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Bam Margera

That Truck Smashed My Porsche

10/27/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera wrecked car
Bam Margera's brand new Porsche was "smashed" ... in a traffic collision in Pennsylvania that happened just moments ago ... TMZ has learned.

The "Jackass" star tells us, "A big truck made a wide turn and smashed the whole left side. I just got the damn thing too."

Bam says he just purchased the car 4 months ago.

Witnesses at the scene tell us Bam appeared upset following the collision. We're told the driver's side mirror was hanging off the car and the driver's side of the car was all scratched up.

TMZ spoke with a member of the Pennsylvania State Police who told us the crash did not appear to be Bam's fault ... and no one appeared to be under the influence of any kind of substance.



No Avatar


Hell, I'd hit Bam's car just to get a rise out of him.

1057 days ago


thats my truck that hit him. there were no witnesses except his girl in the car that got mad i said holy **** your bam margera, i have pictures on my facebook to prove it was me. obviously im in the blue shirt behihnd my truck

1057 days ago


This guy is a cry baby...He is famous why?

1057 days ago

al gerald     

hey Bam that car goes over 100mph find a tree !!!!

1057 days ago

Thanos C    

You guys hoped he died, when he got hit, just cause you don't like him? You are a bunch of sick, pieces of ****.

1056 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

There isn't much that's more lame than a 4-door Porche.

1056 days ago


And this is a story why? The Douche would have wrecked it or destroyed it himself within the week.

1056 days ago


Porsche + a real jackass? NO! Sympathies to the car since with this a-s-*****, it's only a matter of time.

1056 days ago


You all can slam me for saying what i am going to say buti could really careless...the ppl putting Bam down when he is having a rough year...your worthless,jelous uncompassionate idiots. Jelousy turns people mean and ugly. lol..i highly doubt h cares what you low life classless people have to say about him. Bam is amazing and all you kicking him when he is already down...i hope someone does the same to you. Who are you to judge him..NOBODY...GFYS ....That is all<3

1056 days ago

Ivan Libya    

Um, perhaps you shouldn't park right on the street with your fancy car, thinking you own the road, huh, "jackass"!

1056 days ago


Who is the woman with him?

1056 days ago

Henry Hubbard     

Thats just worng. That truck shouldve never hit Bams $90,000 dollar Porsche!!!!!!!!!!!!

1056 days ago

Mulholland Drive    

It won't be long ...

1056 days ago


i can't stand guys have to bring ryan dunn into everything he was bams best friend who made a mistake you act like u people don't make mistakes...he was still bams best friend and a good would you feel if that was ur best friend...if you don't like bam then just don't read anything about him it makes life a lot easier people hate on him for no reason...he is a good guy...ur just mad bc u have a normal job and don't even make as much money as a guy who skateboards and gets to have more fun then you and if u didn't know bam isn't just some "jackass" star he is also a music and movie producer, television and radio personality, actor, and a great guy....the internet gives people balls i would love to see u say this stuff to bams face...dont hate bc he's better then u bam

1042 days ago
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