industry, and his millions of dollars. I still remember his jaw dropping during Gaga's Bad Romance performance live on his last show, so he IS human.

1092 days ago


Wait I cant believe that people would compare absolute garbage show like AI with the X factor.
Its like comparing bolts with spaceshuttles!

Sound quality and production, camera, stage show,
better boot camp, better final judge home, better way of raveling the judge homes results.
Just listen to the background sound and how the sound mix is mixed.

Comparing the Camera effects, only the blind person would said that AI has camera effect, its like that they put the blind person in the charge of camera production in the AI.

And on the end the Sing off show in the AI is awful, terrible and awful sound quality I think its the one of the worst in that type of TV show production, there is no stage production, they use lowest class of back singers, they use lowest class of bands, the special effects were utter crap.

Also there is no competition between the judges in the AI like in X factor.

1092 days ago


These egomaniacs should stop making it about themselves! It's supposed to be about the kids competing not your stupid side bets of which mentor will win!

1092 days ago

I Chinee    

Birdsht: 5 hours ago
Simon paying you to make this seem remotely important? I watch the show along with the UK and AU versions and ours is absolute garbage. Scherzinger and Paula are just flat boring and make for sht tv. This ship is sinking regardless.

Who gives a f*ck! All of these shows suck and just about every winner of these shows have went on to do absolutely nothing.

1092 days ago


How much did Fox pay you for this X-Factor advertisement?

1092 days ago

I Chinee    

Another reason why the American music scene is so awful. The Europeans are so much more talented with the likes of Roisin Murphy, Anouk, Symphonic Rock like Epica, Nightwish, and Epica, where women have talent and keep their clothes on.

We do have some talented American singers out there. I don't listen to European music, don't care for the racist stuck up Europeans or like their music. I listen to American music from back in the day Marvin Gaye,Temptations etc. We had some great talented people. I don't really listen to any of the music that's out today from any country. None of them European singers you name will ever be as good has the our American music from back in the day.

1092 days ago


Show is failing, so lets have some drama!

1092 days ago


Just yet another good reason as to why I chose NOT to watch this show. I used to love Simon on Idol, but he has really proven that he is trying Waayy to hard for attention for this show. Too much drama before it even began is never a good thing regardless what anyone says. This is a total waste of time and I'm glad I'm not the one wasting i*****ching.

1092 days ago
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