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Tara Reid

My Marriage is BOGUS!!

10/25/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


That wedding Tara Reid just couldn't shut up about -- she should've shut up about ... because she now admits the marriage was never legal.

Tara seemed totally out of it at LAX when a TMZ camera guy asked if she and her husband could win the Newlywed Game.

While not quite, "In the butt, Bob" -- Tara's slurred response was still pretty awesome ... as she confessed she was "never really married."

Tara Reid and Zack Kehayov
You might recall, Tara and Zack Kehayov (above) had a surprise wedding in the Greek Isles in August ... which she tweeted about endlessly. Tara says she and Zack never made it a legal union here in the U.S.A.

Tara's rep hasn't gotten back to us yet.


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Someone's goldfish    

Five years ago this would have been welcomed news. But the way she looks now, it isn't. Combined with Playboy's overuse of airbrushing these pics will be a disappointment.

1004 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

Oops. My comments above were about Lindsay Lohan's decision to pose in Playboy; not this story.

1004 days ago


It's nice to see the whore is still drunk.

1004 days ago


She looks like an old homeless lady who does crack, yells at parked cars, and throws her many cats at people.

1004 days ago


Smelly and loose Tara needs to sit down and shut up.

1004 days ago

karen lyons kalmenson    

tara reid is the poster girl for bogus

1004 days ago


Excellent - she's still available then...

1004 days ago


Drug addict, smoker, alcoholic, party girl, skank, and really lousy in bed. Nope not Jessica Simpson, Tara Reid.

1004 days ago

Kenny Kadar    

Tara Reid is cleary f*cked up & famous.

1004 days ago

Christopher H    

First her tits and now this! This woman is a white hot mess.

Bet Carson Daly is counting his luck stars he missed this Boat.

1003 days ago


Wow she was so pretty once. Now she looks like trailer trash :(

1003 days ago


You're all jealous of her man, straight up. You've left some harsh comments yano. You should maybe have a beer once in a while eh, let your hair down n dat, stop makin mad comments on internet forums and get a LIFE and HELP for yourselves! You're all secretly hoping she's as sad as you guys and will maybe read all this straight up bulls*** on the internet. Some f***ery comments right here. Losers man, she's richer than all of you's will ever be, she can pull hotter geezers than all of you jealous motherf*****s, infact you're probably all virgins that live on your computers writing f***ery comments about people you wish you were 'cos they are so much better than you but they still moan about it enit. Ya'll should GET LIVES !!!!! She's got one, her marriage ended, and what??? This happens in REAL LIFE you know, heads go their different ways sometimes n thats the way it is, Charlie Sheens gal recently left him, you think my man gives a f***? Lol
I feel sorry for each and every one of you that have commented still..... Good luck in LIFE and i hope losing your virginity goes the way you always dreamed.....

922 days ago


She don't even look bad in dat pic, just looks wrecked man. It's all good you know, she's enjoying herself eh, you should try it some time, trust me i've seen people looking like theyre gonna be sick and pulling a whitey n dat, She looks LIVE, and she still looks good even after getting wrecked, stoned or whatever she is right there. Unfortunate that noone making f***ery comments on internet websites would look like a true CAR CRASH had they been drinking or gettin stoned...

922 days ago


I'd f*** her straight up man, and lindsay Lohan, both got beautiful faces eh. F*** 'em both, one all day on the Saturday, the other all day on the Sunday...

922 days ago
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