TMZ Live Lindsay's Playboy Deal Steal of the Century!

10/25/2011 11:40 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Deal -- Steal of the Century!

Lindsay Lohan's near million dollar payday to pose for Playboy absolutely floored former Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole -- who joined the guys today ... and firmly believes Hef way overpaid for LiLo's nude shots. Can Playboy really get its money's worth?

Plus, Lindsay's dad is busted again -- but something about his bizarre arrest doesn't add up ... you gotta hear Jason and Brian's theories. Also, President Obama's chicken and waffles run -- good photo op or bad sign for his health?

(4:20) Michael Lohan arrested AGAIN for domestic violence -- and the alleged victim says it was all over ... um ... oral sex.
(7:30) Only Michael Lohan could get frisked wearing a hospital robe ... and it's on video.
(10:01) Jason thinks there's something fishy about the arrest.
(18:31) Lindsay Lohan lands nearly a million bucks to pose for Playboy ... former Playmate Jayde Nicole thinks it's ridiculous.
(19:01) Jayde says Playboy has become "conservative" lately -- but she hopes the magazine gets its money out of Lindsay ... meaning lots of graphic nudity.
(21:02) Jayde only landed $100k for being Playmate of the Year!
(31:20) The latest on the Dr. Murray trial ... and how the defense's witnesses may be backfiring on them.
(41:05) Breaking news! Steven Tyler loses teeth after falling down in the shower -- Evan has the details.
(43:10) Should Obama have gone to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles?