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Omar Sharif

Slaps Woman

at Qatar Film Festival [VIDEO]

10/27/2011 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood legend Omar Sharif lost his cool at a film festival in Qatar this morning ... and angrily slapped a woman right on the red carpet.

Sharif was at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival for a screening of one of his movies ... when a woman approached him on the red carpet ... and tried to take a picture with the 79-year-old actor.

Sharif -- who was nominated for an Oscar in 1962 for his role in "Lawrence of Arabia" -- lashed out in Arabic ... telling the woman to wait her turn ... and then slapping her. 

Moments later, the woman smiled and posed for a photo with Sharif like nothing ever happened.

Watching from the video, it's unclear if Sharif made contact with the woman's face -- but one reporter who was at the scene tweeted, "Omar Sharif just hit a woman. Very stupidly, in front of a camera."

Sharif has a long history of getting physical with people -- back in 2003, he attacked a cop in a Paris casino and in 2007, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery for beating up a Beverly Hills parking attendant.

Calls to Sharif's camp have not been returned.


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Classic 17th century Islam!

1055 days ago

SureShot the Guroo    

Why you running up on me like that Mercedes?!?! All these hoes love that Omar baby! What?!?! You got robbed and lost MY loot?!?!? [SLAP!!!!] Take THAT back to the mutha@#&! that robbed you and tell him Omar said he gone put HIM out on the stroll if he don't get his luchini back! Juma saaed night and ain't a damn thang funny...bish betta have my money! Now let Omar greet his public...

1055 days ago


He angerily pushed her hair & said "you have to put something in your brain a little"...meaning she's acting stupid. She says "I'm sorry"...He says "They just want to take a picture by themselves." She apologizes again. Then he says "welcome"...He says "Who's takig your pic?" She gets her pic & says "Thank you very much!"

1055 days ago


Omar! You're revealing too much about yourself, fella!

Hitting women = a tried-and-true way for inferiority-ridden males to compensate for having a limp or tiny weenie.

1055 days ago


surelly she said:..."Omy dear, I'm pregnant, its yours".. not the time nor the place.

1055 days ago

H Ali    

For all horny guys & bitches who stood for the poor lady and call Omar's names and saying it's because his cultures and all that **** .... read about arabs 1st before u judge ... **** u all & goodnight :)

1055 days ago


what a d-bag... don't think you would have done anything back cuz if you did those little guys in the towels would make all you tough guys and gals disappear for a few weeks at least if not forever lol.

1055 days ago



1055 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

thats SHARIFA law
Harvey is a squinting dwarf
and TMZ is not much else than
commercials and previews of upcoming stories
more commercials and more previews!
SQUINTING DWARF who stands on a box and can't sing!

1055 days ago


Haha everyone is like Arabs!. Funny thing is he is Christian. Christians in those countries don't think of themselves as Arab but rather as Christians only.

1055 days ago


Ok, let me translate what happen since I understand. There were a lot of people waiting in line to take a pic with him, but this girl is journalist was standing with the paparazzi, and she wanted to take a quick pic with him before he take the next person in line. But he got anger with her that she supposed to wait in line, but then he agreed, and he told her "Do you have anyone taking the picture for you my love?" BTW the girl is also a presenter in American-Arab Channel Al-Hurra.

1055 days ago

Sammy the Arab    

No one should hit a woman under any condition even if she did something wrong. it is not Islamic and it is not part of the Arab culture to slap women. A brave man does not hit a woman, only cowards do. His behavior is reprehensible and should be condemned for it by all. It is amazing the lady who was slapped told him in Arabic that she was sorry. Wow!!!!!, She should have smacked him right back instead of apologizing to him. I have to say that Mr Omar Sharif tried to make the lady feel better and sounded sorry for his behavior afterward. This burst of anger and lack of control can be a sign of dementia. God knows!!!

1055 days ago


I would spit in his 1/2 dead face. Men tht put thier hands on women should be shot. They are a waste of life.

1055 days ago


He was saying, Wait, Please wait, Then she asked again let me take a picture, he said let me take a picture with them, Then he said what are u thinking just wait! and moved here or slapped here as u claim,

Then he thanked here and she did.

Then he said come darling , come sweety take a picture.

Thats it, its not a slap!

1055 days ago


Ok so here is the translated exchange from 0:12

Someone in the crowd: "Just picture of just yourself plz"
Omar: "Ok"
Omar to another female in the crowd: "they want to take a picture of just myself and then i will take one with you."
Slapped woman to Omar: "Sorry Monsieur, can i have a pic?"
Omar: "I promise all of you will get a chance."
Slapped woman for a second time: "Sorry Monsieur, can i have a pic?"
Omar: Darling..
At this point it seems as if she grabbed his hand..
Omar is enraged and slaps her hands.. "I TOLD YOU TO WAIT. JUST WAIT ONE MINUTE.. I JUST SAID IT (him posing for pics with everyone) AND YOU WERE STANDING RIGHT HERE. GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD!"
Slapped woman: "I am sorry"
Omar after taking the solo shots: "Ok please.. please. It's just they wanted to take a picture of myself.."
woman: "i am sorry."
Omar: "Who is the guy taking the pic, darling?"
Woman: "dont even know. just asked him to take the pic"
Woman: "thank you very much"

1055 days ago
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