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Michael Lohan Arrested AGAIN

Falls 3 Stories, Drugs, Booze Involved

10/27/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan arrested again
Michael Lohan
was just arrested AGAIN in Florida after allegedly contacting his GF Kate Major -- and law enforcement tells TMZ, he tried to escape by jumping off a 3rd-story balcony ... and plummeting 34 feet to the ground ... and cops say drugs and alcohol were involved.

According to law enforcement sources, Tampa police responded to a call early this morning from Kate, who claimed Michael had been trying to contact her by phone and wouldn't leave her alone.

We're told officers interviewed Kate at her apartment after she made the call -- the same apartment where Michael allegedly bruised her up earlier this week -- and while they were there, Michael allegedly called again.

According to law enforcement, officers believed Michael was a "threat" -- so they rolled up to his hotel to arrest him.

But here's the crazy part -- law enforcement tells TMZ, Michael tried to escape by hopping his 3rd story balcony ... but fell 34 feet to the ground, crashing onto some wooden chairs ... and then he tried to hide in some trees.

After officers pulled him down, Michael was placed under arrest for violating a condition of his pretrial release (presumably for contacting Kate) ... and resisting arrest without violence.

Michael is currently back in custody -- at the same jail he was released from less than twelve hours ago.

5:30 AM -- Michael is currently in the hospital getting a possible foot injury checked out.

6:08 AM -- Kate Major has released a statement to TMZ ... saying, "I am sick of being lied about by Michael Lohan Sr.'s false allegations about his continual physical and mental abuse toward me."

"Obviously the judge was correct when questioning if he could 'read.'"

She adds, "He has no regard for the justice system. He can beat up women but Mr. tough guy who slurred his words calling me 5 times after getting out of jail wasn't too tough by jumping off a 3rd floor balcony into a tree to try to flee from going back to the same jail he just got released from less than 12 hours ago"

"Maybe they have phonics books in jail!"


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The Truth    

It's being reported that is now offering to pay Michael Lohan’s bail and all his attorney and court fees. All he has to do is dish the dirt on Dina and Lindsay.



The Truth Hurts

1093 days ago


OMG!! MiLO IS definitely wacko. Now he's jumping off balcony's into trees trying to escape AGAIN? He needs to be put in a mental ward for a minimum of 30 days to be evaluated. C'mon trying to ejaculate inside without permission and forcing BJ'S, plus..bruising and lying ect...Lock this nut job up before he commits murder. He isn't even supposed to dream about her the judge said.If I was the judge this would make me throw the book at him. This is a TOTAL lack of respect for the judge. The judge already wanted to see about charging him with some additional felony... and now this. Throw his ass in jail and lose the key.

1093 days ago


That makes two escape attempts lol..... and cops answered the phone when he called her, omg the judge is going to flip out on him bahaha

1093 days ago


This is effing fantastic. I hope he goes to jail for a long ass time, hes a effing creep.

1093 days ago

Thank You Conrad Murray    

What an idiot.

1093 days ago


i guess he really wants that .

1093 days ago


He should have just taken her to a broadway show.

1093 days ago


the i didnt do it line wont work on this..if he was innocent in this.he wouldnt have risked killing himself to run from the cops.btw too bad the tree was there.

1093 days ago


judge will lock him up. this judge is the former sheriff for the county. He means business.

1093 days ago

two cents    

LMAO!! You can't make this stuff up!! Hilarious. The power of the p***y!! These two idiots deserve each other. They should strap a camera on both of them so we can watch the trainwreck live. How can someone so old, be so damn stupid?!

1093 days ago

The Real JJ    

I'm convinced this whole family is f***in CRAZY!!! What is in their DNA that would make them so stupid. Climbing 3 stories and falling into a tree...WTF. LMAOOO

1093 days ago


no surprise. this is the real michael lohan. an insane violent abuser with a long history of violence against women going back as far as 1984. anyone who claims he is better than dina is just as insane as he is.

michael thinks of michael, not anyone else and certainly not his children. fake concern to get yourself on tv is not doing what's best for your kids.

1093 days ago


To Michael Lohan; AKA
Desiderio,Donato,Sullivan Goddard,etc.
From; a Survivor
FYI: if you don't shut up & leave your daughter(s) alone, I will release my[OFFICIAL] records of YOU from November 30,1989, et al . The statute of limitations on prosecuting you for the criminal ACTS committed on me, by you, against the state of __, & then your wife (who wouldn't press charges @ the time because she "feared you would kill her"---as reported by the HHI police/detective.
Lindsay was probably only 3 years old at the time, & U were beating up,Raping,kidnapping, threatening with a gun, innocent people (about the same size & age of your daughter now).
Because u r such a sicko & now a media whore, I have had to remember (every day), that horrible life-changing day on November 30,1989! If you just stayed out of the NEWS, I might have healed by now, instead I relive it, as if it were yesterday ....& can see your Celtic "family tatoo" on your R bicep, your diamond encrusted cross, your beaty rageful eyes as if it were yesterday . FYI; THERE IS DNA FROM THE CRIME.
I fear for your daughter, & want to reach out to help her SO PLEASE SHUTUP & GO AWAY, NOW !......
To Lindsay,"he is a sick & dangerous DRUG ADDICTED psychopath, & I am a random stranger, & asking nothing from you except for you to start HEALING , & STAY AWAY FROM HIM & FILE A RESTRAINING ORDER & LOVE YOURSELF"!
Yes, its true that ML threatened to kill me if I reported him to the police ....But I did....& he fled (remember Michael?), leaving behind your prized "midnight blue Jaguar" , because there was already a warrant for his arrest (1989), from state & federal crimes.
Happy Thanksgiving Lindsay;}you are young, beautiful, & still healthy physically, there is time for you to HEAL. Please take this message as a Gift......I, however am presently fighting for my life.

1093 days ago


Re; Michael Lohan (AKA)
aka, Lindsay's (?) biological parent. South Carolina crime Did in fact happen, sadly legit (on so many levels). Charges were filed & case can still be prosecuted. Why doesn't he turn hinself in, and at least APOLOGIZE, as a true Christian would? Don't think so, because might have to pay the time (LONG TIME). So, best to heed advice of FY1 & leave daughter(s) alone, Youv'e done ENOUGH ! Now, go seek a professional who is possibly willing to assist you.
FYI;the following is public record,(sadly) & factual that on 10/13/84, you assaulted , choked and kicked a young woman (S.H.) of Ohio, causing her injuries including fractured facial bones.
"He was a good talker, he could throw the money around," said Steven M. Brown, an Ohio attorney who represented the young woman who dated Lohan before his marriage in a civil suit in the mid-'80s. "I got the sense he was a wildly spoiled rich kid with big bucks."
Pay it forward

1093 days ago


They are reporting that he is at Tampa General Hospital, not in the jail at this time. He will be taken to the jail after he's released from the hospital.

1093 days ago
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