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Michael Lohan

Released from Jail

10/26/2011 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
was released from jail moments ago in Florida -- after allegedly bruising up his GF Kate Major in a domestic dispute Tuesday -- but Lindsay's dad insists, "I did not lay a hand on her."

TMZ posted the pictures yesterday ... showing what Major claims are bruises inflicted by Michael during the incident -- when Michael allegedly flipped on her for refusing to perform oral sex on him.

Michael was arrested and charged with domestic violence -- and as we previously reported, Dina Lohan made matters worse for him while he was in jail ... serving MiLo with legal docs demanding child support.


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AGENT smith    

Mi Lo is on a boxing card with Kato Kaelin, Amy "Long Island" Lolita" Fisher, Joey Buttafucco, Amy Fisher's husband, Octomom and Coolie and some others......LMAO

1057 days ago


This whole family are total rejects. I'm sure in a couple of years Lindsay's little sister will be making a (bad) name for herself. Let's sit back and watch.

1057 days ago


Here's an excerpt from an article date 12/01/2004:

"Lohan was arrested at 9:50 p.m. in North Merrick, New York, after he was seen by hired security guards pulling into the driveway of Dina's home twice on Monday night.

He was not forced to serve jail time after his arrest, as he complained of chest pains and shortness of breath while being taken to Nassau County Police Department headquarters for further investigation and arrest processing. He was brought to Winthrop-University Hospital and admitted for observation."

What a WHINING, SISSY POSER! He is horrible and so is his ex-wife!

And Linds, dump the CHEAP bottled blonde look. You were so much prettier in your natural color. Your hair coloring makes you look old and very haggard.

1057 days ago


I liked when this **** said nothing when asked about LiLo's Playboy. That for separate "news" conference. Is anybody more famewhores than this family? Except Kardashians of cause.

1057 days ago


I want to know how this S.O.B. has "dozens of witnesses" at 1:00 AM in the morning? Granted I believe that Kate Major exaggerates and is a WHINY SISSY herself, I do believe that Lohan attacked her, again, and so does the judge, obviously.

1057 days ago


I believe him over her, HANDS DOWN. That woman is DERANGED. But if he keeps seeing her after THIS, there's no hope for him.

1057 days ago


Muppet: 57 minutes ago

I always thought that if two people had a restraining order should either one break the order then that person would go to jail. Seems to me they both broke the restraining order so they should BOTH be getting charged or neither!
Truth be known she probably broke her phone throwing it at him in a tantrum and the bruises are probably from him trying to keep HER from attacking him. This happens more than people think! It's become a nasty game for alot of women to play so they can get their own way! It's sick and ruining the system for women, children or men that are seriously abused!
I say lock them both up and stop these silly games they're both playing.


You're so right on! She is a hard-core party girl. She's gonna have bruises every day of the week. Those bruises prove nothing!

1057 days ago

American Mom    

Wow! What's with their family? They seem to go in and out of jail so often, that's all they do. They should be embarassed. What a bunch of messed up people! It's like they're Jail whores! LOL!!!

1057 days ago


You are the biggest TRICK in the world, that old raggedy chick is using you and your children. SHAME ON YOU!!!

1057 days ago


This guy's a fruit, just like his daughter. I don't believe he touched that woman.

1057 days ago


If the media outlets ignored Michael Lohan, Dina Lohan and Kate Majors they would go away. They are not celebrities at all, try as they may! Lindsay Lohan is and her parents have been riding that gravy train since Parent Trap!

It baffles me that gossip outlets such as TMZ, X17 and the like would have created this media circus over these people!
Take Lindsay out of the picture and these people work at Burger King!

1057 days ago


Does anyone remember Erin Mueller, the last woman Lohan was charged multiple times for abusing? Same story, same M.O. and same "Oh, POOR ME" excuses from this womanizer. Many of the stories are right here @ TMZ. Also>

1057 days ago


Holy ****, this D-bag is actually fired up about the publicity he's getting from this. I honestly cannot thing of a bigger ******* on this planet.

1057 days ago


I don't like Kate Major and I think she is a fame wh**ing gold digger. But Michael has too much of a past history of domestic abuse for me not to believe him and he has a history of pulling the "chest pain" thing when he gets in trouble to avoid getting hauled off to jail. The man is a straight up sociopath who will avoid taking responsibility for his actions whenever he can. Someone needs to like him up and throw away the key. As a matter of fact just lock the whole family up in a large cell and throw away the key. It would be of a huge benefit to society.

1057 days ago


guys you all know michael wouldnt do anything.its never a lohans fault..its october halloween is had to be a ghost that hit her

1057 days ago
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